KAIRA – The Revenge Saga Part 4

naira thinks i hope mom is fine.

after few hours….

kartik reaches his home  , his mom waits eagerly to see naira and kartik.

Mom: kartik , you are here. where’s naira?

kartik: mom, actually naira won’t…

mom: here she is, my daughter in law.

naira: when did that happen? daughter in law? how did this daughter became daughter IN LAW?

mom: ohh… i am so sorry daugter.

kartik smiles and thinks thanks naira.

mom: where were you been all this while? i really missed you naira. just leave it. i had cleaned your room and kept your favourite saree there and change this stupid western wala clothes. you look good in saree.

naira and kartik looks each other.

they both reach their room.both revives their old memories.

naira: i am not gonna stay in this room.

kartik:am i the problem?

naira: never, what makes you think so? you are always my problem mr.kartik goenka. now my problem is this room and its memories.

kartik: what are you gonna do then? go and ask mom to give me and kartik a seperate room. problem solved.

naira: fine then and turns to go.

kartik holds her. naira glares , kartik leaves her and says sorry.

naira goes to the washroom. she cries remembering all her good moments with kartik and what he has done .

kartik was asleep when naira gets out of the washroom. naira takes the blanket and was about to sleep on the couch.

kartik: you can sleep here. i will sleep in the couch.

naira: i don’t need your help.

it’s morning.

mom asks Kartik and naira to go to the temple and do the pooja.

Naira and Kartik in the temple.

Kartik: I will get the coconut.

naira climbs the stairs. suddenly someone pushes her. that person holds her and says sorry and he is rishabh.

naira hugs Rishabh and says Rishi, I missed you. where were you?

Rishabh: I was busy, running after my project your honor.

naira smiles.

Kartik sees them and gets jealous. he thinks I haven’t seen naira smiling.

Kartik comes near naira. Rishabh: Kartik, hi, I am Rishabh and she calls me rishi, you can call me whatever you want.

Kartik: hello.

naira: Rishi, how about to talk while walking? I mean let us walk towards the temple.

Rishi: sure mam.

naira was about to trip due to the saree.

Rishabh holds her and says why the hell are you wearing this rubbish saree?

naira: I have no other option darling.

Rishi: how dare you call me darling in front of your husband? naira and rishi smiles.

Kartik feels lonely.

precap: Kartik and naira argue over Rishabh.naira tells the truth to Kartik’s mom about their life.



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