Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 8)

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“Vivaan, how come you never told me about this cousin of yours?” Gayu questions. “Hmm. Let’s just say, he doesn’t want to be known. Very secretive. My question is, dhi and Karthik, why didn’t you bother to remember about this brother of yours?” Vivaan asks them. “I don’t want to talk about that. Naira, Gayu and Naksh we will leave now. Bye.” Karthik says and leaves without giving any proper reply. “That my dear friends is what you call an awkward moment.” Vivaan jokes to which everyone give a chuckle. “Bhaiya, where did you meet Preeti dhi?” Gayu asks. “Woh, nanaji called me in the morning and told me come there. After that he said they had found a new chef and assistant for me. It was Preeti.” Naksh explains. “Haan. Dhi loves cooking and used to run her own chain of hotels. You must have heard of it VIDYA GROUP OF HOTELS. She was doing well till she was forced to marry that man.

He left her at peace for one year, then with all that abuse dhi couldn’t handle her work. She tried selling the company but those i.. those people changed the company to their name.” Vivaan says clenching his fists. “Calm down Vivaan. Dhi is now fiine. She left that man and also gave divorce. That guy is now in jail under blackmailing and domestic abuse charges. Nothing will happen now.” Gayu says drawing small circles on the back of his hand to calm him down. “How I wish all these things are true. You really think he will stay behind bars? Matter of weeks before he comes out. Mr. Sukhadia will try to do everything to bring him out. The only good thing will be that dhi got divorce. Anyway all of you be careful, they will try to attack you again for the contract. He doesn’t know that it is with our company that you guys are collaborating with.” He says giving a sad smile. “I wanted to ask, if their father’s name is Sukhadia, how is he Goenka?”

Naira asks. “Goenka is his mum’s name, my bua. He did not want to be associated with them in any way. That’s why he changed his name.” Vivaan says. “But, why did he not come to meet you guys? He can get back his mother’s company na? Why isn’t he..” Naira was cut short by Vivaan. “Naira, calm down. You have all life to get these answers. Most of your questions only he can answer. Relax.” Vivaan says and winks at her discreetly to convey that he wants some explanation. “I just got a bit hyper.” Naira blushes. The wink and the blush doesn’t go unnoticed by Gayu. Gayu feels a bit jealous seeing that exchange and wonders why. After talking for some more time Vivaan leaves.

During Dinner
“Duggu, maa called you there no. What was it about?” Akshara asks. “Preeti hai na, uski job ke liye. She wanted to work and she is a chef and also has experience in managing hotels. So mamu suggested I take her as assistant. My work will reduce and Preeti will also be comfortable and Karthik will be stress free. She was the owner of VIDYA GROUP OF HOTELS it seems, Vivaan was telling us. Vivaan is their cousin, his bua’s children.” Naksh says and continues ranting about how good Preeti was in office and how helpful it will be to have her as an assistant. Akshara smiles listening to Naksh’s rant and thinks that he has got his genuine smile back.

After Dinner
Gayu is in her room thinking why she felt jealous when Vivaan winked at Naira, wasn’t she in love with Karthik. She wanted to talk to someone about it. Naira. Who else can help in situations like these better than a sister. Gayu went towards Naira’s room and stopped before knocking the door hearing some voices inside. “Tum? Ab yahan? What are you doing? Koi ajayega.” Naira’s voice was heard. “Aane do. I don’t care. I’m here to say sorry to my lady love get some kisses and cuddles.” A familiar voice was heard. “Want to watch a movie while we cuddle. I have popcorn. How about Hasse Toh Phasse?” The voice continued. “Are you mad? Someone will come.” Naira was heard. “I thought we decided on chup chup ke romance.” The voice was heard again. Gayu thought of leaving Naira now and confronting her later but she saw Naksh coming that way. “Naira, open the door. I know there is someone with you. Naksh bhaiya is coming. Open fast.” Gayu says knocking the door.

Karthik mean while hides under the bed and Naira opens the door for Gayu. “What are my sissies upto?” Naksh asks seeing them. “Sisters night out. Some movie and gossip. What are you doing?” Gayu manages the situation. “Going to drink water. Sleep ok.” He says and walks towards the kitchen. “Kaun tha?” Gayu asks. “No one Gayu dhi. I was watching the movie. Jetlag na, isi liye.” Naira stammers. “I’m going now, doesn’t mean I believed you. Will talk later. For now enjoy with your Romeo.” Gayu leaves winking at Naira. I heard that voice somewhere. It seems really familiar. Who was it? Gayu kept thinking about this and fell asleep while Kaira enjoyed their cuddles and movie night.

Hold ears and hides behind a pillar. I know I’m laaaaaaaate. No computer or laptop. Updating via phone is a headache and I couldn’t do it. Sorrrrry. Will update regularly. Love you all. Pls comment.

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  1. Aww sweet update
    Karthik past is revealing slowly
    Waiting for next part

  2. Hales

    Nyc one …keep it longer next tym …just a suggestion it would be nyc n easy to read if u write in dialogues rather in para n double qoutes ..just a suggestion story is superb ?

    1. Ishram

      This kinda comes natural. I’ll try doing that from next time. ??

  3. Chup chup ke romance love it kaira are the best

  4. Ishram

    Holds ears.. Sorry
    Will update regularly

  5. Vrushy

    Nice 🙂

    1. Ishram

      Thank you

  6. Goodnone dear
    keep it a bit longer
    loved chupke romance and past is too much of twists I guess let’s see

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