Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#25: First Day)

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(A/N: sorry guys, couldn’t update because of mental fatigue, college teachers irritating for exams so have to prepare but then also I made it n updated n I changed Naira’s birth date to 30th April as 30th May would be too long, happy reading)

Naira woke up in the hotel room and saw Karthik not there, she switched on the light and looked around the room. The first thing she noticed was the love promise sign on the wall behind the bed, it was the same sign they drew in the sand when they went to beach while promising each other to be together forever. She smiled. She went to the bedside table to drink water and her gaze went on the small red velvet box lying on it, it looked like a small jewelry box. She opened it and it contained the bracelet with the same sign on wall with a chit, “We promised to be together forever.”

She smiled and took the bracelet out of it, a silver bracelet with love promise sign and one pearl at each side of the sign. She heard the door opening and turned, it was him.

K: hi wifey
N: hi

He saw the bracelet in her hand and noticed the bright smile on her face, her cheeks were rosy. He came forward and took it from her hand and made her wear it. He turned her towards the bed holding her shoulders and pointed at the sign on the wall.
K: you remember this sign?
She looked back at him.
N: of course I do.

He entwined his hands with hers encircling them around her stomach.
N: haha Kittu, ticklish ticklish feel horaha hai mat karo

K: that reminds me you wanted to do that thing with me again.

She giggled remembering it and he kissed her temple as she tilted her head. He turned her towards him and joined his forehead with hers and she looked down. He moved away seeing her blush.

K: you know what? Hum 10 days tak 24 hours saath rahengay, bager kisi kaam ke, or tumhay pata hai kya? Ab yeh room hai or hum hain, I can do anything now.

He let out a fake devilish laugh.

N: aise kya has rahay ho? Have you got a ghost inside of you?

K: nope baby don’t forget I am a monster and you are my bride.

He said pulling her by her waist.

N: bas bhi karo, sirf romance hi karna hai kya?

K: nope, after breakfast I am taking you somewhere.

N: I knew it, wait let me leave my love mark on you just like you left it.

She kissed his cheek and moved away, she smiled seeing the red lipstick mark on his cheek.
N: you’re so cute.
K: not more than you.
N: so where are we going?
K: you will know it after a short time.

They did breakfast and went from the hotel hiring a cab. After a long drive, the cab stopped and he paid him, they got down the cab and and he palmed her eyes.
N: kya kar rahay ho?
K: baby its a surprise so please bear it for sometime.

He accompanied her further and then removed his hands from her eyes. She was mesmerized to see cherry blossom trees.
N: wow

She said going closer to the tree smelling them.
K: just you, me and the beautiful scenery. Kaisa laga surprise?
N: bohat achha.
K: will you still call me a monster?
N: nope, u r my sweet hubby.

She said and kissed his lips, he too gave in pulling her closer by her waist, he ran his fingers in her hair that covered her back. He moved her hair to her front and kissed her left shoulder.

N: arey Kittu, raat k liye bhi thora baaki rakho
K: oh you want to do that at night? He he fine babes, your wish is my command.

She blushed hard.

N: Karthiiiik

He bursted out laughing at how she always blushes on his mischief.
K: achha baba ab nh karunga bas, monster’s bride?

She nodded. They roamed near the trees, she smiled inhaling the fragrance of the cherry blossom trees. He admired her and kept his arm around her shoulders. They got tired after sometime and sat under one of the trees facing each other.
N: listen
K: hmm?
N: am I difficult to handle when I am drunk?
K: nope, why?
N: my friend once said I am a headache when I am drunk.

K: you might know about me if I am or not, but I don’t know about you as you always get drunk along with me, tum us mein bhi cute hi lago gi.

M: hmm, now I am seriously addicted to it.
K: no Naira, it is harmful
N: right now you said I look cute.
K: I said about you, not the alcohol.
N: in that case you’re also cute, my cutie pie let’s drink together, it’s fun.
K: subha subha peene ka khayal aya kahan se? Since when did you become like me?

N: mujhe nahi peeni (she kept her hand on his knee) waise do I look hot?
K: (giggling) nope you’re beautiful, and you’re a girl not a temperature.

They laughed.
N: do you remember, a special event is about to come?

K: (pretending as if he don’t know) what is it?

N: you really don’t remember.

K: nope I don’t, suspense na rakho, batao na please.

N: guess

K: aaj wali special night?

N: oh God, no

K: any song of mine about to release?

N: woh to aapko pata na.

K: mm, your parent’s anniversary?

N: abhi nahi, two months later, its related to me.

K: I don’t know.

N: I told you.

K: I forgot.

N: seriously?

K: yes.

N: I don’t think so, you’re joking.

K: I m not.

N: (sighs) my birthday.

K: oh birthday? Kab hai?

N: at least guess this much.

K: this month.

She slaps him lightly on arm.

N: isi month k hi event ki baat chal rahi thi na? I know that you’re teasing me.

K: its at the end of March.

N: yes…date?

K: 28 or 30 something like that.
N: 30th April.

K: oh (then he said in heart) I will make it very special, promise.

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