Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#42: Baby Shower Function)

It was a lovely morning, eight months had passed by Naira’s pregnancy and today was her baby shower. It is said that after eight months of pregnancy, the baby and mother are safe. However, in some families, it is celebrated after the eighth full moon. In this function, the soon to-be-mother’s lap is filled with gifts, clothes and cash. Same was planned for her as well. According to their family, it took place at night. So she was resting till then. She was sitting on the bed in half laying position and wasn’t allowed to do any work. Karthik had gone to office just for her sake, he didn’t want to go there leaving her behind but he went on her insistence. She was very bored so she opened the laptop. She got a video call and wondered who it might be. She received it and a smiling face of the love of her life appeared on the screen. It was Karthik.

N: (surprised) kittu tum?
K: han main, wasn’t expecting me? Baby doll, ab to babies ki maa ban’ne wali ho, sirf ek month bacha hai, phir to sirf tumhari goad hi nahi, balke humara bed bhi bhar jaye ga. Can u imagine three little kids? Wow, ab bed pe 5 log soyengay, how cute na?

N: (laughingly) kittu, he he, so funny, don’t worry main unke liye cot ka intezaam krdungi, ziada occupation bhi nahi hogi.

K: (laughing on her) occupation? He he, occupation job hoti hai dear, jaga occupy nh hogi, aise bolo.
N: (sadly) monster, jabse babies aye hain, tab se tum mera bohat mazak uratay ho, jab paida hongay to kya karogay?

K: uh oh, tum to bura maan gai, main to bas bata raha tha. Achha tumne khana khaya?

N: han kha lia.

K: hmm, don’t keep my babies hungry.

N: ohooo or mera bhooka rehna swikaar hai tumhe mendak?

K: bilkul nh, mere bachay meri dharkan hain lekin tumhare andar meri jan bassti hai, munni.

N: ek to romantic baat kehte ho phir chiratay ho?

K: nh, chhoro na, kya tum bhi?

N: achha tumhe office mein kaam nahi? Tum office mein ho na?

K: arey meri jan, office to kya, kahin bhi dil nahi lag raha mera, abhi to kaha k meri jan tumhare andar bassti hai, kaise kahin dil laga loon tumhare bina? Main pehle hi kehta hoon, main 2 ghantay pehle hi ghar aaunga, or mere papa ji come boss mujhe mana nahi karengay.

N: (smiling at him) achha achha theek hai, mera bhi to dil nahi lagta tumhare bina, (she gives a flying kiss to him) chalo ab tumhara bhi time waste horaha hai, khamma ghani.

K: waste nh horaha, pass horaha hai or itna jaldi guzar raha hai k pata hi nahi chalta.

N: oye hoye mera majnu monster, chalo bye baby.

Video call got disconnected. At night, the baby shower started. Naira was dressed beautifully. Karthik came to their room and saw her sitting holding her stomach.
K: baby, what happen? Babies ne kick mara?

N: han

K: its a good thing, now the function has started, chalo chalein.

He took her hand and they went outside. Karthik had their house changed as he became rich now. They sat together and everyone congratulated them keeping gifts and cash in Naira’s lap. Everyone made her eat cake and she fed them back, she ate less and the function ended with lots of fun. As it was the last month of her pregnancy, she went to her parents’ house. Karthik didn’t let her climb the stairs and picked her in his arms.

N: father daughter wali feeling arahi hai
K: matlab?
N: Maa bhi mujhe stairs nh charnay deti thi or isi tarha uthati thi bachpan mein, I was able to walk then also, papa bhi yehi kartay thay.
K: I already told u that I have four babies including u
N: lekin tum thak jaogay.
K: nope

They reached and he kept her down.

K: tum mere liye ab bhi halki ho baby he he

He rang the doorbell and Akshara opened the door.

N: Maa

She kissed her cheek and they came in.

A: tumhare liye milkshake laun?

N: han


She went. Karthik and Naira sat on couch and she rested her head on his shoulder.

N: we forgot something
K: what?
N: babies names, we thought of twins names but not triplets.
K: we’ll think in baby name ceremony.
N: but u must’ve thought of something.
K: Kunal, Nakul and Kamal, what u think?
N: good idea, the best one..what about girls?
K: Kritika, Kaira and Nikita
N: wow my genius monster

Akshara gave them milkshake.

Karthik whispered: sirf yahin par aise pi rahay hain nahi to apnay ghar toh ek hi glass se peetey hain

N: shut up else I will give a slap
K: kahan pe?

She started giggling.

N: chup kar k peelo
K: OK monster ki pari.

The doorbell rang and Akshara answered the door.

A: aap itna jaldi agaye?
Nait: han sirf apni gurriya k liye, kahan hai vo?
A: andar hai

They went inside and saw her laughing as Karthik kept on teasing her.
K: bas haan or nahi peeyo, triplets honay walay hain, waise hi moti hogai ho

Nait: nahi hui hai, vo apne aapko maintain karegi, or mota honay se kuchh nahi hota, aise mein to honay wali maa khush hoti hai.

She turned to him and smiled at him, she stood up and hugged him tight.
N: papa ap agaye, thank u so much, I love u
Nait: (hugging her back) no problem and I love you too

She broke the hug and saw shopping bags in his hand.

Nait: yeh tumhare bacho k kapray hain

N: wow, so cute, thank you, lekin yeh nahi pata k larkay hain k larkiyaan

Nait: clothes are for both, aaj Naksh araha hai, vo bohat khush hai tere liye, or saath mein teri nani or nana bhi arahay hain, or ma papa bhi aayengay.

Naksh~Naira’s adopted brother, his parents died when he was very little and her parents saw him on road so they adopted him and he created a good bonding with Naira and her parents in a short span of time and she started calling him bhai as he was elder than her. In world’s eyes, they’re not real siblings but in reality, they have love in between them more than real siblings do.

N: bhai arahay hain? Yes yes yes! Can’t wait to meet him. Kittu, tum bhi us se milogay to tum log ki bohat achhi bonding banegi waise bhi tumhe bhai chahye tha.

He smiled at her and hugged her.

(Not writing sequel, continuing this one, guys should I show boys as triplets or girls?)

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