Kaira SS -Tere Liye (Part 3)

Next morning, when kartik went outside his tent after getting fresh he found Naira already awake. She was sitting outside her tent while reading a story book. Kartik also sat beside her.

K- Good Morning sherni.

N-Good Morning mendak.

She said closing her book.

K-What were you doing?

N(sarcastically)-I was sleeping.

k-But I saw that you were reading a book.

N-Then why did you ask?

K-Sorry it’s my mistake that I asked you…why are you getting angry…..sherni kahika

N-At least I am ‘Sherni’ and not a ‘mendak’ like you…oops sorry bin barsati mendak……

k-Hey see!

Before he could say anything someone interrupted them and that someone is none other than our most favourite chudail,the one and only Natasha.

N-Here comes the chipkali

Naira said slowly but as Kartik was sitting beside her he could hear that &Hearing that he chuckled.

Na-Hi Kartik!


Hearing his tone anyone could say that he wasn’t interested in talking with her.If there was any other person other than Natasha they would have left that place.But Natasha being the chipkali didn’t even move a inch.

Na-We are playing games in there..why don’t you join us?

Kartik thought for some time .

K-Ok.Come Naira

Na-Why Naira?

K- Because she’s my best friend

Na-Why do you always stay with this girl?

K-Because she is my best friend. And she have a name. Call her by it.

He said angrily.This time Natasha got angry on Naira and left the place.

Na-“Uff because of this Naira, Kartik never talks properly with me. I’ll need to teach her a lesson.

She said to herself.

After sometime,

Everyone was sitting in some groups and talking among each other. At that time their teacher drew their attention to announce something.

Te:We are hre for camping so we’ll get to do tasks and games..And we will start them from today…….What do we do first Tasks or Games?

Some shouted “Tasks” while some “Games”.For deciding it the students started talking among themselves and thus created chaos.

Te:Silent everyone.

After everyone stopped talking the teacher continued.

Te:What if we do both of it together?

Eveyone seemed both confused and exicted ……some students excitedly asked ,”How?”

Te: We will go for tracking today………but there w ill be some twists……..You will have to reach a place while tracking, you will be given some chits which you will have to follow to reach there. Do you wanna play?

Almost everyone shouted “Yess!!”

Te: Okay so listen to the rules- you will play it in groups,game will start from here only. I the start you will be given a chit, that will lead you to another chirt, you will get 5-6 chits like this .One chit will lead you to another and then finally to the desired destination..The group reaching first to the destination will be winner.Everyone form your groups now,

After the students formed their group the teacher give them the chits.

Te:Eveyone ready??

Students: Yess!!

Te:So let’s start.

Soon everyone tried to solve the quiz given to get the first clue. Some of them may have solved it cause they already started .Naira, Kartik, Aryan and Gayu also started as they got the clue to reach the first hint.

In this way they solved more chits and got some more hints they had to sole two more quizes to get the final hint and reached the destination. In this way after solving the quzies and getting hints they were the first group to reach the desired place and Natasha’s team was last.This made her more furious.

Natasha and her group came down first to make a trap for Naira. They were standing at a side. Naira, Kartik, Gayu and Aryan were coming down while talking .naira and Kartik were in front while Gayu and Aryan was behind them.When Natasha saw them coming she started to make a trap for naira.She tied some grass together and tied it.And then they all hid behind a tree. While coming down Naira did’t see that trap as she was talking with others resulting her to fall. Due to falling she got some cuts in her leg and hands.

K:Naira are you okay ?

Ga: Shit! She got hurt in her leg and also in hands

Ar:Naira can you stand?

N:Let me try…

Naira then tried to stand but failed as she got severe cuts in her leg and it was paining….

K:Naira wait let us help you…..Gayu please help


Then with their help Naira got down . Then Kartik helped Naira in applying the antiseptic and bandaging that area. During these although she should have been sad as she got hurt but she was happy as Kartik was caring for her.On the other hand Kartik was sad as his Sherni got hurt.After bandaging Gayu took Naira to their tent as Naira needed to take rest whereas Kartik took Aryan to a place a little far away from their tents.

Here is the second part.Hope u will like it.Please do inline comment.And pardon me for spelling and grammartical mistakes as I haven’t checked it.

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