Kaira Ek Ehsaas Kaira FF Episode 12

Hey all thank you so much for understanding me and loving this ff. Here is next episode.

Episode starts

Naira wakes up
and panics to not find Kartik near her. She jumps off the cot and rushes out

Naira: Kartik…Kartik…Kartik..kahan ho tum?

She runs to the kitchen and finds it empty. She gets worried . Naira walks to the door and finds it open

Naira: Kartik…Kahan ho tum? Kartik….Kartikk

Hearing her Swarna and Dadi come

Swarna: What happened Naira?

Naira: Maa did you see Kartik? He is nowhere to be seen

Swarna: Ill call him wait

She dials his number and calls him. But the call is not accepted making Naira more worried

Naira: Maa..what if he is in any problem? He will be alright na maa

Manish: Naira dont panic like this. He will be fine. Its me who sent him on work. You relax

Akhil in a whisper: What work bhaisab?

Manish: Arrey I just said a lie. Didnt you see how worried she was. Let her relax. This idiot would have gone somewhere and will be safe only. So no issues. His behaviour was like this for past months we know it but Naira wont right thats why she is worried.
Akhil: You did it right bhaisab.
Naira goes to her room with a gloomy face. Vedika is worried for Kartik but enjoys Naira’s sadness.

Meanwhile Kartik reaches Leela’s house. He knocks the door . Leela sees him through the window and starts to cry

Kartik: Sister Leela please open the door. Please

Leela musters courage and opens the door. On seeing Kartik her courage melts and she falls on his feet weeping

Kartik: What are you doing ? Please get up ..please

Leela : God has punished me for my sins sir..I made a big mistake. I should not have done it. Sorry

Kartik is confused

Leela: I lied that your daughter is dead and sold her…I gave you so much pain thats why God gave me the pain

Kartik is shocked and in mind: So the call was true

Kartik: Is it the truth?

Leela: I wont lie anymore sir. I lied that your daughter was dead fate snatched my son away from me. Im sorry

Kartik: If you feel so much why didnt you tell me before I came

Leela: My husband was the one who called you sir..we thought of telling the truth but it was very difficult to tell it on phone sir. We knew that you will trace us thats why we disconnected the call in middle.

Kartik: Where is my daughter now?

Leela: With Pawan Kumar.  I gave it to him

A man comes there

Man: Sir..

Kartik: Detective Ritesh. So happy to see you

Ritesh: I heard what she told sir. Pawan Kumar is a child traffiker. I will trace him out and get your daughter soon sir

Kartik: I trust you. Till then don’t tell this to anyone else.
Ritesh: Sure sir.

Goenka house

Naira is in the garden waiting for Kartik. She suddenly feels a presence behind and turns

Naira: Mansii

Mansi: Bhabhi..

They hug

Naira: So good to see you here

Mansi: We missed you bhabhi.
Naira takes her inside and Mansi hugs everyone. Vedika comes to her

Mansi: Who are you?

Vedika is shocked

Surekha: She is Vedika Mansi

Mansi: Kaun Vedika? What is she doing in our family?

Surekha: Arrey Kartik has taken her responsibility as her father..I told you na

Mansi: Oh yeah yeah..woh kya na after bhabhi left bhai was shattered so were we. From then I did not apply mind in the happenings of here. But bhabhi heard that you are back with baby and I came as soon as I could. Sorry could not attend the Naamkaran.
Naira: No issues Mansi

Mansi: Where are babies And Gayu di?

Naira: Up in the room.
Mansi: Ill meet them

She runs up

Surekha: Where is Anmol?

Mansi: Meeting muma..will come in evening

Dadi: Childish girl. Naira chalo its time for your evening food. Only if you eat well you can feed the baby na

Naira: No dadi till Kartik comes I wont have anything

Swarna: Arrey Manishji told na he sent Kartik for the work

Naira: Maa I know that yet I did not receive even a call back or text back from him. Im worried and in this I have no mood to eat.

Evening 6 pm 

Kartik reaches home. On seeing him Naira runs to her room and locks herself. Vedika hugs Kartik. Kartik is shocked

Kartik: Vedika whats this?

Vedika: I was worried for you

Kartik pushes her away and walks in

Swarna: Where were you? Did you know how worried Naira is ?
Kartik: Maa sorry an emergency work

Swarna: Dont tell anything to me. Naira is upstairs go and convince her first

Kartik walks up and knocks the door

Kartik: Naira please open the door jaan

Naira: I wont. How dare you go without informing me?

Kartik: Oh fo that means you did not see the note on the dresser

Naira: What?

Kartik: Haan go and see

Naira rushes to the dresser and finds a note

Note: Naira..Im going out for an important work. Will be back by evening. There network issues are prevalent so wont be able to call or text. Dont be worried and stay happy

Naira has tears and opens the door. Once she sees him closer Naira throws herself on him

Naira: Sorry Kartik. I was

Kartik: I knew it thats why I left a note there on the dresser so that you can see it as soon as you wake up

Naira: Why there?

Kartik: You always check yourself in the dresser once you wake na thats why

Naira: Idiot once I wake up I check on you and if you aren’t there other works dont go normally and today I did not go to the dresser

Kartik: Thats why you did not see it..but I heard that you did not eat anything from morning. Is it true?

Naira nods

Kartik cups her face with his hands

Kartik: Itna dar? Par kyu?

Naira: It has no reason mendak.
Kartik: Now come Ill feed you. (In mind: Naira I went for our daughter. I have almost found her. She will be with us in a day or two. I know you will be so happy to know that but once I get her then Ill inform you)

Kartik feeds Naira and pampers her.



  1. Awesome😍😍 episode..waiting for the next episode…..waiting to see the reaction of naira when karthik will come with their daughter…please bring back kaira baby….please😊

    1. Sai07

      Hey Sapna Thank you so much ❤️❤️Definitely dear its on the way

  2. Kavya_P

    This vedika 🤬
    Interesting precap

    1. Sai07

      Hey Kavya Thank you so much 😍😍. Dont worry she will be gone soon ❤️

  3. Nice one!! Interesting precap..waiting to see naira’s reaction!!!! Upload soon…create some drama for ending vedika’s track…no kidney drama..but something interesting

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kaira its on the way. ❤️❤️ Sure dear and no kidney track for sure 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Wow… Loved the episode 💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰

    1. Sai07

      Hey Shreya So happy that you loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Today’s episode was very awesome!💖💖💖💖💖💖
    Finally he found that Leela🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Hope they find the baby soon😇😇😇😇😇
    Well it would be nice if Vedika would go away with Akshat or something..
    Saawan Milni is that swing festival isn’t it?
    I really love this ff akka… it becomes more and more interesting episode by episode..😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰💗💗💗
    Waiting for next episode❤❤❤
    Ur ffs rock!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shivani ❤️❤️. Thank you so much dear 🥰Very soon dear 😍😍Wow nice suggestion da. Yes dear its the swing festival only 😍😍. Very very happy that you love this da. Thank you so much 🥰🥰😍😍. It has been uploaded dear ❤️

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