Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaikesi alerts Ravan about Lanka in danger

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Narad muni asking Mahadev, what boon did Brahma dev gave to Ravan? Mahadev tells that it was destined to happen, Ravan’s bhakti has reached the heights and tells that Ravan’s bhakti bhav is disastrous. He asks him to remember what Brahmadev told to Ravan at the end. Narad muni tells that even if one devotee don’t worship him then he can’t become God. Mahadev says until truthful devotee stays in world, Ravan can’t become the God. Maruti is shown. Mahadev tells that Ayodhya is filled with devotion. Everyone is happy with Shri Ram’s birth. Maruti tells that it seems Ayodhya has become a temple and says you are the same whom I had seen. He tells that his aim to come here became successful and tells that he will stay with him and will take care of him all life. He says I can’t leave without you my Ram. Dasharath comes there with Rishi Vashisht and asks him to make his kundali and arrange the naming ceremony. Rishi Vashisht says surely. Maruti thinks all the world will know Prabhu’s name and says Jai shri Ram.

Kesari and Anjani come to temple and asks Pandit ji what happened? Pandit ji asks them to come inside and see. They go inside and sees Das mukhi idol. Pandit ji says we can see shri hari in his Das mukh avatar, but it is not clear. Kesari says it is God’s leela and we shall worship the idol. Anjani tells that she is not getting devotion for this idol and reminds him of the golden deer. She says she feels that someone is cheating with their devotion. Pandit ji also doubts foul play. Anjani fears that if they do this idol’s puja then Sumeru might be in danger. Subahu and Maricha hear them from outside. Kesari says we shall talk to Rishi Matang, then only I can decide whether to worship or not. Anjani thinks if Ravan is behind this.

Ravan is shown. Kaikesi comes to him calling him lankesh. Ravan says the matter might be surely important and asks why did you come here? Kaikesi tells that Nar and Vanar are about to meet, if this happens then Lanka will be in trouble. Ravan asks if they will become the reason for my worry. Kaikesi tells that she has felt it. Ravan says everyone in all the three loks, must be thinking how to save themselves from my sight. Kaikesi thinks it will prove costly for them to think their enemy vulnerable. Maruti thinks may be Prabhu is awake and Mata Kaushalya must be sleeping. He goes inside the room to check and finds him asleep. He says you might be tired and sleeping. He says Mata shall not get up. Kaushalya turns her face. Maruti says I will watch you sleeping and swings the cradle.

Rishi Vashisht tells that he feels good to name the Raghukul heir and thanks Maruti. He begins writing Shri Ram’s kundali. Narad muni says this is an amazing sight. Mahadev smiles. Rishi Vashisht tells that he has to make the last boy’s kundali’s first. He makes Kundali for Sumitra’s son. He thinks Surya and Chandra in the same yug, how is this possible. He thinks he shall make the kundali for Kaushalya’s son first. He says makar rashi….thinks he has never seen such thing in any person’s kundali till now. He thinks if he is forgetting something and looks at the kundalis. He thinks he couldn’t find out. Narad muni tells Mahadev, who will do this work? Mahadev says Bhakti is made for Bhagwan and viceversa. He says only Maruti can create Shri Ram’s kundali and you will be with Hanuman in this divine work. Narad Muni thanks Mahadev.

Subahu and Maricha tell that they have kept his idol everywhere, but someone didn’t begin the puja of your idol. Ravan asks why? Kaikesi tells that people don’t have devotion towards Ravan, but they have fear. Ravan says fear is good, which keeps us connected with reality. He says time has come to establish my devotion in people’s mind.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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