Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#24: Honeymoon)

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(A/N: thanks for ur wishes and the silent readers that came out after a long time…glad to have so many readers)

Naira wiped her hair in front of the mirror in the washroom smilingly. Just then she noticed a red mark on her neck and leaned closer to the mirror to have a better look. It was a love bite mark tattooed by Karthik, she blushed to the darkest shade of red and moved outside and found Karthik awake. She didn’t met her eyes with his eyes due to shyness. She directly went to mirror and dried her hair and combed it smilingly. Her hands reached behind her to close the zip. Seeing this, he got up and came to her and she smiled at him. He touched her bare back and planted many kisses on her back sending shivers down her spine and pulled her zip upwards kissing her neck, she closed her eyes feeling his touch. He held her shoulders firmly and moved her hair to one side.
K: look what I did last night.
N: I know, is baar jo hua, dono ki marzi se hua, or yeh raat kal nahi to kabhi to aani hi thi. Believe it or not, this was the most beautiful night and peaceful sleep of my life. But don’t you think if we do it in our senses it will be great?

K: mujhe laga tumko achha nahi laga…but hosh mein awkward lagega u said
N: c’mon han baby monster, grow up, dusri larkiyaan ab bhi marrti hain tumhare liye and I feel just so lucky to be your one and only. Hum honeymoon pe karengay.

K: (laughingly) me too, keep your hair open and hide this mark else it will look as if a vampire came to your room last night.

They bursted out laughing.
K: achha mujhe mera dose to dedo.
N: (confused) konsa dose?
K: love dose.
N: aww my cute little baby.

She kissed his cheek and he kissed her forehead in return.
K: close your eyes.
N: (jokingly) Aur kitni kisses karogay?
K: aray nahi, karo na.
N: OK.

She closed her eyes and he smiled looking at her beautiful face and taking out something from his pocket and encircled his arms around her neck making her wear something.

K: you can open now.

She opened her eyes and smiled touching the angel studded pink heart necklace.

N: it’s so beautiful, I really loved it.

She said smiling at him through the mirror and he rested his chin on her bare shoulder blade kissing her cheek softly.

N: enough kisses for today, get ready, you have to go office.

K: mm OK.

He said parting away from her and went to washroom. Few days passed by their drunk consummation. Today they had decided to go for their honeymoon to New Zealand. They were done with their packing at night and were sleeping. Their alarm rang and woke the lovebirds. Karthik was the first to wake up.
K: Naira
He shook her shoulder a little.
N: hmm?
K: wake up.
N: OK.
K: tum thori derr mein uth jana, I will just come OK?

She nodded with her eyes closed and he went to washroom. She dozed off to sleep again. After sometime he came out and the view in front of him made him drool over her. She was sleeping hugging the quilt like a baby. He was wiping his hair with a towel and smiled looking at her while doing so. He sat on the bed slowly and ran his fingers in her hair, she opened her eyes a little.

K: baby, if you forgot, today we had to go for our honeymoon. If you want I can select clothes for you from your wardrobe, I can also make you wear them if you want.

He said eyeing her lovingly with his hand over her head. She smiled at his sweet words and sat up slowly. He kept his arm around her shoulders as she yawned and leaned onto him.

K: toh bolo, should I do this?
N: no baby, I will do it.

She got off the bed and took out her clothes and went to washroom.
K: I wouldn’t have woken her up and ruined the beautiful view if we didn’t had to go but what’s the difference? I will get to see it everyday there too.

He smiled. Later they went to airport together waiting for their flight. She wore a floral knee length dress with pink thin cardigan. He wore a white shirt and blue jeans. They sat in the plane, as it took off, she held his hand tightly and shut her eyes resting her head on his shoulder.
K: don’t worry, nothing will happen.

He said kissing her head. She lifted her head from his shoulder once they were up in the air.
N: baat suno
K: hmm?
N: I want to do it again
K: what?
She whispered: consummate
He laughed uncontrollably and palmed his mouth not wanting others to hear his uncontrollable laughter.

K: seriously?
N: yes
N: yayy!

She said and kissed his cheek and blushed looking down.
K: don’t worry, biwi ho tum meri, you can do it anywhere and anytime.

She slapped his arm smiling naughtily.
N: I m sleeping, I m really tired.
K: subah tum itni cute lag rahi thi sotay huay, dil hi nh kar raha tha uthanay ka.
Naira smiled sheepishly and rested her head on his shoulder again dozing off to sleep. Later when they landed, Karthik didn’t wanted to wake her up, he carried her in his arms getting down the plane. He hired a cab getting his luggage and it drove off. Naira’s head rested in his lap, he had laid her on the backseat. As they reached the hotel, he took her in his arms again and went inside the hotel. He chose a room after their entry in the register. He took the keys and went to the hotel room. He laid her on the bed and kissed her forehead.
K: beautiful.

He covered her and freed her hair from the catcher laying beside her with his arm around her and he too dozed off to sleep.

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