Kaira love story (episode 13)

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Hey everyone! How r u? 
So the phone convo was taken from salman khan’s n madhuri dixit’s movie hum apke hain kaun!

I hope u like today’s  episode it will be intense ..new secrets will be out so gear up for some twists guyz n plz do comment ur reviews!! 

Next day aftr karwachauth puja !

Naitik and akshara enter naira’s room n wake her up…naira wakes n asked them is there anything special  about  today!

They say : beta ur friend nisha is comming to meet u! 

Naira: yay!! 

Then naira’s excitement goes away! 

Naitik  n akshara ask wat happened!

Naira: woh actually i have to go to office  to give kartik some papers about dance academy ..

Gayu who was passing by heard this n before  naira could finish 

Gayu:naira give this  to me i will give this ..n now no excuse  u spend time  with nisha ok!

Naira hesitates but then agrees as though  she wants to meet with kartik but also wants to spend tym with nisha

At Office

Kartik waits for naira in the office..

Gayu comes n says hi kartik..i know wat u r looking for!

Kartik is surprised : wat?

Gayu: y r u getting so surprised u wanted  this file na …actually naira had to spend some  tym with her childhood frnd so i brought this file 

Kartik smiles n says thanks …

Gayu gets  upset seeing kartik getting back to his  work as she wanted to spend tym with him

At singhania mansion

naira meets her frnd nisha …with nisha one of her cuzun also accompanies them

Nisha’s cuzun: hi naira ..i am tanvi shikhawat..i am nisha’s mausi’s daughter ..sorry to crash in ur both’s personal tym

Naira: no no tanvi …we got some company ..n it will be more fun ?

Naira’s phone vibrates its a msg from kartik ..

Naira smiles seeing the notification…nisha notices tht while tanvi is busy in her own phone

Nisha: naira whose tht spcl one

Naira: no one yr! Its nothing  like tht

Nisha: ohh miss naira …i know u from childhood  i agree for few years we were apart but i know wat ur smile like tht means ok

Naira is silent …nisha takes her phone n sees tht there is a message from mendhak! (Naira saved kartik’s name as mendhak) 

Nisha: ohh so mr. Mendhak took away my frnd’s heart 

Naira takes her phone back n says no its nothing like tht n says n plz dont shout all this none sense here any family  memeber will hear n will faltu mein doubt

Nisha: if u dont tell me straight wat it is then i will shout like this only..

Naira says ok i will lets go to mall ok

All three of them go to mall….while in car …naira sees the msg wen nisha is talking to someone on phone …

Kartik had msged tht ‘lady love today u selected frnds over me na …atleast u should have met me once but no u r toh enjoying ..so dont bother bye!’

Naira makes a aww kind of face n gets an idea so she msgs kartik to reach the mall they were going to..

All the three girls reach the mall…tanvi goes into a shop as she needed to check out something inside tht shop ..now nisha is again teasing naira n says now atleast tell who is ur prince charming!?

Naira: he is not my prince charming …he is my frog prince!  

Naira points at one way ..from where kartik enters the mall wearing a  royal blue t shirt n sleeves rolled to elbows …

Nisha in the beginning  is unable to see him …but later sees him n says wow naira not bad!

Kartik comes to naira n says so finally yaad aa gyi meri! 

Naira introduces kartik n nisha 

Nisha: so u r the one who took my frnd’s heart! 

Kartik just smiles n nods 

They three talk …suddenly kartik sees something/someone n then gets tensed …

Naira notices n asks kartik wat happened! ?

Kartik (still tensed): nothing actually  got a important work at office …so bye

Naira: stay  here na ..u can do it later

Nisha also says ya mr. Naira’s frog  prince stay here!

Kartik: i would love  to but its urgent 

Naira hugs him n naira accompanies him to the mall exit 

Near the exit naira cups kartik’s face n says r u sure u r ok? ..u can always share anything u know ryt!…

Kartik: yes i know …listen i wanna tell u something  …can we meet tonight ..if u  r free from nisha n ur work?

Naira:ok sure ..take care luv u !

Kartik: luv u too

on the other side

Tanvi comes to nisha n asks where is naira ..nisha points towards  kaira while they were saying bye

Nisha says tht guy is naira’s bf kartik 

Precap:kartik is desperate to talk to naira ..naira is taken a back to know something …kaira’s intense meeting both r shedding tears !!

Upcomming twists:

Wat kartik has to say?

Wat made kartik so tensed?

Is there someone who will create problems for kaira?

New love challenge for kaira!!

Guyz next episode  will come as soon as i get reviews about  this one n wat do u think about  these new twists!?

Guyz plz comment and let me know..eagerly waiting n dont worry next  epi will come sooner this tym as even i dont like to keep my viewers in such a mystery for too long ??

Keep reading commenting n keep on watching yrkkh at 9:30 pm sharp on star plus ..we will make yrkkh n kaira no. 1! ☺?

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  1. Vrushy

    Nice but very short….
    Update next one soon. !

    1. Hales

      Yes ok i kept the ending like tht to maintain the suspense!☺ dont worry next one on its way!

  2. Nice i hope u will upload next episode soon but plz dont separate kaira and what about vivaan

    1. Hales

      Dont worry kaira wont separate they might fight but wont seperate …n ya will focus on vivab aftr this phase of kaira for sure ?

  3. awesome but try to make it long with more kaira scenes

    1. Hales

      Ya next one will be full of kaira n long too ?

  4. Hey superb like the twists n turns looking forward to them
    can u plzz provide link to previous episodes if possible
    thank u dear

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  5. Very nice yaar!!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u yr ?☺

  6. Sethidisha002

    superb and pls open the suspense

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ..ya soon will open it ?

  7. Anyan

    Very good yr and open the suspence

    1. Hales

      Sure …n thnk u ☺

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