Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti executes his idea to catch the culprit

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maruti telling Rishi Angira that he will catch the culprit. Rishi Angira says I want you to find out the culprit and says it won’t be difficult for you. Maruti assures that nothing will be stolen again. Rishi Angira asks him to take rest. Maruti says how can I rest until your work is done. Rishi Angira says good…Maruti goes and thinks it is someone’s mischief. He says someone doesn’t want to study and that’s why stolen the precious books. Nul and Neil come there and tell that Maruti that Guru ji did right to ask him to catch the culprit. They thank him for giving him sweets and sign each other. They tell that someone is behind this conspiracy and tells that the person doing this knows that he will get singhasan for sure. Maruti says you mean Rajkumar. They sign him towards Akshay indirectly and tells that he destroys even havan. Maruti asks who was he? The boy says Rakshas boy. Maruti asks whom, Kumar Akshay. The boys tell that awesome…

Mandodari tells that she will go to get Amrit for her husband. Nul and Neil tie Akshay to the pillar and asks him to accept his doings else he has to face Maruti. Akshay asks them to open his hands and see. Nul and Neil tell that they will free him, but Maruti won’t agree. Neil says we doubt on you, that you steal all Ashram things and throw it in the river. Akshay says this is not true. Nul says all proofs are against you. Neil asks Akshay to apologize to Guru ji else everyone will get punished. Akshay says I will see you once getting freed from here. Nul says you have done a crime. Akshay says I haven’t done anything. Nul and Neil force him to accept the crime even if he didn’t do anything, says that all the students will praise him for saving them. Akshay imagines, but refuses to agree. Nul is about to hit Akshay with his mace, but Maruti comes and stops him. He asks what is going on here? Nul and Neil tell that they tried to help him by tying him. Maruti says you have no right to tie him and frees Akshay. He says it is my work to catch the culprit and asks Nul and Neil to apologize to him. Akshay warns them and goes. Maruti asks them to remember that he will do whatever is needed as Guru dev gave work to him.

Mandodari comes to her father to ask about Amrit’s address. Her father refuses to tell the address and says if he wants Vish then tell me. Mandodari tells that however is he, but he is my husband. Her father refuses to help her. Mandodari says if I didn’t marry Ravan then he would have killed you. His father says if I had die then it would have been better than bearing this. Mandodari tells that it was daughter’s duty to do that to save her father and now she is doing his wife’s duty. Nandi asks Mahadev, what is the story behind Ravan’s forced marriage with Mandodari. Mahadev says Devi Mandodari was an apsara and her name was Mathura…he says once she tried to woo me, when Devi Parvati came to know about this, then she cursed Mathura to become frog in the river and be there all her life. Mathura pleaded infront of her and her curse becomes less. He tells that Mathura was reborn as Mandodari. He says when Ravan saw her, he proposed marriage to her. He says Mandodari was helpless to agree to marry Ravan to save her father. He says today she is helpless to save her husband due to her wife’s duties.

Maruti comes up with an idea. He tells that Guru dev called Ved for me from Kashi and shows to Nul and Neil. Akshay asks which Ved is this? Maruti tells that there are mantras to call Devtas during havan. Neil asks in which language, it is written. Maruti says if you read it then will understand and tells that this is good news, that we have to learn this Ved. Akshay says if it gets stolen then. Maruti says I will catch that culprit soon and thinks my plan has started.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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