Kaira – Pyaar (Part 4)

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Hey guys. It’s me Aaru here and I am back with chapter 4 of Kaira-Pyaar. I know that in the last episode I said I won’t be able to post till Friday, but I made little time to write this chapter and also on Friday I am going to enter Kartik in the story and that is going to be a huge chapter.
Now let’s get started.

It was 4 PM, and all of the Singhania family were watching a movie. They were watching khabhi khusi khabhi gham. During the movie Akshara was getting close with Naira, she would feed her and hug her. Naira was just confused about how things were going. After the movie, they were all hungry and wanted dinner.
Mishti- I am so hungry, I want to many dishes and tasty dishes, she said pouting.
Natik-Mishti, even I am very hungry all these junk food is making me crave tasty food.
Bhabhima-we all are hungry so make some food and we all will enjoy together.
Akshara-yes, bhabhima, Karishma and I will make the food fast and chotima, can you show me the new ingredients.
Everyone was about to get busy when Naira said something.

Naira-if you all don’t mind can I make the dinner today, I am bored, she said.
All-Yes, Naira you can make dinner and we haven’t eaten food made by you so, all of the members said it together and laughed out.
Naira went to the kitchen and started looking at ingredients and recipes. She got an idea and started making food. After three hours all of the food was made. Everyone gathered around the dinning table and sat down. All of the dishes were covered and they were all eager to know what Naira made.
Naira-I want all of you to open the lid if the dish that is in front of you.
They all did so and were all happy and shocked seeing the food.

Naira-Badidadi, your favorite bindi ki sabzi chawal ke saath?, dadu, your favorite matar aur paneer, dadi, your favorite palak paneer, papa, apke le aloo gobi, apke le(she is indicating Akshara but doesn’t say her name) chana daal, cachu, asked le samosa and chachi for you potato fries, bhai ape le chutney with rice gayu di, aloo tikki, and lastly for my baby, I made your favorite vegetable chowmein which is also my favorite. There is raita, and roti for sabzi and chutneys.
Gayu-waise Naira how did you manage to make all of this food in less time, she asked curiously
Naira-actually I saw the vegetables been cut up so I just made the bug dish first and made other later. While I was frying something I was boiling the pastas and I grinned the chutneys. And I saw the samosa filling made so I only wrapped it and fried it. And other were basically half made I only had to add a touch. And di it is not hard I only made tiny bit of each so it was quick but enough to share the food with each others.

Everyone praised Naira and her style to make things easier. They all finished all of the food since there are 11 people.
Naira-wait don’t go anywhere I will be right back, Naira said after finishing her chowmein?. She ran to the kitchen and brought two trays and a dish.
Naira-we always have time for desert, she said exclaiming. I made mango lassi and kheer since the older generation doesn’t like mango lassai.
They also eat the dessert and help clean up the kitchen. Everyone went upstairs and only Naira and Akshara were in the kitchen.
Akshara-Naira can you boil milk for everyone while I wash the dishes

Naira-yea, Naira was boiling the milk and her focus was somewhere else and the milk boiled over. Akshara saw that after she finished washing the dishes.
Akshara-Naira watch your hand , she said loudly an being concerned but Naira didn’t pay attention the the milk reached her hand and Naira screamed.
Naira-ahhhh, she grabbed the pot which was hot but dropped it and it burned her hand ? and she accidentally placed her hand in the gas.
Akshara came running and blowed in Naira hand and took her out of the kitchen.
Akshara while putting ointment-Naira beta, tumhara dany ka tha jo tumne nai dekha tumhara haat galte hue, she said being concerned and noticed That Naira was weeping in pain. They talked about the burned mark and Akshara sent Naira to her room.
In naira’s room
Naira in mind-does she really care about me if not why is she showing care, did I really had a misunderstanding, Naira questioned herself and went to sleep.

Precap-misunderstanding solved

Author’s note
I know that this chapter is about food way too much but I thought to end Naira misunderstanding I needed this part. In tomorrow chapter the misunderstanding may be solved and Friday maybe Kartik will enter the scene.❤?????❤

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