Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#29: Birthday Girl)

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Naira clutched Karthik’s shirt tightly as she got scared in her sleep. She snuggled more and more into him sweating badly. His sleep got disturbed due to movement and he woke up and as he tried sitting up, he saw her holding onto him tightly. He caressed her hair to calm her.

K: shhh kuchh nh hua I m here.

It was of no use, she hugged him more tightly in her sleep. He kissed her forehead and she tossed to the other side. He woke her up and she sat up with a jolt. He side hugged her and made her drink water.

K: relax, kuchh nh hua, sirf ek bura sapna tha, sab theek hai, ghabrao mat.

He said running his fingers in her hair. She kept her head on his chest and he hugged her.

K: tumhe achanak kya hua? Kiun darr gai?

N: vo mujhe apne saath kheech k le k jaraha tha or bohat darr lag raha tha, vo maine apne apko bachanay ki koshish ki to usne mere face pe cut laga dia, main bohat rorahi thi par vo mujhe chhor nahi raha tha.

She said while panicking still in his hug.

K: kon le k jaraha tha? Kiski baat kar rahi ho tum?

N: vo bohat ajeeb sa dikhne wala admi tha or vo sapna bohat real lagraha tha, mujhe nahi pata k ye kiun..

She was cut in between.

K: achha achha darro mat, koi kahin nh le k jaraha tumhe, don’t worry, ek bura sapna tha, now its over, kuchh nahi hoga.

He kissed her forehead, he had never seen her this scared before.

K: tum ja k fresh hojao, and don’t worry.

She stood up and went.

K: oh God, chaho to mujhe bohat takleef dena lekin please Meher ko humesha protect karna.

He went out. She came back after freshening up and saw two cups of ice cream and noticed the faces on the cups, one was sad while other was happy. She wondered why was it so. Just then he came and hugged her from behind. She startled.

K: arey meri jan its me, baitho

He made her sit and then sat beside her.

N: tum yehe soch rahi hogi k ek cup pe happy face hai or dusre pe sad, haina? (She nodded in positive) actually yeh angry face hai or ye happy face calm face hai (she looked at him giving him a confused look) main samjhata hoon, tum mujhe kya bulati ho?

N: Karthik or Kittu bulati hoon

K: us k ilawa

N: monster

K: to ye angry face hai matlab k monster (she nodded as she understood) or yeh calm face hai kiun k tum humesha calm rehti ho ek monster se shahdi karne k bad bhi, toh yeh cups mein main ice cream isliye laya kiun k yeh faces hum se ziada kis par suit karengay? Haina? (She nodded) to yeh monster main or ye calm face matlab k pari tum. Aai samajh?

She looked at him for sometime with her chin resting on her palm and then at the cups. Then she bursted into laughter along with him.

N: oh God tum kitnay cute ho, hahaha

He smiled seeing her laugh, it relaxed him that she doesn’t remembers the bad dream now. She picked the cups and gave one to him.

N: eat
K: hmm, lekin tumne cup kiun change kia? Tum happy face nh main lunga, that’s what happens.

N: achha? Kiun? Dono same hain

K: faces are different, dekho tum angry face lo, tum hi to kehti ho u r mine means monster’s bride.

N: main aisa na karoon to sach badal jayega?

K: nh to

N: arey tum bhi, main tumhe tease kar rahi hoon, tumhe Jo cup chahye lelo, ye tumne banaya kya?

K: han, sirf tumhare liye

N: aww how sweet, tum kitna khayal rakhtay ho mera, waise tumko aisa karna bhi chahye, mere ilawa tumhe bardasht karega bhi kon?

K: han mujhe tumhari tarha koi pyar nh karsakta bas, ice cream

He said reminding her and they ate together smiling at each other. Later after they came from a drive at evening, they were sitting together when Karthik received a message:

“Everything is fair in love and war.”

It was an unknown number.

K: Naira, is this u?

He asked showing the message and she nodded in negative. He got deep in thoughts. Days passed quickly in a twinkle of an eye, they enjoyed daily in honeymoon but Naira kept on getting that scary dream and Karthik also received love messages daily from unknown person. It was their seventh day on honeymoon, only three days left for them to return back. Today was the day for Naira’s birthday. She had just come out from bathing and thought that she was alone in the room in morning when she saw a big teddy bear coming to her from the mirror, she was wearing just a red bathrobe and got scared. 

N: who r u?
The teddy came really close and then she realized it was a toy teddy and someone was definitely hiding behind it. She fell on the bed with the teddy and the person on top of her.

Person: bhoo!

She startled as the person’s hand touched her bare thigh because her bathrobe lifted a little as she fell back. It was Karthik.

N: I knew it.

K: happy birthday meri natkhat angel.

He said and kissed her cheek giving her the teddy bear. She smiled seeing the teddy bear and he moved closer to her. Her hand rested on his shoulder as they shared a kiss, his hand held her waist from one side, she ran her fingers in his hair, he kept on pulling her closer and closer. His hand touched her bare thigh. Their lips parted away but they didn’t freed each other from their arms. She had a constant smile plastered on her face.
N: thank u.
K: kahan chalna hai baby doll?

He said huskily. 
N: jahan tum kaho…I m too lazy to get out of your arms.
K: (he laid beside her and she turned to him) so u want to stay in my arms the whole day? You stay here everyday…tell something different.

She turned on her elbow.
N: kuch samajh nh araha…tum jahan bolo chalungi.
K: ummm we will decide on our way…first u change

(Why did Naira got a scary dream? Whose msg did Karthik got? What’s happening? )

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