Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 4

Kartik leads Naira to the bench nearby. She rests her head on his shoulder and he holds her

Naira: Kartik I wish maa

Kartik: Everything will fall into place soon. You dont worry

Naira: Why should I when you are with me? Patha hai Kartik I was so upset till today but now you have come as a new hope

Kartik: Ill never leave you anymore. Its a promise my jaan

They have some good time

Kartik : Baap re it’s getting late..you have to have your food on time and sleep on time. Ill take you home

Kartik drops her home and rushes to Goenka house. As he enters Ashi jumps on him

Aashi: Hai Kartik its been so long since I met you

Kartik: Hey Ashi its good to see you back yaar

Swarna gets happy to see them

Manish: Swarna you go and take rest

Kartik: Haan maa

Swarna: You be with Aashi Ill go

Swarna walks in

Aashi: I heard about Naira from Surekha chachi..she must be upset right. But Kartik dont leave her for Maa. Maa is angry and once her anger calms down she will forgive Naira

Kartik : I can never dream of leaving Naira

He tells about his plan

Aashi: Ill be there with you in this Woh actually..Kartik..dont get me wrong…Swarna maa called me to marry you..she ..she wants…

Kartik is shocked

Aashi: Kartik I could not deny her invitation as I knew that she was upset. But I cannot marry you…because you are my friend. Ill help you and Naira to convince her

Akhil: Till then you …

Kartik: We will put up an act Chachu..in front of maa as per plan

Luv Kush: We will help bhabhi too

Kartik gets happy. The scene freezes 

Its Kartik’s room mid night

Kartik misses Naira terribly and is unable to sleep.

Kartik: I guess I have to go there

Kartik sneaks out like a mouse. He walks down the stairs and is caught by Manish

Manish: Betaaaa

Kartik: Papa woh…pani pani

Manish: Kitchen is in that direction. What are you doing here?

Kartik: Woh,,sorry I forgot

Manish holds his ear

Manish: Im your papa…dont try to cheat me..you are going to meet Naira right?

Kartik: Papa chodiye…haann….

Manish leaves him

Manish: Go carefully. Dont wake up all of them

Kartik: Ill not papa

Kartik gets out. Meanwhile Naira is missing Kartik. She is not upset like the previous the day but she is not happy like a normal day. She closes her eyes and hugs her pillow to go to sleep just then she feels a hand on her and opens her eyes to see Kartik.

Kartik: Missing me?

Naira hugs him tight

Kartik: What happened Naira?

Naira : Nothing 

Kartik: Now sleep. You have to sleep on time and wake up on time

Kartik makes her lie down and puts her to sleep by caressing her head.

Its next morning when Kaira wake up in each other’s embrace

Naira: Kartik..get back soon..maa will be searching 

Keerthi comes in with two coffees

Naira: Bhabhi you knew that he is here?

Keerthi: Haan

: I told. I only opened the gate for bff. And he climbed to your window

Kartik : Thank you pretty lady

Keerthi: Kartik..Aashi has told that you are put for a jog to maa so you better change to a jogging outfit and then go

Kartik: Okay..

Kartik rushes down.

Devyani: I made Kachori for you

Kartik: Ill have it once I come back

All : Come back?

Kartik: Aur kya..paternity leave

Naira: That can be taken in last few months if you want to..why now? 

Keerthi: Even maternity leave will not be from first month Kartik

Kartik: Arrey she will have morning sickness in this time. I have to be with her..aur mahina kya I dont want to miss even a second

Naksh: But maa

Kartik: Ill tell her that Im going to office and come back here with files. Do work and be with Naira

Kartik rushes out saying this

Naksh: Wait a minute

He pours water here and there on him

Keerthi: Naksh..?

Naksh: Arrey sweat yaar…

Naira: What will be do about the car?

Mishti: I have an idea

Kartik: Whats it?

Mishti: Ask Driver to pick it from the street start. You park it there and jog your way home

Kartik: Super

Kartik leaves. Everyone except Naira laugh at this morning filled with lies. The scene freezes 


  1. Kavya_P

    Lies lies
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      Thank you so much Kavya ❤️❤️It has been uploaded now dear

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  5. Amazing one….loved it a lot…kaira missing each other was romantic…thank god Aashi is here to help kaira but please don’t turn her negative…
    Kartik’s bag of lies…poor Kartik..how many more lies to come?? Eagerly waiting for the next one… upload soon!!

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kaira ❤️😍🥰 Sure dear Ashi is not negative here ❤️❤️Next has been uploaded dear ❤️😍😍 And yeah lots of lies on the way

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