Kaira: Humdard By Khushi (Epi 3)

Kartik drove the car, thinking of Naira. He remembers the time he spent with Naira. The best moments in his life, because his life was with him at that time. Now it seemed that he was nothing, just a burden in this world, who has no intentions, nothing. He is just a chalta-firta machine, whom people, especially his family, use. He stopped the car, and rested his head on the seat. Tears rolled down his cheek,but he didn’t make a single sound. His each and every thought was of Naira. He remembers when he first met Naira..
Naira:Yeh koi hero nahi, mendhak hai..
He smiles. Mendhak. Little did he know that the girl who was standing in front of him that day will bring such a vast difference in his life. That someday he will cry and can give off anything to hear the ‘’Mendhak’’ word again from his love…
Birla House

Naira reaches there.Rags comes to her
Rags: Where were you? Don’t you know we have guests today?
Naira: I’m sorry mam actually I just-
Rags: What? Tumhe lagta kya hai, tum kahin bhi kabhi bhi jaa sakti ho? Listen, naukar ho, naukar hi rahogi, zyada natak karne ki jarurat nahi hai..
Naira: But mam-
Rags: What? Tum mujhse zabaan lada rahi ho? Lagta kuch zyada hi-
Suhani comes there
Suhani: Kya hai Ragini bhabhi? Kyun data rahi ho Naira ko?
Rags: Oh just shut up Suhani, she is just a mere worker, don’t give her-
Suhani: Ragini bhabhi! Don’t talk about her like that

Rags: O seriously, tum mujhse is tarah is sadak chap ladki ke liye baat kar rahi ho
Naira raises her eyes on Rags
Suhani: Ragini bhabhi-
Chandrakala, Suhasini and Suwarna come there talking and laughing
CK: Rags, Suhani, whats going her
Rags makes a face and sighs
Rags: Nothing Dadi, Suhani is supporting-
CK: leave it now. Naira, where were you?
Naira: I had gone to market-

CK: Whatever, –
SS: Chandrakalaji, this girl-
CK: Oh, she is Naira. She is a worker here. If you want something, you can ask her. She will look after the arrangements for your stay.
Suhasini gets shocked hearing the name ‘’Naira’’. Naira goes to touch their. She touches SS’s feet. SS looks at Suwarna and she nods. SS puts her hand on Naira’s head. Naira goes and touches Suwarna’s feet. She smiles and keeps her hand on Naira’s head
Suwarna: Khush raho..
Naira gets up and smiles.

In room

Manish was talking to Akhilesh and Aditya. Surekha was with Luv Kush. Kirti was and Mansi was also there. SS and Suwarna come there. SS was tensed and Manish notices this.
Manish: Kya hua Maa?
SS: Kuch nahi..bas who ladki..
Manish: Koun ladki?
Suwarna: Yahan ek ladki kaam karti hai.. uska naam Naira hai..isliye bas..
Manish: Kya, Naira?
Everybody was now paying attention.
Suwarna: Haan, Naira
Everybody gets deep in thoughts.
Surekha: Par ye woh Naira ho hi nahi sakti, who ek saal pehle mar gayi thi..

SS: Haan, aura b is baat ko yahi khatam karte hai..hame us ladki ko yaad nahi karna
Everybody nod.
Kirti: (thinking) Naira.. wish the girl was you..
The next day
Luv Kush were playing there. Naira comes there on her phone. Luv Kush’s ball falls where Naira was standing. She looks at it and then at the kids. She smiles and nods at them. She takes the ball and gives it to them.
LK: Thank you
Naira: You are welcome
LK look at each other.

LK: Will you play with us?
Naira : Ab no actually..
LK: Please please..
Naira: No I’ve work..
LK: Please na didi, bhaiya also says that he has work and doesn’t play with us.. he was so good before..
Naira: Then what happened to your bhaiya now?
Luv: Actually his gf..
Kush holds his hand to stop him saying. He shakes his head at him in disagreement.
Naira: What happened?
LK: Nothing, please play na!

Naira sighs
Naira: Acha, okay,but not for long
LK give a broad smile. They start playing.
Naira: Whats ur name?
LK: Luv & Kush
Naira: Okay –
She gets a call.
Naira: Luv Kush, I will play with you later
LK: But di-
Naira: Sorry, but I will join later, promise
LK: Okay didi
Naira smiles at them and goes away to attend the call.

She talks and ends the call. She turns to find Yuvani standing behind her.
Naira: Yuvani?
Yuvani: Naira listen, I’m thinking to go for a date with Kartik. Prepare for the arrangements. Everything should be Kartik’s favorite. It should be perfect.
Naira: But how will I know his favorite-
Yuvani: That’s ur prblm, not mine. I want everything to be perfect
Naira nods hesitantly.
Yuvani: No don’t stand here idle, go!
Naira again nods and starts to go. She stops stunned. She turns to Yuvani
Naira: What? What is his name?
Yuvani: Whose?
Naira: You fiancée
Yuvani: Oh, Kartik.
Naira stays wide eyed.

Yuvani: What?
Naira comes back to her senses.
Naira: Nothing
She turns away.
Naira: Kartik..nahi, yeh mera Kartik nahi ho sakta..woh mere alawa kisi aur ke bareme soch hi nahi sakta..

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