Kaira love story (episode 14)

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Hi guyz congrats to all the fans n yrkkh team 
.. yrkkh got 2.8 trp for this week n this is due to our lovely  kaira confession n all  …KAIRA ROCKS!!!❤❤??

Guyz btw this one epi of my ff is the biggest revealing  episode ..so gear up from some real emotions!!

At mall

Tanvi sees kartik n naira n gets shocked!!!!

Nisha asks wat happened  tanvi? R u ok ?

Tanvi says yes m fyn…so naira is dating him? ..wat is his name?

Nisha: kartik!

Tanvi thinks in mind how can this happen? Y god y aftr so long u r doing this? Should i tell this or should i stay silent…

All of them return home 
Aftr dinner tanvi sees nisha went to freshen up so she goes to naira n says 

Tanvi: i need to tell u something  ..i know we dont know each other  well but ..this is important  as it is about ur future

Naira is surprised 

Naira: wat happened  tanvi..u can share 

Tanvi says not here lets go to the garden 

Tanvi: naira today i saw ur bf kartik.. there is something u should know …kartik is manish goenka’s the great business tycoons  son!! I know he didnt tell u this ..u have another big thing which he wouldnt  have told 

Naira is speechless 

Tanvi: u must be thinking how i know about his family actually 2 yrs ago kartik completed his college in london …meanwhile his family n our family thought about my n kartik’s marriage!! Yes naira everything was set n kartik was supposed  to come to india 1 day before our engagement…though we never had any convo before as it was arranged marriage i just had seen his pic …we were supposed  to meet aftr his arrival ..but aftr he returned he didnt came to meet me or my family n then suddenly we got the news tht engagement n rishta is canceled all of a sudden! They never gave my family any reason but as people talked tht kartik went somehwere n never returned!! 

Naira is crying badly n almost life less!!

Tanvi was going to hug naira but she saw kartik’s car comming as kartik came to talk to naira as promised by him  in the mall  ..

Tanvi runs inside without getting noticed

Kartik is surpised seeong naira in garden this late …her back was turned towards kartik

Kartik comes from back

Kartik: arrey lady love itni raat ko mera intezaar kar rhi ho yahan …mere saath reh kar tum bhi romantic ho gyi ho sherni!!

Then kartik  sees naira’s face n is shocked 

Kartik:naira ..r u ok?

He holds naira from her shoulder n shakes her 

Kartik: naira ..say something? Wat happend?
(Tear comes out of kartik’s eyes)

Suddenly naira puts Kartik’s hands away from her  shoulders n takes few steps back!

Kartik is surprised n tears still comming  out

Naira: waah kartik! Ohh sorry mr. Kartik goenka!! Well done u just didnt taught  me romance but many other things in lyf!!

Kartik is speechless n shocked  

Naira: i can never imagine u can go thid low!!

Kartik: naira listen to me!

Naira cuts his statement 

Naira: ohh the reason u got so tensed n wanted to talk to me was this!! U saw tanvi in mall na?

Kartik is totally  shocked 


Naira: yes or no?

Kartik: yes i saw tanvi..

Naira: thnk god u saw tanvi  ..otherwise u toh would never share this thing…n who knows y would have told the trutg or not!

Kartik: bass naira ..listen to me u dont know anything about my past!

Naira: ohh really! For ur information  ..tanvi id nisha’s  cuzun n just now she told me everything how u cancelled  ur engagement  n ran away!!

Kartik: naira its not the full  thing!

Naira: ohh really ok then tell me the full thing ..i give u the chance 

Kartik: naira wen i was in final year of college 2 yrs back …i got a call from my step mamu…as i n keerti di were little wen our mom died n dad remarried so tht someone  takes care of me n keerti di… 
So my step mamu asked me if i wanted to marry . .i clearly declined not coz i didnt liked tanvi ..i didnt even know her ..my reason to say no was tht ki i wanted to set my career  n then get settled!…but to my shock  aftr i returned i got to know tht my step mamu was a manipulative  person  he wanted to marry me to tanvi to get a share from tanvi’s family …n my step mamu told my dad tht i said yes for marraige  but i hadn’t….so wen aftr knowing the truth i asked my dad to stop the wedding n all …he bashed out on me tht i was immature n i never think about family’s reputation ..my step mamu had turned everyone against me!! 

Kartik cries

Naira is confused  as she thinks ganga maiya whom  should i beilive …y r u doing this with me …all i wanted was everything to go well!

Kartik: naira ..plz believe me m not tht kind of guy …i really wanted to give a proper closure to tanvi n her family but due to all the situtation tht arouse  in my house i was very pissed off so due to anger i just left the goenka mansion forever  …even my dad thinks m a black spot for goenka so i dont use goenka….i am not saying tanvi is wrong  ..she doesnt know the other half of the story …currently m just in touch  with keerti di my sister …plz say something naira ..i know i should have told u all this but i never wantd to think about my past !!

Naira cries  n run away into the house  leaving kartik all alone n sad

Kartik is devastated n walks towards his car!

Tanvi comes n slaps him hard ….

Tanvi:how dare u? Ur excuse of not tell me n my family the reason was lame! U could have msged me or anyone ….but u didnt ..i wont let u destroy any other girl’s  future..

Kartik: tanvi just stop …i tried to make u aware but u diddnt have any contact with u …so i told my parents  to contact ur family 

Then kartik takes out his phone n makes her look at the mails he has sent …n how his parents reply tht let it go already family name is ashamed n now reputation will also get bad

Tanvi sees all tht and is surprised ….

Tanvi: i am sorry kartik …i should have known the truth before telling this to naira or before acting like this…

Kartik: its ok ….everything is gone …my love my small little world everything…maybe god never wants anyone too close to me first my mom n now this!!

Kartik sheds more tears n just goes….

Just then nisha comes  n tells tanvi tht they should leave

Tanvi: no nisha i need to say goodbye to naira ..wait

Nisha: no use she has gone to bed ..n was upset ..like really upset maybe coz kartik didnt call her or something …let her be alone we can meet some other  day!

Tanvi: but i am returning to dubai tomorrow morning!

Nisha: its ok di i will give her ur regards now lets go

Nisha drags tanvi! 

Tanvi thinks ohh god wat have i done i came in between two lovers…plz god do something!

Tara comes to naira 

Tara: naira

Naira doesnt answer n acts as if she is sleeping

Tara: naira i know u r not sleeping n there  is something tht is making  u upset…u remember na we decided tht  we will share our secrets!

Naira couldnt control n cries hugging tara …
Naira tells everything  to tara 

Tara is shocked

Tara: naira according to how much we know kartik he doesnt seem like tht kind of boy…i think u should beilive in wat ur heart says…coz heart speaks the truth!

Naksh calls tara 

Tara hesitantly  leaves as she wanted to stay with naira!

Naira thinks about the whole scene

Kartik on the other hand cries n is angry tht why all bad things happen with him …

Kartik is confused  whether  to call or msg naira or not 

Then suddenly kartik gets call from someone

Next day morning …

A phone  call comes  on laneline of singhania house

Tara picks  up the call …n then later calls naira saying her frnd’s call …naira comes  n asks tara who?

Tara says she is someone keerti!

Naira thinks tht she doesnt have a frnd named keerti but suddenly remenbers kartik saying about her sister being keerti!

Naira in doubt talks n phone  ….tara notices  tht tears running down naira’s  eyes 

(No one is around  as all male members in office n ladies gone to mandir)

Tara holds naira’s shoulder to give her support…

Naira ends the call n tara asks wat happened  naira….

Screeb freezes on naira’s crying face n tara worried 

precap: what did keerti say to naira!?
               Whose call did kartik get at night?
                How will kaira unite?

Guyz this was  the biggesr revealation about kartik’s past life….m nervous about how r u guyz feeling to know about this? How was the revealation n kartik’s past story line?

Plz guyz do comment m really very tensed aboyt whether  u all will lyk it or not!

Guyz keep reading commenting watching yrkkh  at 9:30pm on star plus to increase the trp!! ????

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  1. I luv ur ff but plz don’t seperate kaira

    1. Hales

      Dont worry even i never like kaira sperated isilye ek mast twist h next episode mein ?

  2. Anyan

    I luv it yr…
    and waiting for nxt episode eagerly

  3. Nice fanfic

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  4. Sethidisha002

    plz dont seperate kaira plz

    1. Hales

      Dont worry kaira seperation is not my style ..but ek bohot intersting twist is upcomming ..keep reading to know ??

  5. Great one superb twist this one also
    keep it rolling such twists. …

    1. Hales

      Thnx shilpa! ?

  6. Lovly i really like it

    1. Hales

      Thnk u aiman☺

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