Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Shri Ram guides Maruti to return home

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maruti hugging Anjani and smiling. Ram Shri Ram plays……Anjani tells that she is upset with him and don’t want to talk to him. Maruti says then why did you hug me? Anjani says I flowed in emotions, but I am very angry with you. Anjani greets Maharaj Dasharath and his wives. Dasharath and his wives welcome her. Kaushalya says I will take you to your room so that you can rest for sometime. Maruti thinks it seems Mata is upset with me, how to convince her. Kaikesi sees Ravan returning. Ravan greets her. Kaikesi does his aarti and says I am sure that you have succeeded and killed the human, who will become the reason for your destruction. Ravan says I have to end your doubt and tells that there is nobody who can defeat me and can face me. He tells that my father came to the battle field and freed me from the pitr rin and that’s why I am coming empty handed. He says I am not repenting as I am vidhaata Ravan. He folds his hands and goes. Kaikesi gets worried and thinks Swami is locked in Karagar/jail.

Kaushalya tells that Maruti came in their lives are a blessing and says if he has not come then we couldn’t feel the motherly feeling. She tells that they and the people of Ayodhya are debted to him. Maruti asks Kaushalya to say that he was busy. He tells that he will have food with his Mata. Anjani says I am not hungry and had food. Kaushalya hears her son crying and says it seems Ram woke up, I will be back. She goes. Maruti apologizes to Anjani and tells that she has to tell him so many things and was waiting to talk to her. Anjani says you have sent the message that you are happy here and don’t want to return to Sumeru. Maruti asks her to punish him and says I will do as you says. Anjani asks him to return to Sumeru today itself and asks if he can do this. Maruti thinks what did Mata order me to do.

Kaikesi comes to the karagar with Subahu and Maricha. She asks where are the karagaar sainik? She says she is doubtful and asks if you all have seen his Kaya/soul. Maricha says that Rishi Vishrava came there in reality. They get inside the karagaar and see the foot prints. Subahu touches it and gets pushed away. Kaikesi closes her eyes and sees Mahadev. She says it is Mahadev’s foot impression. Maricha asks if Mahadev had come here. Kaikesi leaves from there.

Maruti comes to Shri Ram and tells that he can’t disobey Mata’s order and can’t leave him also. He asks what to do Prabhu. I didn’t see you properly or taken care of you well. He decides not to go to Sumeru. Shri Ram appears infront of him in child avatar and calls him Hanuman. Maruti greets him. Shri Ram asks if he will disobey his mother for his devotion. Maruti says I don’t have any option. Shri Ram tells that Mata is the supreme of all. Maruti tells that his mother comes first for him, but how to go leaving you here? Shri Ram tells that they will meet there as they are meeting now, and tells that he stays in his heart and he is seeing her in this avatar as he has imagined him in this avatar. Maruti closes his eyes and sees him. He says Jai Shri Ram. He says I have understood everything, whenever I have to see you, I will see in my heart. He says Jai Shri Ram…..

Anjani tells Kaushalya that she asked Maruti to return to sumeru, but he got sad hearing this. Kaushalya tells that Maruti and Ram have a special connection and love. She says if Ram is crying then he laughs going to Maruti’s lap. Anjani says I know that….Kaushalya says he has to go, I can understand. Anjani says I never forced him to do something. Maruti comes there and says I got the solution. He says I don’t have to leave Ram as he will come with me to Sumeru. Anjani says he is baby and can’t stay without his mother. Maruti says he is in my heart and I will take him.

Ravan asks his Dashanan Maha Pandit avatar about what his astrology says. His Pandit avatar tells that you have become Vidhaata undoubtedly. He tells that this time is precious for us and this victorious journey shall not end. He asks him not to worry if some bad news come, as there is surely good thing is hidden behind the bad news. Kaikesi comes there and calls Lankesh/Ravan. Ravan asks what bad news you have brought? Kaikesi says I have brought the proofs too and shows him Mahadev’s feet impressions in karagar. Ravan sees that and looks shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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