Kaira love story (episode 47)

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Hey guyz m glad u liked all the elemnts i tried to put in my last  epi  ….this one  is a suspense opener

Btw guyz one announcement for all those  who r in twitter can follow Krazy Kairanz fan page it is well updated with all the latests like segmnt links  n news updates n also beautiful  vm n edits …many of them not only liked n retweeted by mohsin but also by shivinagi! ?


Episode starts with everyone  shocked wen manish leavea without telling

Suddenly naira faints…naksh lifts  her n puts her in kartik’s room’s bed 

Everyone gets worried….doctor comes n says she has low bp due to empty stomach  for  a very long tym n also lots of stress 

Naira murmers mendhak mendhak in her unconsciousness

Everyone cry seeing  her condition 

Naira comes into senses …suwarna n akshara  come to her with food 

Naira refuses to have it

Gayu: naira tune kal laat makar sankranti se khaya tha jab ….

Gayu stops realising  wat she was about to say

Naira: yes di …wen kartik fed me lunch in makar sankranti festival 

suwarna: naira plz kha lo beta …ab kartik ayega toh kya bolega ki mein uske fiance ka dhyaan nhi rakha

Naira: aunty plz …agar god yehi chahte h ki mujhse bina bataye mere mendhak ko kahin le gye toh meri bhi zid h ki last food of my life mein apne mendhak ke haath se khaungi ..so isiliye ab next i will eat wen my kartik feeds me 

Everyone become sad 

On the other hand 

A dark place in woods …a old hut is there

A chair is kept in which someone  is tied …two ppl r talking they r in black light so faces cant be seen

Man 1 (M1) : good job! Now take him to libya n then ask for ransom

M2: ok sir 

Suddenly  someone secretly enters the hut …wen no one notices he unties the man tied 

The tied up man was no one but our kartik…the person who untied  is none other than manish

They turn n see a known face… the boss  of kidnappers were none other than kartik’s step mamu who created a drama  of kartik’s wedding n he was the sole reason kartik had problems with manish 

Kartik:wat r u doing here?

Manish:now isnt the tym …lets go

Just then they get noticed by some one

Mamu: waah waah …kya pyaar h bete ko bachane ke liye baap aya …ab dono ka achcha rakm bhi milega n a nyc revenge too

Manish: how dare u …manish goenka  ke bete ko kidnap kiya!!

Mamu:dare toh tabhi thi jab i easily turned u dad n son against each other …but dont worry this tym u will safely go uppar!!

Manish: plz leave him …do watver u want to do with me

Kartik is amazed to see this side of manish

Mamu: bass bohot ho gya bohot gussa dila diya mujhe 

Mamu takes out a gun …points at manish …kartik is super  tensed …but suddenly  mamu turns n shoots towards kartik….

But the bullet is taken by manish as he came running to save his son…

While manish fell ….kartik held him in his arm …saying kya zarurat thi itni mahan banne ki …cant u ever mind ur own business…now stay awake

Kartik’s concern was clearly visible in his eyes n action 

Manish had tears in his eyes for seeing the love he wanted to see in kartik  for him but also for the fact tht now he is unsure for how long he can see this love

Manish murmers …kartik ..i had always  love u n no matter wat i will always luv u …remmber tht ….give everyone regards from my side

Kartik:dont say tht … i wont do ur job u have to give ur regards urself ok ….

Mamu:stop it u both! Enough …kartik let me gift u something  so tht u can always stay with ur dad …as m feeling really guilty i seperated such a nyc baap beta jodi  …so today i will undo my mistakes…

Saying this he points gun towards kartik ….

Just then police enters n arrest mamu n his ppl

Kartik without waiting takes the police car n rushes manish to a hospital….

On his way kartik uses police van walkie talkie to contact to anyone for help 

On the other side …

Naksh n naitik r with few police doing some formality for the investigation for searching of kartik …

Just then they hear some known voices from  police van walki talkie ..

They aware the police n all listen to wat is being said

Kartik-hello …this is kartik goenka …i have manish goenka with me who has been shot…m taking him to city hospital …i need some help

Naksh  n naitik r speechless as wether they should  be happy with getting to know about kartik or get tensed n sad to know about manish getting shot …

Naksh naitik rush to city hospital …also informed the ladies like gayu suwarna akshara n naira

City hospital

All the ladies enter with tensed yet excited look as they dont know about manish yet..

Naira runs n comes inside before Gayu akshara n suwarna 

The door of lift opens n right to the end of corridor naira finds somone standing showing his back …but tht was enough to give her a breath of relife ….

Naira just ran as fast as possible …just like taking a thing before  some else takes it

Naira stands behind tht someone ….n with eyes filled with tears calls out his name..

Naira- Kartik ….

Kartik turns around n sees a overwhelmed naira …he couldnot control  so just hugged her as tight as possible

Naira hugged him so tight ..like now no one can take him away!!!

Naira:tum kaha chale gye the!! Kya hua tha ..

Ryt now no answet is comming in kartik’s mind except one  thing 

Kartik: dad is shot 

Naira is shocked n breaks the hug 

Naira: wat!!! Uncle is …when how 

Just then suwarna n all had reached n heard this … akshara holds suwarna from her shoulder giving her support!

Kartik tells everything to them 

Suwarna is in extreme anger! 

Suwarna: a brother protects his sister’s happiness …but see my destiny ….i got brother who tried to take my happiness away from me ….

Everyone consoles suwarna 

Just then the doctor comes ….

Precap-wat does the doctor say?
            -will manish be ok?

Guyz i really hope u liked this incredible n different millan of baap beta 

Keep reading to know what will happen with manish 

I want to remind u all tht aftr 3 more episodes …this ff will reach epi 50 ….n i have planned a surprise for all of u …?

Fenil ond of the regular reader  guessed the track n commented  on my last post! ????

plz do comment n let me know  how did u feel about this unique way of millan of baap n beta!

Keep reading …commenting n keep watching yrkkh at 9:30pm only on star plus ☺

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  1. Fenil

    Superb Hales !!

    Yuipee….Thanks for the re-union…

    After all whole truth also reveals to karthik . now only happiness in wedding but come up with some happy moments between Trio (K-S-M) . Niara ka karwa chauth jaisa fast todwado karthik ke haath se in hospital.

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so so much! M glad u liked it so much!!
      Haha u seem to know all my upcomming tracks i guess! ?
      Lots of nyc scenes comming up.. keep reading n commenting ☺

      1. Fenil


        But Obivious hain Great writer ke work ko predict karna hard hain but still i did it.

        yaa , comments ki barish hoti rahegi

  2. Vinni05

    So emotional part just loved d way u explained d scence
    No words to explain
    Really can’t wait for next part
    Pls upload asap

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so so much!

  3. Vrushy

    Can’t wait for next update.
    Post soon !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much ?

  4. Love you hales!!!!
    Awsome work year! !!!

  5. Soumya85

    It was awesome di..I love the bap beta milan

  6. Lasyashree.10

    Can’t wait for the next one… to be sure the next episode of yours will be great❤️

  7. Sethidisha002

    nyc but plz safe manish and dont seperate kaira ever

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