Kaira-Pyaar (Part 3)

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Hey guys, I am back the third part of Kaira-Pyaar. I just want to thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging me to post the chapters. Also I want to mention that this part is short and I may not be able to post until Friday.
It was the next morning, and Naira woke up by the sound of the nature. She leaned against the head board and remembered the incident that happened last night. Suddenly, Gayu entered her room and sat besides Naira.
Gayu-oh Naira, you have woke up. I actually slept with you last night since you fainted
Naira-Gayu di, I , before she could complete Gayu interrupted her
Gayu-Naira don’t think about anything ok. Just relax and calm down. You haven’t eaten anything since the last 24 hours so I will bring you food okay and by that time go and take and shower you will feel better, said Gayu being concerned and showing love

Gayu went out of the room while Naira went to the bathroom. She turned the shower and started crying remembering the confrontation that happened last night. After 30 minutes she got out wearing a gray tight sweatpants and a comfy tank top. She dried her hair and put it in a messy bun and went downstairs. When she went down she saw everyone talking. Gayu came out of the kitchen.
Gayu-Naira, why did you come down I was bringing you food and also you fever didn’t go down, Gayu said scolding Naira
Naira-I felt like eating food outside in the Gazebo, Naira said quietly.
Natik came towards them and started caressing Gayu and Naira head/hair.
Natik-Both of my daughters became amazing person, one scolds like a mother and one cruise like a daughter
Gayu smiled while Naira gave a faint smile. Akshara came from the kitchen with others(Singhania and Maheshawori ladies, the men were sitting with Natik)
Akshara-Naira, it is cool outside and you are going outside in a tank top here is a shawal and how about we all go in the gazebo and eat breakfast today, Akshara said while wrapping the shawl around Naira and Gayu. Naira just stood there, thinking why is Akshara not sad and crying to gain everyone sympathy. Akshara took the tray from Gayu and told them to go out while she will bring the breakfast.

Gazebo/ the promo were everyone was sitting and Naira came
Akshara served the food and sat down by Naira and Gayu was on the other side while others were around the table. Naira saw her food.
Naira-what is this, I haven’t eaten in 24 hours and you guys are making me eat this disgusting food not fair, Naira said being annoyed and pouted
Akshara-Chup, you are sick and you will only eat this, after you get better you can eat other food, Akshara said while handing Naira a spoon.
Naira-it is not fair MUMMA, you are eating tasty food and I am eating this, ew yuck, suddenly Naira realized what she said.
Everyone look at Naira and Akshara while Akshara looked at Naira with tears of happiness.
Naira started getting up to go when Akshara softly grabbed her hands
Akshara- I am your mothers and as your mother I have the right to scold you and make you feel better so sit down and eat this food, you haven’t eaten in hours, Akshara said while sitting Naira down.
Everyone saw that Naira was not interested in eating the food for her so Akshara got an idea.
Akshara-okay if you finish all of your food, you can have couple parathas and achar and sabzi, Akshara said while feeding Naira. Naira didn’t hesitate and started eating and others also started eating. After finishing eating, the maheshwori family left. The Singhania family went inside and Akshara handed Naira the opfood she promised. Naira happily started eating while her family watched her in amaze.

Precap-maybe misunderstanding gets solved, who knows.

Also I gave Akshara and Naira moments so I could end their track and bring Kartik in the story. Maybe by the fifth chapter, I will start Kartik entry.
Thank you again for reading loads of love so wait until Friday.❤????✌?????

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