Kaira love story (episode 18)

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Hey guyz! How r u all doing! M glad u all liked the naira dream sequence part ?

Today there will be a big treat as many kaira scenes do let me know how u felt about today’s epi by commenting ??

Its evening …
Naira tara n naksh get ready  to leave for coffee shop 

Akshara: gayu u also go with them u will feel good

Gayu thinks kartik was telling mama ji tht he will be comming to give some files …so its better if i stay

Gayu: no mami i have some work 

The trio (naira tara n naksh ) leave

They were going to sit in the car kartik comes on his bike …actually he had come to pick  naira …

Naksh: kartik …u here? Werent we suppose to meet in the coffee shop

Naira: woh bhai ..umm ..woh…lets go 

Tara sees naira signing kartik to go alone n she will come with them

Tara: naksh lets go …

Naira was comming  too to sit in car

Tara: not u …u go with kartik!

Kartik n naira surprisingly see tara

For a change naksh smiles

Naksh: ohh kartik u came for this! Guyz u both should have told me ..i know  m protected for u naira but its just my concern …u both can go together …wen tara n i werr dating we toh went …

Tara coughs signing him to stop

Kaira look at each other n smile

Nakshtara leave saying  kaira not to make them wait for too long

Kartik sits on the bike..asks naira to sit

Naira: i will drive

Kartik: wat!! No last tym i saw how u were driving the bike!!

Naira gives a angry look

Kartik : naira see …atleast  think of me wat will ppl say tht i cant ride a bike with my lady love siting at back

Naira: ohh i get it even u have male ego …like boys cant sit at back of girl on bike n all!

Naira turns her back showing her anger…

Kartik comes near her n says naira with not only male ego but even ego gets faded away

U matter to me the most! 

Naira looks at him still giving a little angry look

Kartik(smiles): in our marriage i will let u ride the horse if u want n i will sit in the doly!! I have no issue

Naira cant controll n laughs 

Kartik also laughs!

Kartik: chalo lets go otherwise they both will get fed up  waiting  for us!

Naira: yes lets go

Kartik gives the bike keys to naira

Naira gives it back to kartik…kartik gets  surprised by this

Naira: u only ride the back …i will do romance with u sitting at back (naira winks at kartik)

Kartik gets more surprise!

Kartik cups her face 

Kartik: woh my sherni hold on to this mood only ..m starting the bike

Kaira sit on the bike …naira holds kartik close from back n kartik rides the back

Kartik watches naira from front mirror …naira winks n gives a flying kiss

Kartik also gives one looking at the mirror

At the coffee shop!

Naksh: tara i think we shouldnt have let them come together …

Tara: dont worry they will come

Naksh: u r feeling ok?

Tara: yes naksh 

Naksh  sees kaira comming on bike from the glass of the coffee shop….naksh shows tara how kartik n naira r comming on a bike all glued to each other

Tara also smiles n says naksh i remember our tym …

Naksh: our tym matlab! We r still young n we r in love so we still can do tht…wanna ride with me on a bike?

Tara: would love to but…

Tara signs towards her belly

Naksh: ohh yes! Now we have a third person also

Nakshtara smile at each other

Kaira come 

Tara: wow u guyz came so early!!

Kartik: woh traffic jam tha!!

Naksh: ya ya we know wat jam was there

Kaira blush n smile

Naira: so lets order something!

Naksh: yes but tara for u no coffee as its said its not good at this tym!

Naira: arrey wah bhai ..u have started behaving like a dad from now only!

Naksh: wen  situation comes banna padta hi h!

Naira suddenly remmbers her dream ..

Kartik: so tell me i will order

Naira stares at kartik n blushes thinking about tht baby dream…

Nakshtara  r busy on thier phones  

Kartik whispers to naira.. wat?

Naira says nothing

Kartik thinks its something ..i will ask later

Their order comes…

Kartik: naksh i want to tell u something …i think u should know this as u r giving me a chance n i want to be very  truthful!

Naksh: ok go ahead

Kartik tells everything about his past..

Naksh gets shocked knowing everything

Naksh: can i talk to naira alone 

Naksh n naira go aside 

Naksh: naira r u ok with this past of his?

Naira: bhai i understand him …i have seen the pain in his eyes …n bhai tht day in airport i was stoping him from go coz he was leaving everything he has here coz he was upset tht  he dissapointed me..

Naksh: r u sure! Coz more than me being ok with it …u have to feel ok …u r the main concern here

Naira: bhai  even bad things happened to me wen i was a child …n who can understand better about how life is such a mess sometimes….n u know bhai even he is ok with my past!

Naksh hugs naira

Naksh: wow agent 007 u have really grown! I am proud of u …n u should know tht wenever u need any help u r always welcum to come n disscuss it with me!

Naira nods smilingly..

Tara also comes there….

Tara: n with me too!

Naira smiles n hugs both of them 

They see kartik sitting there alone n smiling…

Naksh calls kartik too …they all do a group hug!

Tara: waise me n naksh wanted to discuss about ma n papa’s anniversary which is next week

Kartik: wow ma’am  n sir’a anniversary …we should do something very special

Naira: dance drama!

Naksh: nyc idea naira ..even tara n i were planning something  like tht…

Tara: who will play ma n papa then

Naira: u both (pointing towards naksh n tara)

Naksh : yes good  idea..

Tara: n i think u n kartik can depict naksh n me 

Naira n kartik get excited  to play opposite each other but control seeing naksh n tara there 

Tara: waise it will be a cute story full of love n relation !! As its ma n papa’s story

Naksh: yes ..but naira kartik let me tell u …tara n i r really very unromantic so u both dont have to  depict any romance!

There is a silent n then everyone laughs 

Tara: naksh seriously u r great …its ok if u want to say u r an unromantic  person …i will look forward tht i apply tht everywhere  now

Naira: aww bhai now wat will happen to u n ur romance 

Everyone laughs ..

Naira: gayu di can play me !

Tara: ya …will go home n tell her also!

Kartik: bhabhi we can also practice evry evening wen me n naksh bha..
Sorry i mean naksh and i return from office

Naksh smiles n says kartik chill u can call me bhai .i dont mind…..but only if u both  want to announce to everyone about u dating  naira

Kartik scratches his head

They all decide to go back home

Kartik starts his bike n naira sits at back …

Naksh n tara leave …kartik turns off the bike engine…naira gets surprised

Naira: wat r u doing we need to go home!

Kartik: no we dnt..

Naira: wat do u mean?

Kartik: tell me wat it is!!

Naira: wat?

Kartik: wat were u thinking wen u were staring n smiling looking at me!

Naira remmbers n says nothing

Kartik: wat nothing i know u very well remmber so spit it out come on

Naira blushes n says its nothing

Kartik: so u r keeping a secret from me now

Naira: no kartik …its just embarrasing dream ..

Kartik: oh i thought i was the only dreamy one between us but u too…so wats tht embarassing dream?

Naira: plz kartik let it be its really …

Kartik: ohh so u dream about me like tht…in tht sense (he raises his eyebrows n looks witb big eyes n smiling face …talking in double meaning)

Naira: ohh shut up it wasnt anything like tht!

Kartik: then wat was it!

Naira: umm …woh …it …umm..it was ki … wen today at home wen i saw bhai taking care of tara bhabhi …umm …(takes a deep breath) we were pregnant n u were taking care of me!!

Naira tells all this in one go in one breath

Kartik looks at her surprisingly! 

Kartik: wat! Really! 

Naira: i told u it was so embarassing …now i cant go with u m taking a rikshaw …bye

Kartik stops naira by holding her hand n pulling her close to him 

Kartik: i never thought my sherni can think so much into future

Naira shys n blushes  hard

Kartik leaves naira n says (*in ranbir kapoor style of yeh jawani h deewani*) 

Kartik: if u want tht only …its fyn we can fulfil tht dream ryt now or anytime…(kartik winks  naughtily at naira)

Naira: shut up ..

Naira starts to beat kartik!!

Then at last karia hug  n then kartik drops naira home n goes….

Precap: anniversary preparation…gayu tries to get a role opposite  kartik by taking help of rose!!..but how

To know how n wat next …

Keep reading commenting  n keep watching yrkkh  on star pluss at 9:30pm …as we need trp for kaira ..this bad phase for kaira in the show will soon  go away its just a testing tym for them ?

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  1. Wow superb ff but plz don’t let gayu do the role opposite to karthik

    1. Hales

      Thnx for the review …keep reading to know wat gayu does n who plays opp. Kartik …i can garuntee u will enjoy reading them ?

  2. Awwwwww I was smiling all the time????? imagining

    1. Hales

      Ik even i was imagining the scenes while i was writing m glad my writing connected with u so well ?

  3. Ur ff is seriously blessing in disguise during the sad phase esp after watching episode n reading bthis now…superb I love small small moments interesting best was naksh asking naira r u ok with it more than me being k …I miss this on tv…..
    waiting for next

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot shilpa .. it means a lot!! ??M glad m able to give kaira fans relif n calmness in this sad phase …tht is one of the reason i try to write regularly!! Keep on reading ?

  4. Really really really marvellous.. Means superb I have no words Naira ke dream ko sach kardo 😛

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot yr? …n ya hehe soon kya pata sach ho jaye ?

  5. Vrushy

    I so wish that nakshatra would have married after reading this. Soo missing the naksh naira bond in the serial. Kaira was just soo awsome !!
    Ps : loved the ghodi and dolly walla joke it really suits nairas character.
    PPS : glad that you are uploading daily it becomes easier to understand the story and connect to it.

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot? .. ur words have made me more encouraged to write more ….n ya m trying my best to write regularly so tht it calms all the kaira fans spclly wen sad phase going on in the show …m gald u all r able to connect? ….i hope u keep on enjoying my fanfic ?

  6. it was awesome
    very lovely update

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  7. I just searched and read alk ur episodes in a go wow ur superb dear
    Expecting lot from u now bettering urself is the best thing
    eagerly waiting for next part
    i agree with everyone its refreshing during sad days
    I love kaira

    1. Hales

      Thnx a lot! ?I hope i m able to stand up to those expectation ….m grateful to all those who read n appreciate .☺..m glad i could reach to ur hearts n could connect my story with u all?….i will surely try to better ny self like always?

  8. Sethidisha002

    ya pls dont let gayu play opposite karthik i hate her with kaira i only love kaira as pair

    1. Hales

      U need to read to know wat happens n how far gayu goes to get a role opp. Kartik ..i can assure u tht it will be entertaining …no doubt kaira is the best?

  9. u brilliantly wrote
    as I read off….imagine Laura live
    their fights
    horse ride joke is best
    this suits the kaira personality
    I just loved it

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot …m glad u liked it ?

  10. Anyan

    I just loved your episode yr

  11. Hales I really love your fan fictions. And I always browse telly to check whether your fiction is out. I really love them. They are so realistic. I never saw nakshtara romance in the serial but I’m able to imagine through you. Thanks to you.i started watching this serial only for kaira.so I didn’t know naira and naksh bond was soooo good. Thanks to you. I’m able to connect to it.i really want the track to be like this. I really e wish that the makers read your fan fictionand get some brains. Love you lots.

    1. Hales

      Thanks a lot yr !! Ur words have made me feel so encouraged ….m glad tht u liked it so much n it feels good to know tht as this show is about relations m able to do justice with all the relations …☺ ? luv u too yr!?

  12. I loved it. Thanks for taking my suggestion of making karthik adress naksh as bhai.naksh naira bond was so nice.do update fast

    1. Hales

      Thnks anu ….i told u m always open to all suggestions ? will update soon …the next one is in progress ?

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