Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#27: The Rides)

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A/N: where did all my readers go? Not liking my story?

They broke the kiss panting heavily.
N: well that was fun, let’s do it with a background music.

She said caressing his shoulders.

K: uh oh..we don’t need it, its not a disco, we’re c..

He stopped and she giggled. He bent down and was half on top of her with their hands entwined with one another, he kissed her neck and her face not leaving a cell, he gave her many love bites on her neck removing her wedlock, she moaned digging her nails in the back of his palm, he kissed her neck relieving the pain, she closed her eyes in pleasure leaving his hands and caressing his arms up to his neck then his face, he kissed her cheek, forehead and lips. She turned over her stomach shyingly and he kissed her back and temple, she turned over her back again to meet her eyes with him, he wrapped his arms around her and it continued the rest of the night with their bodies washed in moonlight. Next morning, the love birds slept on one pillow in the centre of the bed in each other’s arms, all they had was a bed sheet to cover themselves as they consummated last night, this time in consciousness. She snuggled more into him, he tightened his grip on her. They were sleeping peacefully until the sun rays disturbed Karthik’s sleep, he woke up and was shirtless, he sat up and covered her shoulders as well and slowed down the AC. He wore his shirt and laid down again, he didn’t wanted to wake her up this early, it was just 6 in the morning, but she got uncomfortable in her sleep and woke up. He closed his eyes as she would be shy if he looks at her, whatever they did last night was in darkness with a slight beam of moonlight. She sat up wrapping the bed sheet around her and glanced at him, she blushed remembering last night and went to washroom, she saw her neck was fully red from the love bites.

N: OMG, ye kab hua?

She got shy again as she remembered the love bites, she wore comfy clothes and walked out. She laid back to sleep, she wasn’t in a mood to wake up this early, she eyed his face before dozing off to sleep and he opened his one eye to see if she’s awake and that’s when she caught him awake.

N: if u were awake, why did u faked to be asleep?

K: I didn’t want to make u feel uncomfortable na, that’s why.

She smiled.

N: u r so cute, I love u.

K: too.

They moved closer to each other wrapping themselves in each other’s embrace.
K: u forgot to wear your wedlock.

He made her wear it and she smiled cutely.
Next time they woke up was around 10 am. After they freshened up and had breakfast, they went to explore the country. The cab stopped outside what looked like a park with rides.

K: what will we do here?
N: dance
K: huh?
N: we’ll have different kinds of rides.
K: isn’t this for kids?
N: if u forgot, we’re kids at heart, I know we had these rides in our childhood, but in this age also we’re young, we’re not too old.

K: vo to hai, waise bhi, abhi yeh sab karne mein na aur maza ayega kiun k ab tum bhi mere sath ho na.

She smiled and they went to roller coaster ride, they held hands before it went down and screamed from the sudden tickles.
N: Karthik, mujhe bohat ticklish feel horaha hai or ye tickles toh uss tickles se bhi intense hain.

He laughed.
K: naughty girl.

She held his bicep leaning to his shoulder and strong winds kept blewing past them making it look as if they were flying in air. She stood up in between spreading her arms enjoying the breeze and suddenly fell in his lap.

K: tum kiun uthi? Tum gir jati to?

N: nahi girti, tum ho na mere saath, mujhe kaise kuchh hoga.

He smiled and kissed his forehead. She tried standing up again to sit beside him but he stopped her.

K: don’t, keep sitting.

N: everyone are watching us.

K: so? U r my wife and its our wish whatever we do.

N: yes it is but..

K: no buts, keep sitting.

He held her waist not wanting her to get away from him. She looked in his eyes as they kept going down and didn’t realized when the ride stopped. Their eye lock was broken and they got off it.

N: had fun?
K: a lot, especially when I got to hold u in my arms once again.
N: puray din hi to kartay ho.

They smiled at each other. Next ride they took was of merry go round which had individual swings for two persons to sit on one. They fastened the belt around themselves and he kept his arm around her as the ride started.

N: tum ko to bas mauka chahye na mujhe pakarnay ka?

He smiled.

K: (jokingly) han, mauka to chahye, ab yaar maine tumhari vo wish bhi puri kardi, mai apni itni si wish puri nahi kar sakta kya?

N: wish? Konsi wish?

K: vo consummation wali.

She smiled and punched his stomach with her elbow.

K: ow! (Then he jokes again) Jaanu mujhe kiun maarti ho? I thought u love me.

N: jaanu lagi kya? He he, baat hi aisi kartay ho.

K: look yar, hospital lejao, my bone.

N: tumharay pait mein na haddiyo se ziada flesh hai.

K: no seriously bones hain

N: lagta to nahi, I make u eat too much that u won’t have the same body for much time.

N: u also won’t have as we will get a baby soon after honeymoon if u remember last night.

K: uhhh, I will kill u, phenk dungi yahan se tumhe monster.

N: do it.

She punched his stomach again by her elbow and he laughed as she turned her face away from him.

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