Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mandodari tricks Rohini to take her to Amrit

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rishi Angira giving boon like curse to Nul and Neil. Nul and Neil agree. Shri Ram tells Maruti that he has created an important story and tells that when the bride will be made on the sea for my work then Nul and Neil will do this work as their boon like curse will be used then. Mandodari talks to Rohini and thinks she has no other way than this to help her husband. She asks Rohini why there is so much security in Chandra lok, tells that Sainiks surrounded me when I came here. Rohini says there is an important reason because of which, there is a tight security. Mandodari emotionally blackmails her to tell the truth. Rohini tells that she will tell her and asks her not to tell anyone. She tells that amrit is saved here, which came out of samudra manthan. Mandodari says she didn’t know. Rohini says she is always worried for its safety. Mandodari asks can I see it once? Rohini looks sad.

Nul and Neil thanks Maruti. Maruti smiles. Neil tells that he thought Guru ji will turn them into ashes. Nul and Neil argue. Maruti asks them to say why did they steal all that? They tell that they used to steal the books so that they don’t need to learn it. Maruti says Maharaj Vishkarma’s son and shall learn for the benefit of the world. They tell that they can’t concentrate. Maruti tells that even I was mischievous, but since my heart is immersed in my prabhu’s devotion, all the works are done. He persuades them to study. Nul and Neil ask Maruti to let them be with him. Maruti says I am here to do my prabhu’s work. They tell that they will help him do his prabhu’s work.

Rohini tells that she will not refuse her as she is her dear friend. Mandodari tells that she will always be thankful to her. Rohini takes her to the amrit room and shows her amrit kalash’s reflection. Mandodari asks if amrit is inside the water. Rohini says it is just reflection and tells that only your father Maya Danav knows the secret. She says I brought you here to show the reflection and says it is said that if someone asks for anything their their wish is fulfilled. Mandodari thinks she will find out anyhow.

Rishi Angira teaches his students. Akshay tells that they want such a gyaan that they can rule the nation. Rishi Angira says he gives knowledge for people’s betterment, if you think about everyone’s betterment then you will rule on people’s hearts. He says you want to win someone then win from love. Neil and Nul question him, why it is needed to get knowledge. Rishi Angira answers that knowledge is vast and one needs Guru and Gurukul to become knowledgeable.

Maruti asks what is the way to use his knowledge for Prabhu ‘s devotion. Rishi Angira answers him and tells that if someone is spreading adharm in the nation, then you have to gather the sena/team. He says there is a power in unity and this way Adharm will be defeated. Maruti says I got my answers and asks shall I go and do an important work. Rishi Angira says yes. Maruti goes away and finds Shri Ram standing. He runs towards him, calling him Prabhu.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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