Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti returns for his people

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Hanuman making Akshay gain consciousness. Akshay apologizes to Maruti. Jaamvant comes back to Sumeru, thinks if everything is fine? He thinks why nobody is seen, is everyone went? He sees Surili, Bandu and others unconscious. He thinks what happened to them, says tell something else I can’t help. He goes to call the Vaid. Kaikesi gets happy knowing Taadka has made the vanars helpless by snatching their souls. Taadka and Kaikesi laugh. Taadka asks her to let her go so that she can take the powers inside which she snatched from them. Kaikesi asks her to go surely and says Vanar’s episode is over, now it is Nar’s turn. Jaamvant brings Vaid there. Vaid checks them and tells that their condition is very strange, tells that they have praan tatva, but not having jeevan urja. Jaamvant asks what does it mean? Vaid says if they don’t get urja/life then they can’t be alive. Jaamvant asks if they will die? Vaid tells that there is some bad power behind this and tells that only God can save him. Jaamvant thinks he shall inform Hanuman. Akshay tells Maruti that he promises him that he will not do anything wrong, will study well and Vanars will be his friends. Maruti tells that everyone will get the learning altogether and will make his kul proud. Akshay promises him and thinks a vanar and a rakshas can’t be friends, I will remember always how you defeated me and I will take revenge on you. He says I will only kill you. Shri Ram appears before Akshay and tells that Hanuman is Mahadev’s avatar and you are one among them who are egoistic. She says they had given you a chance to change you, but now you have lost the chance. He says you will be killed by Hanuman in Lanka. Rishi Angira tells Maruti that he is feeling proud that he is his Shishya. He says what I couldn’t do, you have done and brought Akshay on the right path. He blesses Maruti. Maruti says it is your and Prabhu’s blessings.

Maricha comes to Taadka and alerts her saying that Vanar boy is alive. Taadka asks how did you feel? Maricha says if he had been here then would have fought for his people’s life. He tells that the boy whose urja power, you have captured was an ordinary boy. He tells that the vanar’s name was Hanuman. Taadka tells that she doesn’t need to search him, as he will come by himself, searching his people. Maricha says Maruti will come to the death trap unknowingly. Asuri Taadka laughs.

Jaamvant comes to Maruti and tells him that their Kingdom is in grave situation. He says you have to come with me, else everyone will die. Maruti asks what has happened? Jaamvant tells everything. Maruti tells Rishi Angira that he has to go to his Place. Rishi Angira permits him to go and protect his kingdom. He hopes Maruti returns to his Guru kul once Sumeru is stable. Maruti comes back to Sumeru and looks at Surili. She says nothing will happen to you all, until I am alive. Jaamvant says we have to find out who has done this? Maruti uses his divine powers and sees everything. Jaamvant asks did you find out? Maruti says this is Lankesh Ravan’s conspiracy, he had sent Asuri Taadka, to pull out the urja from the bodies. Jaamvant says I will come with you. Maruti asks him to be there. He says Rakshasi Taadka, I am coming to destroy your conspiracy.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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