KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 12)

So guys this is chapter 12:

The episode starts with a bright morning in singhania sadan, everyone was very happy as it was the last day of year and tomorrow New Year will start. Everyone started the preparations as first it was party at home, later naira had to go with her friends at night (according to family). Kartik and Rahul also came. Naira was in her room matching jewelry with her beautiful gown gifted by her husband. Just then Kartik took the advantage, told Rahul and asked him to make an excuse and went to naira’s room and locked the door. Naira thought its gayu.
N: its good di you came, I want to ask u which jewelry I should wear with this gown
Kartik back hugs her, K: whatever u wear I will surely love it.
N: Kartik!!! What r u doing here??? Someone will see us
K: come on Jaan. From when u r so unromantic? Rahul is there to handle. You know daily u make and excuse, no no not today
Naira ran towards the door but it was locked. Kartik came and stood on the other side of door. Just then Gayu was passing by, she stopped hearing their convo.
K: I told u jaan not today
N: Kartik!!!
Gayu was shocked, she continued listening
K: u know very well, what I want
N: Kartik!!!

She kissed him on his cheeks, gayu thought they are just in relationship, she kept on hearing
K: Not enough jaan, I was expexcting a lip lock and u
N: shut up and let me leave kartik.
K: No my dear wifey, not today, already u r not dancing with me in todays function, u know na I love to dance with my wife and I do every New Year and other functions…fours years in Delhi, two years in rishikaish n now after six year I am dancing with someone else.
N: Don’t be over smart, Mr Husband, I know very well about ur notanky, u r dancing only with me and at night in Party we too are dancing toghether.
Gayu was shocked and heart broken hearing about kairas relation and was very sad thinking how can her sister do this to her. Later she controlled her emotions and went down where everyone was asking Rahul was making excuses. Later after their chit chat and cute nokh johk Kartik cuffed her chin…..he brought his face closer to her n they share a passionate kiss.

After some time naira shyly tries to run but kartik pulled her back. Kartik kissed her on neck and they both shared a long hug, having no idea of world around. Later Rahul’s call brought them back to their senses.
R: if u guys r done with romance so please come down, I am sick of making excuses and yes bhai come from the door as I told everyone u might be busy in traffic jam.
K: Okay relax, I will come through my ladder, I am coming in 5 mins.
Naira and kartik kissed each other and first naira went down and later kartik, naira was blushing and kartik gave her a cute look. Gayu was shattered seeing her first love with her sister but she controlled and planned to with natik and akshara to same party where kaira r going. Later every one prepared for function after preparation kartik and Rahul went to their home while others got ready in their respective homes.

Later Naira went to her room. She wore the gown given by kartik, she was looking ravishing. The gown suited her a lot. She wore jewellery made hair style, got ready and sent her pic to kartik who was more excited for going to singhania sadan. He got dressed up into a very cool white two piece suit in which he too was looking very much dashing. Later Goenka family left for singhania sadan.
As soon as they reached singhania sadan, Goenka’s greeted everyone. Kartik’s eyes were just searching for his lady love. Gayu was sad observing the situation but had promised herself to take revenge from naira. Later Rahul had seen kartik searching madly for naira.
R: stop searching for her bhai. She would be applying makeup but will surely look j.b.
K: shut up Rahul, my wife always looks prettiest among all.
R: hmm, woh toh hai.

Later naira came down. Kartik was mesmerized by her beauty. Gayu and natik and akshara noted it. Later kaira were about to hug eachother but Rahul’s cough realized them about family around. Later naira took blessings from kartiks family and had a little interesting fight with Rahul as he requested her to touch his foot too which annoyed naira. Later kaira stood next to each other and appreciated each other and had some romantic chit chat.
K: Aye haye… u look so hot, kisay fida karney ka plan hai, hum to aagey hi aap pe je jaan de chukay hainn,
Naira blushed. N: meh toh rooz he itni sunder lagti hun… isliay toh Mr Kartik Goenka ko apna diwana banaya haa, tum itnay handsome kyu lag rahay ho? Aaj phir gayu di ko impress karna hai
K: Shut up! Intni achi convo meh bhi fmily ko lay aai. Hum toh sirf tumhay hi impress karnay aayee they aur lo kardia.
(Gayu was hearing their convo and was very heartbroken and sad.)
N: meh itni jaldi impress nahi hoti mr Goenka.
K: will see it in the night party jaan!
N: okay will see
Later Akshara requested to start function.s

Hope so u liked it. Will post next soon. Actually my exams are going on so m busy. Regular updates form 28th may.
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  3. Lovely update
    Gayu is mad instead feeling bad for almost ruining her sister married life. She is thinking Naira took her love.

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