KaiRa: ‘The Incomplete Yet Complete Love Story’ One Shot by Purvi.. (Specially for Fenil Bhaiyya)

Hello friends???? Purvi here…!!! I guess u all have forgotten me…!! Well.. tp remind u all… I wrote an os on kaira..!! The promise one… anyone remember???
So, here I m again with an os…!!
Fenil bhaiyya ..! U asked me to write an os for kaira…!! So here I m… but this was written on twinj by me…! So here I m editing it.. nd posting it here…!! Well I’ll also write another one for kaira.. not edited…!! I promised u to write.. but nowadays.. I m hell bzy in my studies…!!! 10th hai na… to bht busy hun… bht hectic schedule hai bhaiyya.. sorry.. but I’ll write soon.. pakkkaa..!!
Here we go..!!

Hamari Adhuri Kahani

It is said the one who loves you will give their life for you but what if the one who loves you take your life…!!
Same happened with them. They loved each other from the core of their heart but were unknown by the plan of God. Their love story was somewhat strange. She was an undercover agent and loved him whole heartedly but a storm came in their life which destroyed everything.

The girl and a boy were standing in a dark place. They were crying.
He stared at the barrel of her gun as he fell to his knees.
‘You don’t have to do this.’ She said to which he smiled with tears in his eyes.
Tears stung her eyes. She breathed deeply, aiming the rifle at his skull.
‘I wish that were true.’ He said to which she gave a sarcastic smile.

‘You know what Twinkle, I m not crying because I m gonna die and that you are aiming the gun at me but because you didn’t trusted me. What about those promises? Those memories? Will you be able to shoot me after knowing that you still love me?’ He spoke and her facial expression changes.
‘Kunj, the fact is that I never loved you.’ She said.
‘Oh really? What about those times we spent with each other? What about our first date? What about our first kiss? What about the day I proposed you? It didn’t affect you?’ He said to which Twinkle couldn’t control her tears.

‘That was all an acting to expose you! You are a smuggler and I m an agent. I can kill you!’
‘Really Twinkle you still think that I m the smuggler? Ok, if you think so then kill me, shoot me Twinkle. Shoot me!’ He shouted and Twinkle got scared. She tried to shoot but her hands were shivering. She couldn’t shoot him. He smiled.
‘What happened? You are not able to shoot me? Why your hand are shivering? Because you love me right?’
‘I already told you I don’t love you Mr. Sarna!’

‘You can’t lie to me!’
‘I can prove it.’
‘You are not able to shoot me and you’re saying that you can prove? How?’
‘By killing you!’
‘Kill me I m not scared but make sure no one else shoot me because I m not the smuggler and I don’t want to die from anyone’s hand except you, that way I’ll not feel the pain!’ Twinkle was carried away in the emotions by his talks. She wonder how can such a good person be a smuggler but then the thought of fulfilling her duty she came into senses and closed her eyes. She put her hand on the trigger. The moments spent with him flashed in front of her eyes. Kunj also closed his eyes reliving all the moments he spent with her. A smile appeared on his lips and then……
A year ago Kunj and Twinkle met in the most unsual way. They met at a godown. Twinkle was an agent so it was obvious that she would have come here for some work but why Kunj? She bombarded him with questions and he just kept on listening to her staring at her. He was admiring her beautiful eyes, her sweet voice, her rosy lips, her chubby cheeks. He fell for her at the very first sight.
‘Oh Mister I m asking something, why are you here?’ she snapped her fingers infront of his eyes which made him come back to reality.

‘I can ask the same question from you!’
Twinkle was boggled. She thought she shouldn’t tell him her identity.
‘I.. I was here to check my friend. She got lost.’
‘Same work of mine.’ He replied and she made faces.
‘Ohh really, by the way the first meet with you is really horrible for me and I wish we won’t meet again.’ She said.
‘And I wish we meet again and again.’ He whispered and fortunately Twinkle didn’t listened that or she would again start. She left from there and he so wanted to stop her but all in vain.
‘You love her don’t you?’ His heart spoke.

‘Was it that obvious?’ He said and smiled ruffling his hairs.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
The second meet was quite interesting.
He was in his college when a girl in a pink knee length dress came and sat on the first bench. He didn’t saw her face but felt an unknown connection. He came near her and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and both were equally shocked.
‘You?’ they shouted at the same time. Kunj was more than happy that she is in his class. The whole class saw them and were confused.

‘Well, I guess you are my class mate so we shouldn’t fight and please ye jo gussa tumhari naak pe betha rehta hai na acha nhi lagta!’ He said to which she smiled.
‘Hi, I m Twinkle Taneja. Nd you?’
‘Hi, I m Kunj.. Kunj Sarna!’ nd the both smiled.
Soon, they became really close friends. Twinkle was there on her mission with her two friends Abhay and Kunal. The three took the admission to know about the drug smuggler who was there in the college. They found about this through a source and the three went their to expose the smuggler. Abhay loved Twinkle and didn’t liked Twinj’s closeness. Within a short period of time, she too fall for him not knowing what’s coming up.

One fine day, Twinj were walking on the streets when it started raining. Kunj ran for shelter but Twinkle stood there enjoying the rain. He saw her and got mesmerized. He came near her and stared at her. She looked at him and they shared a cute eye lock.
‘Twinkle bht waqt se tujhse ek bat kehna chahta hun!’ he said slowly.
‘Bolo Kunj?’ she asked.
‘Me tujhse beintehaa mohabbat kerta hun Twinkle. I love you!’ he confessed and she was on cloud nine. Her happiness knew no bounds. She jumped onto him and hugged him tightly. He lifted her and moved around.

‘I love you too Kunj.’ She said and Kunj kissed her forehead. He put her down and leaned onto her lips. She parted her lips and closed her eyes assuring him. He moved closer and they shared a lip lock. The sweetest lip lock one could ever have. This all was witnessed by a pair of eyes who was burning in jealousy. He was Abhay.

‘I won’t leave you Kunj Sarna. I won’t leave you! You snatched Twinkle from me, now I will make her hate you and that’s my promise. Abhay Khanna’s promise.’ Saying that he left from there. Twinj parted away and Twinkle hugged him.
‘Kunj you have become so important for me that no one can hurt me except you!’
‘I’ll never hurt you Twinkle. How can someone hurt their life?’
She broke the kiss and smiled.

‘With this smile, I can get away with everything.’ He said to which she again hugged him.
‘You’re the best thing ever happened to me.’
‘I love you’
‘I love you too.’
Nd they went home.
☆ ☆ ☆

After a month ~

Abhay was determined to seperate Twinj. Twinkle was coming to college when she received a call.
‘What happened Abhay?’
‘Twinkle come fast I m sending you the address. We have found the smuggler and he is there only.’ Abhay said and Twinkle was shocked. She cuts the call and received message of Abhay stating the address. She reached to the place. It was the same godown where they met for the first time. She reached there and saw Kunj tied up by Abhay and Kunal. She was hell shocked. Tears formed in her eyes.

‘Twinkle, trust me.. listen to me once..’ she didn’t let him complete and slapped him hard.
‘Why you did that Kunj? Why? I was a fool to love you! I should have known your intentions but you were too clever.’ He was shocked not because Twinkle slapped him but because she didn’t trusted him.
‘Twinkle I really love you.. listen to me once.. trust me twinkle..’
‘Really Mr. Kunj Sarna? Love? Do you even know the meaning of that? No! Trust? Do you even know the meaning of that? No! Because you are a blo*dy liar. I HATE YOU!’ She shouted at the end and his eyes started filling with water. He can’t listen I hate you from her. He was helpless. Twinkle wasn’t listening to him.

‘Twinkle you love him?’ Abhay asked acting to be unknown by it.
‘Abhay please..!’
‘Sorry, but Twinkle I think we shouldn’t arrest him without proofs. Its just that we saw him here doesn’t mean he is the smuggler. I know the drugs which he is smuggling are kept here but….’ Kunal said to which Twinkle nodded.
Abhay looked on nervous.

‘Twinkle and Kunal, I have proofs. See these pics..’ he showed the some pics from his mobile. Kunj gave a death glare to Abhay and he smirked at Kunj. Kunj cried at his helplessness.
‘Twinkle, theek hai. If you think that I m the smuggler then kill me. I don’t want to live like this. I wanted to live with you, but when you are not with me there isn’t any existence of Kunj. Kill me by your own hands.’ He said crying avoiding eye contact. Twinkle, Kunal and Abhay were stunned by his words. He himself wanted to be killed and that too from Twinkle’s hands. Twinkle went near him.

‘I HATE YOU!’ She spoke because she knew it was the statement that would hurt him badly. Kunj’s heart pierced into gazillion pieces.
‘Twinkle, kill me but please don’t hate me.’ He said with much difficulty because he was not able to breath properly coz of continuously crying.
Abhay smirked and Kunal and Twinkle looked at Kunj.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Fb ends
Back to the present
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
A gun shot was heard. Kunj fell down and Twinkle ran to him. She put his head on her lap and started crying badly. The blood was oozing out from Kunj’s chest. He was breathing heavily. The bullet that hit him wasn’t from Twinkle’s gun, it was someone else who shot him from behind. Twinkle looked at the owner of the gun and was shocked to see Abhay. He came near her and made her stand clutching her hairs tightly. She winces in pain. Kunj tried to stand to save Twinkle from him but it was of no use. The bullet was shot at his heart.
‘Leave me Abhay! What are you doing?’

‘I know that you wouldn’t be able to kill him so I made your work easy. I killed him.’
‘Why did you do that?’ She asked crying on her fate.
‘Because I love you baby.’ Twinkle was stunned by his words. She pushed him hard.
‘Pagal ho tum…!!! I don’t love you… I only love Kunj.’ She said looking at him who was lying on the ground holding his chest with tears in his eyes. She walked upto him but Abhay again held her.

‘Me ne kya kuch nhi kiya tumhare liye….??? I even framed Kunj. I made you believe that he is the smuggler… but you..’ he received a tight slap from twinkle. She was shocked moreover guilty for not trusting her kunj.
‘Abhay? Bhul gaye ho um shayad ke tum ek agent ho…!! Sachhai ka saath deny waly or tumen kya kiya….!! You shot him…’

Abhay came near Twinkle and tried to kiss her forcefully but again a gun shot was heard. The bullet pierced Abhay’s chest and he fell down. Twinkle was shocked. She looked at her right and saw Kunj holding a gun lying there wincing in pain. She ran to him when Kunal came there.. he witnessed everything that abhay said and was really very sad for Kunj’s state. She holds his head and again keep it back in her lap. She was crying vigorously.
‘Twinkle.. don’t cry.. I can go happily now that now you know the truth.’ He said with much difficulty.

‘Kunj, forgive me plss.. I m sorry.. I love you!’ she spoke. He cleared her tears with much difficulty.
‘I love you too.’
‘Don’t leave me!’ twinkle said.
‘I always knew I’d take a bullet for you.’ He said as pain ebbs through his chest. She crouches beside him, clutching at his shirt. Sobs echo from her as his lids grow heavy from the weight.
‘And I always knew you wouldn’t take one for me.’ He whispered and shut his eyes.
Twinkle was taken aback. She couldn’t believe he left her. She was glued at her place. Kunal came to him and side hugged her. She screamed crying along. He tried to console her but of no use.

1 year later ~

A mental asylum was shown. A girl was shown sitting on the bed staring at the floor. She wasn’t moving and was revealed to be Twinkle. It has been 1 year since Kunj’s death that she didn’t spoke a single word just kept on staring at the ground. Kunal came there and side hugged her. She looked at him expressionless. She got up and ran out of the asylum. She came on the road running and Kunal running behind her. Before he could caught her.. BOOOOOOMM…. A truck hit Twinkle and she was lying in the pool of blood closing her eyes. She was no more. Kunal was shocked. A lone tears escaped his eye when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned around to find Kunj. He was shocked.
‘Don’t worry Kunal. She came to me, her love. I would take care of her. Our incomplete love story would be complete.’ Kunj said and disappeared. Kunal then saw Kunj and Twinkle going up on the sky holding hands and hugging each other. Kunal smiled thinking that.
‘True love never dies.’ He said and again saw them. They were waving at him. He waved at them and tears escaped from his eyes.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
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