Kaira love story (episode 12)

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Hey guyz m so sorry for not being regular …the thing  is m in 12th so have lots of work n studies! Thnx for waiting 

Btw guyz congrates yrkkh has a trp increase this week from 1.9 last week to 2.1 this week …from top 12 among other serials …it is top 10 this week …lets aim to make it top 1?

So the correct answer for last  tym is yellow roses….yellow flowers is partially correct …but as it was a simple  direct ques yellow roses is the correct answer …but even those who answered yellow flowers well done guyz??

Winner: shilpa …congrates ?

In singhania  mansion 

Nakshtara  enter … everyone is surprised to see them so soon

Akshara: arrey tum dono! Why did u return so early!?

Nakshtara  dont want to say about preeti so they say coz we missed u all

Bhabhimaa: really they r just like muna n bahu..they think about the family all the time

Naira:uffo bhai bhabhi …u both r so unromantic!

Nakshtara stare at her giving a angry look

Later naksh gets a call from preeti n she says tara is not picking up the phone ..i just wanted to apologise ..m sorry there is a change in plan tht the rishta thing of mine will happen  tomorrow ..sorry coz of me ur plans got cancel

Naksh: no no its ok preeti!

Later tara msgs preeti thnks yr ..this was very important to do!

Kartik comes to singhania house to disscuss somethings with naitik

Same time  the jwellery  man n a man with all the clothes  entered 

All the ladies sat in the angan ..even naitik n kartik were there  only

Nakshtara comes naksh goes to naitik n tara to naira…

Naira selects many things but is unable to decide she tries to get kartik’s attention  but he isnt getting it 

Suddenly courier comes for naira…naira is surprised ..till tht tym no one knew about tht courier ..suddenly kartik comes n say its from pungi n ur frnds from ashram..n winks at naira

Naira: oh wow

Gayu: but kartik how did u get to know about this?

Tara(noticed the wink n got the real matter): ya ya kartik tell…n gives a smile of playing a prank

Kartik: woh …thet didnt know much about online shopping so i just helped doing  online transaction n stuff..

Everyone  says ok

(*its the same red dress worn by naira in yrkkh’s karwachauth episode)

Aftr everyone  goes n continue to see dresses n jwelleries…naira asks kartik

Nair: u brought this for me!

Kartik: yes …do u like it?

Naira: i love it like i love u!..but on wat occasion?

Kartik: for this mendhak …he needs no ocassion to make his gf feel spcl!

Naira(jokingly): ok thnk god! I thought u also wanted some gift ..but i had thought to pour some water on u ..as mendhaks love baarish!

Kartik: hahaha very funny! For me ur smile is the greatest gift! 
Kartik holds naira’s  hand..

Naira frees her hand n runs from there!

Naira checks  accessories  to buy which goes with the dress..

Kartik helps her select  the accessories  in ishara only

On the other side naksh comes n sits with the ladies beside tara 

All ladies: arre naksh y r u sitting her..

Mishti: arrey u all dont watch movies n tv na …he is here for tara bhabhi!

Naksh:…earlier wen i was small papa used to sit with u guyz wen u were selecting these things ..so m just taking the ritual foreward …n will do wat papa did (smiles)

Tara gets shy!

Everyone laughs 

Naira gets a msg …it was from kartik..

Msg: soon even i will help naksh to take this ritual ahead!?

Naira smiles 

Its night 

Naira takes tara alone somewhere…

Naira: bhabhi i need ur help

tara: even i need ur help..first u tell

Naira: m planning to keep the fast  but without telling anyone ..as i wanna surprise kartik!

Tara: ok very nyc i will help u

Naira: now u tell

Tara says something in mute 

Naira: bhabhi ..u thought ryt bhai will get furious if he knows ..dont worry m with u!

Next day morning 3am

Every ladies n naitik gather on dinning table to eat sargi for the fast

Similarly in mehashwari  house everyone wakes up n gather on dinning  table

Naksh tara n naira comes

Everyone asks y they here as they r not keeping the fast

All three said aise hi we came

Naksh without being noticed  go to the kitchen  n takes some sargi to his room

Tara n naira take some sargi from the kitchen without getting noticed to naira’s room

In mehashwari  mansion
Everyone is surprised seeing kartik awake so early..

Kuhu mockingly  asks bhaiya r u keeping fast for someone spcl?

Kartik gets all shy n says no no ..i just woke so thought to come  here as i felt hungry

Rajshree:beta come have some sargi as u r feeling hungry or should i make something else for u…

Kartik: no no dont make  anything else i will  eat this sargi n it will do!

Kartik eats sargi with everyone 

Later tht day 
Kartik goes to office 

Rajshree offers him tea but he refuses saying he is getting late..

Kuhu sees this n msgs mishti 

Msg: mishtu di kartik bhaiya has kept fast for someone i think!

Tara n naira somehow managed to do all the rituals without being noticed

Kartik n naira both  think i hope we meet at night so as to break the fast! 
(As kartik had some meeting  n thts y he wouldnt have managed  to go to SM for celebrations)

By coincidence  tara hears naitik tht kartik’s meeting got canceled…

Tara: papa if its ok call kartik here only…as its a family gathering n he has become a part of this family!

Papa: yes tara beta u r ryt! I was thinking the same only!

Tara thinks now naira will be able to break the fast ….

Kartik enters singhania  mansion …at the same time naira comes down the stairs wearing the beautiful  dress 

Kartik n naira r lost in each other…

all  the ladies gather  thier things for the puja

tara realises her phone is missing…naksh comes to her n takes her to a place alone..he looked upset n angry

Naksh: wats the matter tht u r keeping from me?

Tara gets shocked tht naksh knows

Naksh: i didnt read ur msg ..i saw ur phone  was with me n a msg came so i read the part being shown on the notification…it was from preeti

Tara: actually naksh…woh..

Naksh: m waiting (a little angry)

Tears  come down from her eyes …

Tara: m sorry naksh i never wanted to keep anything from u! I know where hiding  things took us! I just didnt tell u as i know u wouldnt have let me do this …n i wanted to  do this…

Naksh cups her face  n says do wat tara?(with care)

Tara: i kept fast for u!

Naksh: ohh…listen tara i know we decided to not follow these kind of rituals as rituals never supported us in past ..but now even i think tht letting go off past is the best thing for present n future …

Tara hugs naksh 

Akshara comes  there  …they realease the hug

Akshara keeps her hands on naksh n tara’s head n says god bless u both ..everyone wanted u both to move on from past!

Akshara: n another thing it would have been better if u both would have told me about ur fasts

Tara: both?!! ma only i kept the fast

Akshara smiles at naksh n naksh smiles too

Tara is clueless

Akshara: tara ..dugu also kept  fast for u …i knew u both r keeping fast wen u took the sargis …but i thought  it will be better if u both do things accrding to ur convenience  …n see the result is good tht u r giving up ur past incidents!

Naksh n tara take her blessing..akshara leaves

Tara: naksh …u r so bad …even u kept the fast n didnt tell me

Naksh: so m bad for doing  this also! Everyone says correct tht aftr marriage no matter wat the husband do wife will always consider him bad only

Tara smiles n seeing no one around kisses naksh on his cheeks n goes running 

Moon is seen so everyone goes to terrace to do the puja

Everyone  asks how come tara is doing it n akahara explains everyone

Naira tells kartik 

Naira: i have a surprise for u kartik come with me

Kartik: ok

Behind the  singhania mansion naira had decorared it with candles n flowers n kept her puja thali there..

Kartik gets surprised  to see tht

Naira holds n kartik’s  hand n say kartik i kept fast for u …i thought to surprise u with this

Kartik: wat y …? Y did u keep fast for me ? R u feeling fyn ..r u dizzy ..r u feeling week

Naira: chill kartik it was just a fast for a day …n i wont die doing fast for just a day

Kartik stops naira in between 

Kartik: u will not die ever ok! Dont say like tht …n as it is this puja is for the long life of ur partner ryt ..so y death n all

Naira: yes its for ur long n happy life

Kartik: even for urs! 

Naira is confused 

Kartik: i kept the fast too(shyly)

Naira  gets very happy! 

Naira: aww ! I love u kartik so so much!

Kartik: i luv u too

(*guyz imagine tht scene where kartik dreams about naira keeping gangaur fasr for him)*

Naira sees the moon with the chalni ..kartik hugs naira from  back while doing this 

Naira turns n sees kartik’s face through the chalni

Both of them smile

Aftr naira does the ritual kartik makes naira drink water …aftr tht even naira makes kartik drink water …n both make each other eat the apple 

On the other side nakshtara also complete the rituals

Everyone decides  to have dinner …

Naira goes  to tara n says bhabhi just plz cover for me n kartik  …as he also kept fast for me so i am taking his n my food plate outside ..we will eat in the garden area  or somewhere….

Tara smiles n says arrey waah ..u go go i will handle

Naira take food for her n kartik  to her room as in garden mishti n kuhu were there

Kartik comes  through the window..

Naira: kartik y u came from window?

Kartik: nahi nahi i should have come through ur room door na so tht i can tell everyone to wish me luck on completing my first fast n then letting them see our romance 

Naira: oh ok ..sorry i never thought of tht! ?

Kaira eat from a single plate n feed each other…

Mehashwaris n kartik were about to leave ….

Bhabhimaa says today it was so nyc to see  naksh also doing fast for tara like muna does for bahu….i pray to god tht gayu n naira also get a husband like this in future 

Kaira smile seeing each other 

Tara standing with naira pokes her n whispers naira u already got one!?

Gayu thinks today i used kartik’s pic next  year will break my fast seeing his face only!

Evryone  goes to bed 

Precap: one of naira’s frnd comes  to meet her ..her frnd’s cuzun sis also accompanies them ….naira shows kartik’s pic …
someone gets shocked!

so guyz keep wondering about the twist about  who is the person who got shocked!? N y he or she got shocked? Wats store for kaira next?

guyz its a request with answering the question of the day plz comment wat r ur reviews about  my ff episode as i wanna know wat u guyz fel about the track!??

Question for today
Q: the recent phone  romance scene of kaira was inspired by ……

So guyz its a free question just comment what was the scene inspired from or looked alike with…

So guyz keep wondering about the upcomming twist  n enjoy watching yrkkh  at 9:30pm to increase the trp n make yrkkh no. 1?

Guyz watch this link it has a upcomming kaira scene ..a beautiful  one indeed!  Link-

Keep reading commenting n watching yrkkh??

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  1. Ayesha Mohammed

    It’s very good yaar…. I wish the actual episode at time of karva chauth was like this… But anyways this episode of yours is very nice!!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much ayesha!?

  2. Hales

    Guyz the link i was talking about https://youtu.be/C5PUiYNC2BQ

  3. trp is 2.2 this week.check official update.

    1. Hales

      Ok …i hope it will increase more n more ?

  4. Anyan

    I love this episode yr

    1. Hales

      Thnk u anyan☺

  5. Vrushy

    Awsome update.
    You rock.
    Update frequently please can’t wait to read more. As for the question I guess its from some movie but I can’t remember its name !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much vrushy!!? n ya will try to update more frequently actually the only thing tht stops me is my 12th class assignments …but will try my best ☺

    1. Hales

      Thnks ☺

  6. I think on karvachoth

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