Kaira: Humdard By Khushi (Epi 4)

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The next day
Kartik was going out when Yuvani stops him.
Yuvani: Kartik, we are going for a date today.
Kartik: What? I didn’t-
Yuvani: Oh come on Kartik, we haven’t gone for one
Kartik: Its not important
Yuvani: Of course its important, I mean, the top fashion icon Yuvani Birla,dating Kartik Goenka, I mean, that will be so cool!
Kartik: So you are going to call the media?
Yuvani: Of course not. I will not spoil the date. I will post pics, and that will garner attention.
Kartik sighs.

Yuvani: Kartik, please
Kartik: Okay
Yuvani: Then be ready today evening
Kartik nods hesitantly
He goes away. Naira comes to Yuvani.
Naira: Yuvani see this. Will it be good?
Yuvani looks at the pics.
Naira: I Kartik will like this
Yuvani: Wait a second, how do you know?

Naira: Well I just guessed.
Yuvani: What? This is my, Yuvani Birla’s first date and you are guessing? Listen, if anything goes bad, find yourself a new job
Yuvani goes away. Naira looks away hurt.
At evening.
Naira prepares for the date. She sees the arrangements. She remembers the day when she expressed her love to Kartik. She had herself prepared for the evening, but then everything went wrong until Kartik came. Kartik saying, ‘’Mujhe pehle hi guess karna chahiye tha, tum kuch thik se kar hi nahi sakti ho..jahan Naira Singhania hoti hai, wahan gadbad hoti hai..’’ She smiles. He goes and puts the last letter I on the wall completing the combo name Karvani of Kartik and Yuvani. She smiles seeing the letters. She remembers when Mishti made her and Kartik’s combo name, Kaira. She puts her head on the wall with tears in her eyes.

Naira: I miss you Kartik..and I love you..
She lifts her head wipes off her tears. She leaves the place
After sometime..
Yuvani and Kartik reach the place, with Kartik irritated. Yuvani clicks pics and posts. Kartik looks at the arrangements. He looks at the balloons and remembers the evening with Naira..He smiles
Kartik: Who did the preparations?
Yuvani: Why?
Kartik: Its just perfect.

Yuvani: (lying) Well of course me..
Kartik nods.
Kartik: (thinking) it looks as if Naira..
He stops and looks away
Yuvani: You okay Kartik?

Kartik: Ab..ya..
In the Birla House
Naira reaches there and walks in the garden. She hears some noises. She goes to check.She gets shocked.
Kirti: Mansi, sach main, tu bilkul pagal hai
Kirti and Mansi were laughing and chatting..
Mansi: Agar Kartik bhaiya ko is bareme –
Luv Kush come there.
LK: Didi, chalo khelte hai..

Kirti: Acha, ab didi ki yaad aa gayi, kyun Kartik bhaiya kahan hai
Luv: Who toh Yuvani bhabhi ke sath kahin gaye hai..aur waise bhi ab wo hamare sath kahan khelte hain..
Everybody gets sad thinking of Kartik
Naira gets back shocked

Naira: Kirti..Kartik..
She goes and sits on the bench. It all seemed to fit now.. Luv Kush said their bhaiya didn’t play with them because of something related to his gf..thats her, he thinks she left him. Yuvani’s fiancée name is Kartik. Kirti is here.
Kartik is getting married to Yuvani.
Naira: (thinking)
No..Kartik cannot like anyone else..he loves me..no, its not possible..but luv kush said he went with Yuvani..thats means.. no, no Naira..maybe Kartik is doing this for his family..yeah..that will be the reason..
She gets inside the house and sees Surekha and Akhilesh talking.
Naira: Chacha chachi..
She hides behind the pillar.

Akhilesh and Surekha walk away talking not noticing Naira.
Naira: Nahi..main unke samne nahi aungi..jab tak sach ka pata nahi chalta, tab tak bilkul nahi..
A few days passed like this..Naira never came infront of Akhilesh,Surekha or Kirti..she looked for Kartik, but never found him as he was mostly out thinking of her..
Until one day…
Yuvaan was Yuvani’s twin brother who had a crush on Naira..Naira considered him as a friend but Yuvaan thought she loved him too but was shy to tell..
Yuvaan and Kartik were together talking in the garden.
Yuvaan: So how do you find my sister?

Kartik: Um..actually she..
Yuvaan: has very ego, right?
K: No actually..she is..she is just..
Y: Oh come on, no need to hide it, I know
Kartik gave a small smile.
Y: Of course, everybody cant be like Naira…
Kartik gets shocked.

K: Naira?
Y: Oh, you must not have met her. She works here.Of course there are so many people in this house, its difficult to remember..
K: But I’ve met everybody…atleast I could have noticed her in the dinnerhall..
Y: Oh, she barely comes out of the room..you know, some of the family members don’t like her..
K: Where did she come from?
Y: Oh, she is an orphan..comes from an orphanage in Rishikesh..
Kartik gets shocked
K: (mutters) Naira..
Y: What was the name.. Star..no Sparsh, yeah Sparsh ashram
Kartik stays wide eyed.

Y: What?
Kartik gets back to his senses.
K: Where is she?
Y: She..

Yuvaan looks through the garden and sees Naira talking on phone. Naira was unaware of their presence. Yuvaan points at her to Kartik.
Y: There
Kartik looks at his jaws drop. Naira..she was alive. His Naira was alive. A smile spreads across his face, and his eyes get heavy. She was alive. Naira was alive.
Naira was walked across the fence while talking. She suddenly trips and falls down. Yuvaan runs to her and picks her up. Kartik’s smile fades. His eyes get filled with rage seeing Naira in Yuvaan’s arms.
Naira: Thanks
Yuvaan smiles and nods. Naira smiles back uncomfortably and walks away. Yuvaan comes back to Kartik.
Y: She. She is Naira.

Kartik looks at him
Y: Kartik, are you fine
Kartik turns wipes his tears off. He again gets back to Yuvaan.
K: You love her?
Yuvaan nods.
K: She?
Yuvaan was hesitant.
Y: Um..actually..I think..I mean, yes she does.
Kartik looks away, his face as hard as a stone.Yuvaan keeps his hand on Kartik.
Y: Are you fine Kartik?
Kartik goes away sternly without responding to Yuvaan.

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