KAIRA – The Revenge Saga Part 6

Kartik: now I feel congested.

Naira: I don’t care, do you have any guess when did we hug last time.

Kartik: yes, the first day I saw you from your office.

Naira: you never change.

Kartik: I am sorry, I am really sorry. Forgive me.

Naira: I will forgive you but I need something…

Kartik: ice cream? which flavor?

Naira: any flavor.

Kartik and naira go out to have ice cream.

Kaira In the car.

Naira: I really missed our old days Kartik.

Kartik: I never think so. When I came to meet you that day to your home you were scaring me with a knife.

Naira: I was so scared. seeing you suddenly.it was like a nightmare.

Kartik and naira smiles.

Suddenly a man crosses the road and Kartik stops the car.

The man falls down.

Kartik and naira go to see the man.

Kartik: naira, I hope he is fine.

What to do now?

Naira, where are you?

Kartik turns and do not see naira. He shouts naira.

Suddenly the man gets up and hits Kartik with some object. Kartik falls unconscious.

Some men take Kartik to an isolated place. Kaira is tied to a chair. naira finds Kartik unconscious and shouts Kartik. Kartik slowly opens his eyes and says why shouting so loud I am here?

Naira: you woke because I shouted.now blame me.

Kartik: It was your idea to have ice-cream at this time. Now suffer.

Naira: Yes, it was my plan. But you are the one who has to say that we shouldn’t go out at this time. But you didn’t.

Goons: Stop fighting you both.

Naira: Sorry we forgot you guys. Yes, what do you want?

Goons: Nothing much young lady. We wanted to …

Kartik (laughs ): Young lady? Seriously? she is 50 years old.

Naira: What the hell Kartik?

Goons (points the gun at them): Both of you just shut up. Our boss told us to capture both of you. So we did this.

Goons whisper something.

Naira: who is your boss?

A man enters and says it’s me my darling.

Naira is hell shocked and Kartik thinks I have heard this voice somewhere mad looks naira.

Naira: You?

Kartik: Who?

Man: It’s me Kartik.

The man comes to light and says RISHABH.

Naira: does that mean you asked them to hold us captive?

Kartik: Of course. If he is the boss then yes. See, he is the same person who you values the most.

Naira: not anymore.

Rishabh: naira, I told you to be mine, but you wanted Kartik, you rejected me, I would have given you more happiness than Kartik. But no, you wanted Kartik.you said me I live for Kartik.but you forgot something I am Rishabh If I wish for something It will be mine.

Rishabh comes near naira and tries to caresses her face.

Kartik: Don’t you dare touch her.

Rishabh: I don’t like someone ordering me. I love naira, she will be mine from now on. She is mine.

Naira: Stop this nonsense.

Rishabh removes the rope and holds naira’s hand and pulls her.

Kartik: Naira…

Naira: Leave me… Kartik.

precap: Kartik beats the goon.rishabh points gun at Kartik, naira sees it meanwhile Kartik fights the goon. Rishabh shoots Kartik.

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