Kaira: She Loved A Monster (51~Keerthi’s Birthday)

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Sw: if we have decided to unite for our children so why not you try winning Karthik’s heart? Melt his heart na

Mn: aisa kya karoon? Mujhe to kuchh samajh nahi ata kaise apnay betay ka dil jeetoon?

Sw: Keerthi ka birthday araha hai

Mn: han vo to hai lekin us se kya hoga?

Sw: usi din uska dil jeet lena.

Mn: par kaise?

She tells him the plan.

Naira was managing her kids when Keerthi came.

Kr: Naira, mujhe lagta hai tumne bari oonchi chhalaang maari hai.

She said biting her tongue.

N: matlab?

Kr: matlab yeh k ek nahi do nahi balkay teen teen bachay, cool han, jab pregnant thi to chalna mushkil hogia tha or ab sambhaalna mushkil hogaya

N: aap paheliyaan kyun keh rahi ho? Seedha seedha bolo na

Kr: I was just teasing

N: oh but you know what? It wasn’t in my hands that how many children at once? (She bit her tongue) let me tell a secret.

Kr: and what’s your secret?

Naira leaned closer and Keerthi too leaned closer curiously.

N: actually we did it three times because we didn’t want to give up and keep trying so look how our three trials got successful.

Kr: ohhhhh

Keerthi bursted out laughing along with her.

Kr: tum bhi na, kya kya kehti ho

N: waise aap bhi meri bhabhi ban gai ho

Kr: oh haan, equal

Kr: bhabhi if you ever need help, you can tell, just know that I will always be your partner in crime.

N: OK boss

Keerthi took one baby in her arms and played with it cutely. Just then Naksh entered and asked Naira to be quiet. He palmed her eyes.

Kr: Naksh yeh tum hi hogay mujhe pata hai haan, please, ye techniques ab kaam nahi aaengi.

He moved his hands.

Nks: aray re, itna gussa? O teri..I will bring something for you to cool you down.

He winked at Naira and went. He came back and moved Keerthi’s hair to front and put an ice cube in her shirt. She kept down the baby and stood up with a jolt.

Kr: yeh kya kia?

She kept on stomping her feet while he laughed.

Nks: this is to cool you down baby.

She ran from there.

N: aap pagal ho kya?

Nks: vo toh main bachpan se hi hu. Kiun? Tujhe abb pata chala pagli?

He laughed more and went.

N: bhai bhi na

Karthik entered inside.

K: what happened between Keerthi di and Naksh? Why is she angry?

N: she was playing with baby so he came and palmed her eyes and she got irritated so he put an ice cube in her shirt.

K: oh. They’re too much na? We also used to have so much fun and this fun will be back once these babies are all grown up.

They smiled.

One day before Keerthi‘s birthday:

It was 12:00 at night and Keerthi was in her room, sleep was far away from her eyes. She got a call from Naksh and received it with a bright smile.

Nks: Happy birthday Keerthu

Kr: u remembered? Thank u Naksh

Nks: my pleasure, so excited for your birthday?

Kr: yes, but now I m so bored.

She was so busy in talking that she didn’t notice the window of the room opening and two hands reached inside that carried a big box, the person came inside and hugged Keerthi from behind. She was about to scream when the person palmed her mouth.

Kr: mmmmmmmmm

Person: shhhhhh

The person moved his palm from his mouth. She turned and saw Naksh. She got angry and took a pillow and threw it on him.

Kr: aisay koi darata hai kya? Kisi din heart attack do gay tum mujhe, idiot!

Nks: shhhhh! Dheere bolo, chila kyun rahi ho? Tum hi keh rahi thi k tum bore horahi ho toh main agaya.

Kr: han lekin tum bahar kabse kharay thay?

Nks: kuchh derr se, vo sab choro, saath mein cake kaat’te hain

Kr: cake?

Nks: han, tum ja k knife le aao na

Kr: OK

She went and brought the knife.

Nks: happy birthday to u, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Keerthi, happy birthday to u.

She blew the candles and made a wish.

Keerthi wished in heart: Naksh

Then he made her cut the cake and fed it to her and she too fed it to him but then she smeared it on his face.

Nks: naughty

Kr: u too did naughtiness today, remember?

Nks: yes, but this, clean it, too irritating

Kr: it’s nothing in front of what u did

Nks: sorry baba, now do it

She went and damped the towel and made him sit on bed. She cleaned his face while he kept staring at her face. He pulled her closer and she fell over him.

Kr: tum mujhe kabhi chain se kuchh karnay do gay? Seedhay raho

She sat up again to clean.

Kr: done

Nks: thank you

He pulled her for a kiss. She was shocked at first but then she too responded back.

Later in morning, Suwarna woke up Keerthi telling her that they’re going to temple. She woke up immediately and got ready. They went to temple to take blessings from God as it was Keerthi’s birthday, Keerthi wanted to get happiness for her father and Suwarna wanted to win Keerthi’s heart.

They went from there to their house. It was decorated till now and even the guests had started coming too. Keerthi smiled. Her gaze went on Manish and she ran to him and hugged him.

Mn: happy birthday beta

Kr: thnx papa

He was taking her when she remembered about Suwarna and saw her still at the entrance. She brought her inside holding her hand and made her stand with Manish.

Kr: I just wish aap dono humesha saath raho.
She took photos with them and Naksh
Keerhi’s friends came.

‘Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday dear Keerthi, happy birthday to u, may you have many more, may you have many more, happy birthday dear Keerthi, happy birthday to u.’

She cut the cake happily and fed to everyone. Then she went to Naksh and was about to feed him and he was about to eat when she moved back the cake and he moved forward. She kept doing it until their faces were very close and they ate from both sides not caring about guests.

Manish went on stage.

Mn: today isn’t just a special day for Keerthi, but for Karthik too as he got an elder sister. So I want to do something for him.

Karthik glanced at him and looked away.
Manish sang.
Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega
Beta Hamara Aisa Kaam Karega
Karthik too sang:
Magar Yeh To Koi Na Jaane
Ki Meri Manzil Hai Kahan

Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega
Beta Hamara Aisa Kaam Karega
Magar Yeh To Koi Na Jaane
Ki Meri Manzil Hai Kahan
Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega

Manish took Keerthi and Karthik together and sang:
Baithe Hain Milke Sab Yaar Apne
Sabke Dilon Mein Armaan Yeh Hai
Baithe Hain Milke Sab Yaar Apne
Sabke Dilon Mein Armaan Yeh Hai
Wo Zindagi Mein Kal Kya Banega
Har Ek Nazar Ka Sapna Yeh Hai
Koi Engineer Ka Kaam Karega
Business Mein Koi Apna Naam Karega
Karthik too sang with them.
Magar Yeh To Koi Na Jaane
Ki Meri Manzil Hai Kahan
Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega

Manish then went to Suwarna and sang for her making her blush.. Keerthi and Karthik smiled.
Mera To Sapna Hai Ek Chehra
Dekhe Jo Usko Jhoome Bahar
Mera To Sapna Hai Ek Chehra
Dekhe Jo Usko Jhoome Bahar
Gaalon Mein Khilti Kaliyon Ka Mausam
Aankhon Mein Jaadu Honthon Mein Pyaar
He sang for Karthik
Banda Ye Khoobsurat Kaam Karega
Dil Ki Duniya Mein Apna Naam Karega
Meri Nazar Se Dekho To Yaaron
Ki Meri Manzil Hai Kahan
Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega

Karthik had tears in his eyes and he hugged him.

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