Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti finds the way to get rid of Amangal’s shadow

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maruti searching Amangal’s shadow and flying in the sky. He thinks he has to search him. Shani Dev tells his wife that maruti couldn’t win from him. His wife tells that Maruti is a little boy and asks how is this your victory? He says your words are clear and it shows that you have love for Maruti and doubt on my capability. He says until I am sure then he can’t use his powers. Shani Devi’s wife thinks to do something. Maruti finds a shadow and comes down on the ground. He hears someone singing. Sugreev tells Roma that Kesari is making plans to attack Kishkinda. Roma says what was Kesari’s mistake and tells that you had only spoken bad about him, Kesari was silent. Sugreev tells that he will talk to Kesari and apologize to him. Kesari also decides to call off the war. Anjani is relieved. Maruti comes to Shani dev’s wife and greets her calling her Mata. She blesses him and asks why he came to the jungle. Maruti tells that he is searching a shadow who calls himself as amangal. Shani Dev’s wife asks if he can catch his shadow. Maruti tries to catch his own soul, but fails. He asks her to tell him in easy words how to catch the amangal shadow. She says you have to find the reason for the shadow. Maruti understands and tells that he will change the mangal’s position to good. He asks if it is mangal grah. She says you are intelligent and blesses him.

Sugreev comes to Kesari and apologizes to him. He says we shall end the differences between us. Kesari says even I want the same. He asks for a hug. They are about to hug each other, just then Amangal captures both of them. They both look angrily at each other.

Maruti is on the way to the mangal planet (MARS). Shani Dev sees him travelling to Mangal grah and tells that he won’t let him succeed. Sugreev asks Kesari why he came to Kishkinda. Kesari says I came to make you realize that you have insulted King Kesari. Sugreev says you are maharaj bali’s wealth rakshak. Kesari taunts him saying that Bali don’t think him competent. He says you have to give your life for your words. Shani Dev makes Maruti enter somewhere else. Maruti gets tensed. Kesari and Sugreev starts fighting. Maruti again tries to reach the mangal grah and finally reaches Budh Grah (Mercury). The Budh Grah’s God appear before him and guides him towards the Mangal grah. He tells that it is very far from here. Anjani and Roma come to know about the fight between their husbands. Anjani says we have to stop them. Sugreev and Kesari are fighting still. Nandi says how can two friends become enemies. Mahadev says body is made by 5 tatva and tells that if any of the tatva gets increased in the body then person behaves that way. He says fire is increased in their bodies due to Amangal’s shadow. He says if Maruti couldn’t reach Mangal then nothing can be done. Shani Dev creates hurdles on Maruti’s way and says you can try, but you can’t save your family, I will get you engaged in the universe from where you can’t come. Maruti sees a black ball/chakra coming towards him. He recalls Brahmadev’s boon and fools the chakra. Shani Dev says this is impossible and thinks he wants to control him else the stability on the earth will be ruined. Roma and Anjani come to Sugreev and Kesari and stop them. Maruti reaches Mangal grah. Shani Dev says Neelam will stop you and shows the diamond. Maruti couldn’t reach Mangal grah and finds the wall in between Mangal grah and him. He tries to break the wall, but fails. He thinks how to reach mangal grah. Shani Dev smiles.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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