KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 10)

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So this is chp 10:
The episode starts with kartik and Rahul discussing something.
K: Rahul, I am sure sheis gona scold us. She want entry from front door n what r we doing.
R: Bhai chill, we just have to give J.B a grahparvaish, n we r giving it. She wll surely enjoy, don’t worry.

They both went down n soon singhania’s arrived. Rahul and kartik went for welcoming Naira. Soon naira was about to go with her family when Rahul dragged her.
N: where r u taking me, idiot, I want to go in.
R: shut up, J.B, don’t u want a grahparvaish, now come with me soon.
N: but gate is on that side.
R: Come J.B, shut up and come with me.

Later naira went with Rahul. She reached on the back door of Goenka villa. It was beautifully decorated. Kartik was standing at there. Both kaira were mesmerized seeing each other. Kartik was lost in Naira’s beauty while naira was lost in her handsome husband. Both ran and hugged each other and kartik kissed on Naira’s forehead. They were about to kiss on each others lips when Rahul coughed and kaira came back into their senses.
R: Stop over here. I don’t want to see more dirty picture. Now its enough.

R: okay now lets do grahparvaish, every one will be waiting.
Later Rahul did aarti of kaira and naira with her foot moved the box ofrice. Now Rahul and Kaira winded up the things and went inside. First naira went and greeted every one
Na: where were u princess?
N: papa actually I wore this sari for the first time so it was a bit hard to carry it so I am sorry, I got late.
Kartik and Rahul enter
SU: where were u? I was waiting for u.
R,K: Sorry maa, we met after long so were just chitchatting.

SU: Its okay.
Kartik comes and stands next to naira and next to kartik was Rahul.
K: Jaan really, u look soo hot in this sari.
Naira blushed.
N: you too look so dashing and our colour combo is love.
K: thnks dear. I want to show u our room in this home.
N: But its impossible. U just don’t worry, I will see and live in it on day soon.
K: you cant live here always, because after completing factory in risikaishs we both will shift to Dehli forever along will Rahul and Ania. N will come here on every vocations.
N: Hmmm.

Later Suwarna asked Kartik for answer. Kartik hugged Manish and Suwarna with teary eyes which was shocking for naira but later Rahul came and explained naira by looks that it is a drama only and we too have to join him in it too. So kartik started
K: Suwarna maa, u are the best, I always loved me like mother but yet no one can forget his/her real mother. Same is the case with me, actually I am sorry every one, I cannot marry gayu as is it will be all against my mothers wish. I am sorry, every one.
NA: wht is your mothers wish??
K: uncle… my mother always wanted me to get married after…
N: completeing all of your studies and settling a business empire of your own and ater compeleting…

R: The puja in XYZ mandir.. right bhai
Kartik noddes in yes and then Suwarna and Manish hug him.
AK: Naira beta, how do u know about kartiks mothers wish?
N:Actually mama, in risikaish we were doing a puja for the ones who r not with us. I was the guide, Kartik was crying a lot and later told me about his mother and her wishes.
AK: Ohh k

Later naira an Rahul gave kartik u r best actors look.
K: Gayu, I am extremely sorry,I know I lied that day that I love someone else as I didn’t wanted to share my moms last wish with some stranger,I am sorry. Gayu if u want we can be best friends, hmm
Gayu nodded in yes and now naira was very happy.
R: now happy J.B
N: hmmm
Later every one had tea and kaira exchanged eye looks. Now it was time for singhanias to leave. Kartik apologized to everybody nce again.
K: ok then we will meet tomorrow. As new year is coming, n this new year will also be as interesting as our past 6 right ja… naira.

N: Hmmm… but make sure and come early tomorrow as we have to make dance partners too. N yes kartik we both will go to the new year party as well. N other party will be at home.
K: right.. me and Rahul will come tomorrow on time.
Every one left for their respective houses and kaira again gave each other a flying kiss

Hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell. And I am sorry many of u thought that kartik will make excuse that he loves someone else but his family will convince him saying she was your past. R u guys excited for new year. hmm

Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Wow superb chapter grahpravesh was superb kaira were too cute eagerly waiting for next and hope new year has a lot of kaira romance

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    Wow amazing one just loved it
    Eagerly waiting for next one

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    Wow soooo gooood

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    Nice part waiting for the next.

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