KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 11)

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So this is chp 11:
the epside start with a bright morning in singhania house and naira woke up and quickly got ready into beautiful dress. She went down and saw no one awake yet. Suddenly kartik entered running. Naira pointed at her watch again 5 mins later.
K: Sorry wifey, I thought I will reach earlier but I m sorry.
N: its okay.
K: I want to clear u some thing, I will one dance with my wife and none else. I am telling u first.
N: Okay will see. Where is ur idiot brother?
K: he came her before me
N: wht??? It means….
Both kaira ran into kitchen and found Rahul standing there. Kitchen was quite clean and organized and breakfast was ready.
R: I missed us 3 doing breakfast together so made it. We will enjoy it together.
Both kaira shockingly nodded in yes and went behind him and started breakfast. The 3 of them were enjoying breakfast. Kaira were feeding each other. Naira appreciated Rahul for such a good breakfast. Later they were chit chating and laughing which made every one awake. The family came down to see what happened and were shocked seeing the scene. Where Rahul was sitting on chair in front of naira and naira and kartik together. Kaira were abut to feed each other when
Rahul saw Gayu and asked them to stop. Later everyone asked whats going on?
N: who actually, Rahul made our favourite breakfast for every one. You guys were sleeping so we started to enjoy it. Please come and join us. Later whole family enjoyed breakfast and now it was time to make pairs for dance so that they could start practice. Later Annanya and Ranveer, Rose and Yash aslo arrived. Kartik narrated them the whole story about Gayus proposal. Later naira was holding notebook of pairs.
N: So lets plz tell me with whom u guys want to be pair.
ANANYA: me and Ranveer,
YASH: Me and Rose
AK: Me and Natik
And same other pairs were made. Now it was Gayus turn
G: if u don’t mind kartik ji, then we can be pairs
Kartik looks at Naira with a proper no but naira make makes a face of its okay. This was noticed by Natik, Akshara, Gayu and Annanya as they were standing at front
K: I want to talk to naira, can u plz come with me.
Kartik was in anger. Gayu Natik and Akshara went secretly behind them. While Rahul went inside with them. Although Natik akshara and Naksh were standing at door but nothing was audible so they went down
K: Jaan like every new year I will be with u or else I wont dance. I am telling u, I wont dance with gayu.
N: Kartik try and understand, say yes, we will do something, maybe by making an excuse of teaching u we can do it together. N then on the day of new year, me and Rahul and u and di can dance on same song, n after doing a single step with di, we will exchange pairs and dance together, hmm
K: No I don’t want to hear from any one now presenting Kartik and Gayu; my ears are only habitual to hear KARTIK AND NAIRA, only.
N: K, I will ask announcer to annonce our names like Gayu, Kartik and Naira and Rahul, now happy.
K: jaan
N: Plzzzz,n we will be together in the party
K: Okay
R: I am very happy u guys are not together, I remember how in Delhi, last New Year, u were lost is each other. If u don’t want to tell about you to family, u will tell automatically by dancing together.

Kaira laughed and the three went down. Kartik said yes for Gayu and now Rahul and Naira were last pair.
Kartik told Gayu and others about them 4 dancing together. Everyone agreed. They started there dance on Jag ghumiya. Now the couples were on the position as pairs were made. As the song started Gayu n kartik were dancing and after 1st step kartik changed pair and took naira and Kaira danced on whole song later. Everyone liked the performance but Akshara and Gayu were a bit confused about their weird behavior. Natik was now a bit clearer about their life’s story. Later everyone practiced 3- 4 times more and kaira enjoyed romance in-between. Later kartik and Rahul left.
Same in this rehearsal and fun routine 8 days passed. Now tomorrow was new year. Tomorrow evening was family celebration and at night 12 kaira decided to go to party, telling their families o going alone with friends . it was day time. Kartik called naira and told him that he had sent a parcel for her. Naira went down and found Akshara holding it. She gave it to her and asked her to open it. Naira was clueless about it and just opened it to check. I was a very beautiful long red gown. Naira just loved it and went to her room, called kartik and thanked him alottt.

Hope so u liked it. Plz comment and tell. N yes next chapter is the new year party. So r u guys excited.
Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching YRKKH! 

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