Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#22: Concert)

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Karthik brought Naira home and luckily his mother was sleeping. He took her to room and made her rest.
N: were you awake the whole night?
K: yes, after you went, I couldn’t sleep, kuchh kiya toh nahi unho ne?
N: nope, m fine.
K: hmm let’s sleep.
N: OK.

They both slept cuddling to each other, getting away from each other even for one day felt like ages for them. Later they woke up at 10 in the morning and freshened up to go to their workplaces.
N: I don’t want to go.
K: nothing will happen, if something happens I will get to know it.
N: how?
K: I have bodyguards who can protect you, even I am one of them.
Naira smiled.
N: you know how to make me smile na?
K: koi shak?
She nodded in negative. He kissed her forehead. He saw she wasn’t ready yet.
K: I forgot to give you.
N: what?
K: wait.

He went to his cupboard and brought a shopper and gave it to her.
N: what’s it?
K: look for yourself.

She opened it and took it out a fuschia pink dress.
N: aapko kaise pata yeh mera favourite color hai?
K: papa ne bataya.
N: oh, main abhi aai.

She went to washroom and came out wearing the dress. Abeer got mesmerized seeing her beauty.

K: beautiful.
N: thank you, I will wear this dress tomorrow in your concert.

She smiled at him. He smiled back at her. They went to their workplaces after having breakfast as usual. The day was normal for both of them. Naira received a call from Karthik.

K: hallo wifey.
N: hi
K: how was your day? Is your work finished? Should I come to pick you?
N: no, actually I am coming there as I want to talk to dad about something.
K: OK, see you by then, take care.
N: you too.

Call got disconnected and Naira exited her workplace and went to Karthik’s workplace. She entered and went straight to Naitik’s cabin. She knocked before going inside and after getting an approval, she went in.

N: pops.

Naitik was surprised to hear this word from her mouth. She never called her pops before and he actually liked it.

Nait: hmm, agai meri jan.

Naira smiled and hugged him. He hugged her back and they parted away after sometime, she got seated in front of him.

N: dad, concert ki sab tayyari hogai hai na? Kuchh help ki zaroorat toh nahi?

Nait: nahi, sab hogaya, tum fikar mat karo, sab achha hoga, all the best.

Naira smiled again.

N: thank you so much dad, love you.

She went giving him a flying kiss and he smiled in return. Then she walked to Karthik’s studio and found him playing his guitar smilingly. Naira slowly went towards him and..
Naira: bhoo!

She scared him and he startled, she started laughing. He stood up and pulled her close while she laughed like a maniac.
K: kya hassay jarahi ho is masoom ko darra k?

She laughed even more on his dialogue.
N: kyun? Aap masoom kabse hogaye? Monster ho aap monster.

She said pulling his cheeks naughtily and he smiled at her.

K: you monstress.

N: is monstress even a word? RIP English.

They bursted out laughing till it hurt.

N: achha suno, ghar nahi chalna kya?
K: chalna hai.
N: to chalo
K: tum le chalo.

He bent down and picked her in his arms and she continued to smile at him while he exited the office with her in his arms. He made her sit inside the car and he sat on the driving seat. He drove off from there.

N: I was saying that we didn’t got to go on honeymoon, toh jab aapka concert end hoga uske kuchh din baad hum us jaga jaengay jahan hum dono ko jana ho, wahan hum khoob enjoy karengay, theek hai?

She said while smiling.

K: aapka hukum sarr aankhon pe.

He smiled at her. Next day it was concert. Naira and Karthik arrived at the concert venue, Hard Rock Cafe. They entered and saw that the crowd was waiting for their favourite singer to come on stage and sing. Karthik had created a big place in everyone’s hearts for him within a short time period. Naira was holding his bicep as they walked inside. Every person was waving at Karthik and he just smiled at them and went towards the stage along with Naira.

N: I will stay among the crowd.
K: OK.

He made his way to the stage while she stood in the front of crowd. He played the guitar and everyone hooted.

Hum na rahe hum jo thhe kabhi
Khud ko hai chhoda, peeche kahin

Hum naa rahe hum, jo thhe kabhi
Khud ko hai chhoda, peeche kahin
Teri ore badhne lage
Teri tarah ban’ne lage
Ab toh mohabbat mein lutne chale
Jeene ki khwahish mein marne chale
Ab toh mohabbat mein lutne chale..
Jeene ki khwahish mein marne chale

Dard bhi hum seh lenge, tu jo saath raha
Saari duniya bhula denge, yeh waada raha
Chahe jitni mulaaqatein ho mujhe kam hi lage
Tere sath guzaraun har din par dil na bhare
Ek waqt baad hasne lage
Raah teri hum takne lage
Ab to mohabbat mein lutne chale
Jeene ki khwahish mein marne chale
Ab to mohabbat mein lutne chale..
Jeene ki khwahish mein marne chale

Teri baatein hain aisi
Maano jaise koi duaa
Jise sunkar dil ko kitna, hai sukoon mila
Mehboob ki aankhon mein hi Rab dikhta hai
Mehsoos kiya ab jaake ye khud maine
Tere aage jhukne lage
Tere raaston par rukne lage
Ab to mohabbat mein lutne chale
Jeene ki khwahish mein marne chale
Ab to mohabbat mein lutne chale..
Jeene ki khwahish mein marne chale

Naira blushed hard at his song and clapped the loudest among the crowd, Karthik smiled at her and gave her a flying kiss. He came down and took her hand in his hand. They went on stage together.

K: you all must be shocked that how come a man who didn’t smile before has started smiling and became cheerful in such a short time right? (He looked at Naira and smiled) is ki wajah sirf meri Naira hai, and I would like to advice you guys that the one who loves you will always make efforts to stay by your side no matter what. I am throwing the heart tickets among you and catching even one of them makes you lucky, the one who gets the most tickets will get to attend more concerts.

He threw the hearts with K written on it and everyone got crazy for the tickets. He smiled at Naira and exited the concert with her.

(Giving double updates as a treat of my birthday)

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