Kaira love story (episode 53)

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Hello guyz! How r u all! ? Yrkkh was no. 1 even this week! Big congratulations  to u all ….its been a month we r no. 1! Two big events also happened to celebrate  sucess!
M very sorry m posting aftr more than a month now! I was busy with ny 12th boards!  Finally m done with my boards just my important entrance exams remaining which r next week! 
Thnk u my readers for always coping up with ny delays! Well good news guyz 4th june onwards lot of updtes as all my entrances will get over on 4th  june! Missed u all! Plz forgive me n continue reading n commenting on my ff! I have a very good plot ahead i hope u all would like it!☺

Links for last epi –Episode 52

Precap- kaira’s vivaah is done …kaira comming alone in one car to udaipur!

Kaira’ car broke down ….naira panicked …kartik comforted her

Thier driver got off the car n checked n informed  kartik that he would  have to contact a mechanic but not to worry as he knows one mechanic  frnd nearby …so he went ….

In car kaira were alone …..kartik thought to take advantage of the situation ….naira who was seeing outside was pulled by kartik ….

Kaira faced each other n could feel each other’s breath…..before naira could say anything kartik put his lips on hers soft  red lips….

It was a wild kiss where  their tongues tangled…theu sucked each other’s lips …

Naira’s hand was in kartik’s hair …kartik’s one hand was holding her shoulder  other her soft cheek!

The kiss become wilder but due to lake of oxygen they broke the kiss …..

The smile on thier face showed thier desperation of wanting  each  other more

Kartik (still falling short of breath): u want us to take a hotel  room for tonight wifey!

Naira thought – omg!! In one statemnt two two suprising thing ….hearing wifey sounds just perfct! Even staying in a hotel for tonight is an amazing idea but ik we both wont be able to control ourselves n dadi said tht we need to reach goenka villa soon as there r plenty of rituals awaiting! 

Kartik: where r u lost??

Naira:no where  hubbby…its just tht lets go goenka villa as soon as possible

Kartik: well the way u reciprocated to my kiss it didnt seem like u r ready to wait even for a min…

Naira blushed n said see everyone must be waiting so lets get over with all the rituals n then m all urs anyways…seeing ur moves  how can i not reciprocate 

Kartik: aye haye …itna pyaar ek din mein …ye sindoor n mangalsutra really does some kind of magic on u wives shayad!

Naira: sindoor n mangalsutra might be the magic key for others but for me my frog n his tarr tarr is enough

Kartik looked at her naughtily ….n says achcha  enough …

Kartik leaned towards kartik while there was a knock on thier  window… it was thier driver with the  mechanic

The mechanic started his work n repaired  the car…

In goenka  villa

Dadi: suwarna see where r u beta n bahu …m sure naira convinced  kittu to stay in a hotel 

Suwarna: no maji …i know they will come

Surekha: didi lekin aye nhi na …mahurat grah pravesh ka nikal gya toh 

Dadi: arrey haan muhrat khatam hone mein aur 3 mins

Keerti: main call karti hoon abhi 

Dadi: tum rehne hi do …tumse kuch sambhla nhi jata toh ye ….

Just then manish enters

Manish: maa i talked  to  kartik..he said they will be reaching  anytime as their car broke down so they had to  wait for a mechanic

Akhilsh: bhai saab ye gueat list  dekh lijye for aaj shaam ka reception 

Dadi: suwarna ….naira ko achche tarah se tayar karna  aaj ke reception ke liye….koi gadbad nhi honi chahiye

Suwarna:ji maaji

Dadi: ab only 1 more minute kahan reh gye ye dono..

Kaira come

Kartik: dadi dont worry we r here …just grah pravesh  toh kar do

Dadi turns n sees tht kaira r here …she has a big smile n hurries up n brings kaira to door steps!

Dadi : suwarna  start the rituals 

Suwarna : haan maji …ek min ….

She calls keerti ….everyone wonders wat will keerti do?

Keerti comes with kartik’s birth mom’s photo frame 

Everyone is still clueless about wat she is trying to do!

Kartik: mom! Ma ki photograph!

Suwarna: haan kartik! She is ur birth mother so how can i not include her in this important ritual! She must be looking from up there n showering her love n blessings on u both!

Kartik manish n keerti get teary eyed

Kartik: mom…

Kartik hugs suwarna 

Everyone  smiles 

Suwarna: arrey bass bass! Lets start the ritual!

Suwarna does all the rituals ….then asks naira to make rice fall from her right leg!

Then naira leaves her foot print n walks in!

Then everyone decides to do ring finding rasam now so that aftr tht everyone can rest till the tym reception  starts!

Kaira made to sit in front of a huge bowl of milk n rose petals inside which a coin is put

Manish n suwarna: come on naira! Win it

Kartik: haww matlab m all alone! Naira tumne kuch minutes mein hi mere mom dad ko cheen liya mujhse

Naira teases him

Keerti: ohh dramebaaz chal m on ur side khush!

Luv kush: we r on ur side too bhaiya!

Kartik now teases naira 

Dadi: ok lets start now

Kaira r cheered by family 
Kaira keep on searching for ring!

Kartik tactfully holds naira’s hand inside milk! Naira gave a look to kartik!
Kartik smiles 

Keerti: rasam khatam!

Evryone looked at keerti

Surekha: khatam kaise kisine dhoondha nhi h ring!

Keerti: chachi jo inhone dhondha  h na ab ring toh milne nhi wala h!

Everyone looks at her confused!

Keerti: inn dono newly wedded love birds ne ek dusre ke haath ko dhoondha!

(listening to this kartik leaves naira’s hand n kaira blush)

Everyone laughs except  dadi who is irritated!

Kaira continue ….n naira finds the ring!

Aftr the rasam is over everyone goes to thier rooms …

In Kaira’s room 

Kartik lifts naira in bridal  style  n enters the room!

Naira is mesmerized  by looking at his room as now this is their small little world where they will take care of each other …fight with each other….tease each other….console each other n most importantly they will love each other unconditionally!

Naira goes by all the things kept in his room!

Naira goes to open  the cupboard!

Kartik comes running  saying naira no wait!

But by tht tym naira had opened n all his clothes fell on her ….she was going to loose her balance but he holds  her!

Naira gives a sherni stare to kartik ….kartik looks shy like a mendhak!

Naira(tauntingly): mere pujnay pati dev! Wat is is this mess!

Kartik: haye haye! Meri biwi ne ek hi statment mein mithi chashni se tekhi mirchi bann gyi!

Naira: m serious!

Kartik: ab aaj tak mere lyf ko sawarne wali koi ni ayi thi! So isiliye ye sab aise messy h! Ab tum aa..

Before he could complete

Naira: oh oh mein ayi hoon as ur biwi not as servant! Sherni mendhako ka kaam nhi karti h!

They both start laughing!

Naira: chalo lets start cleaning up this mess or else main apna saaman kahan rakhungi!

Kartik: apna saman! Matlab? My cupboard is full hardly any space ….n tum girls ke toh  saman 2 ya 3 cupboards  occupy karte h!

Naira gives a u r dead look to him!

Naira: phir mein chali jati hoon apne ghar kyunki yahan tumhare  life mein mere liye space hi nhi h! Pehle pata hota ki itni memory space prob h toh jyada memory wala hubby select karti!

Kartik: memory ke chaklar mein amazing  features ko kho deti!

Naira: tumhe jo karna h karo! Mera bhi saman yehi rahega!!

kartik thinks dene ke liye toh jaan bhi hazir h but aise satane mein jyada mazza aa rha h …so lets carry on with mission satao sherni wifey!

Kartik: nhi mein jitna  space dunga utne mein hi rakhna!

Naira:  how dare u! Meri marzi ye aaj se mera bhi room h

Just then keerti mansi n luv kush enter!

Keerti: mansi humme laga tha ki hum inke romance mein haddi banke jayenge inke pass 

Mansi: lekin yahan toh hum inke nok jhok ke beech mein haddi ban gye!

Everyone laughs! Luv kush go out to play

Keerti  n mansi go n sit on bed!

Keerti(teasingly): u know mansi …aaj hi maine catalogue dekh ke ek bed order  kar dia h ….so last tym dekh lo iss bed ko! Kyunki aaj raat ke baad i doubt ye bed aise rahega ki nhi! 

Naira blushes while kartik gives a u r dead look to keerti!

Mansi: but di main ques ye h ki bed ka bura haal jhagde se hoga ki …….

Kartik: ruk jao tum dono abhi bata hoon!!

Kartik runs behind them n all three of them run yahan wahan!

Naira watches them n remmbers her tym with her siblings! 

Remmbering those days tears comes in naira’s eyes

aftt kartik  is successful in making his sisters go out from the room ….he comes to his lady love n sees tears in her eyes!

Kartik: naira kya hua?

Naira:kuch nhi 

Naira chokes n hugs  kartik tightly

Kartik caresses her hairs n says plz tell me!

Naira (sobbing a bit): me mishti gayu di n bhai used to have similar fights like tom n jerry i just got reminded of tht!

Kartik cups naira’s face …

Kartik: naira u will still have those fights….tell then isme i can totally help u….u can fight with me anytime

Naira: woh tumhe batane ki bhi zarurat nhi h main waise bhi ladhne toh wali hi thi

Kaira laugh.

Kartik cuffs her chin…..he brings his face close to her n they share a passionate kiss 

Aftt some time naira  shyly tries to run but kartik pulls her back ….such tht naira’s back is towards him .

Kartik kisses her neck n near her collar bone….naira had already closed her eyes!

Kartik picks naira n keeps  her on bed n slowly moves towards  her to kiss her but stops as there was a knock on their  room ‘s door 

Suwarna:kartik naira …

Kartik runs to open the door ….naira gets up frpm bed n makes her hair which got  messy due to the wild kiss they shared

Suwarna enters the room 

Suwarna:sorry to disturb u both 

Kartik:mom aap kaisi batein kar rhi h 

Naira:yes mom u r most welcomr here anytime u want ….u could have called us we could also have come to ur room …

Suwarna:woh mujhe ye reception ke liye tumhara jwellery  n dress dena tha aapne hatho se toh socha khud hi jake de do

Kartik  takes everything from her n keeps on dressing table ..

Suwarna:naira beta 1 ya 2 hrs mein ready hona shuru kar dena kahin late na hojaye ok na …n agar koi help chahiye  hogi then call me 

Naira:sure mom

Suwarna goes …

Kartik turns to naira who has made a puppy face

Naira: plz mere pyare pati dev mujhe sone dijiye nhi toh  reception mein ya raat ko bhi jaldi so jaungi

(She emphasised on the word raat)

Kartik bubbles  his face n says raat mein so jane ki dhamki….raat ka galat fayda utha rhi ho besharam ladki …ye tumhara pati dev tumhe maafi nhi dega!

Naira hugs  him n says plz na …

Kartik: itni request hmmm …jao balike go n have beauty sleep but raat ko no sleep at all 

Kartik gives a evil smile

He wonders why naira didnt respond so he sees her n sees tht she is asleep while huugging him only 

So he carefullly keeps her on bed n kisses her forhead  ….

Precap: kaira recption n first night!

Keep reading ….commenting n keep  watching yrkkh on star plus at 9:30pm 

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