Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti decides to take Dasharath’s message to Ravan


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kaushalya making Shri Ram ready. Maruti thinks once he gets ready, he will make him wear garland. Kaushalya tells that he is small and asks him to make him wear garland when he grows up. Maruti tells that he is not small and asks her to see from his sight. Kaushalya asks him to present the mala infront of God’s idol. She takes baby Ram from there. Maruti thinks why to keep it in the temple, when Prabhu is with me. Shri Ram appears infront of him and tells that he is amazed seeing his love for him. Maruti shows the garland and tells that he has made this for him. Shri Ram takes the garland from his hands and makes him wear it. Maruti says what did you do Prabhu and says it shall be on your neck. Shri Ram tells that he wanted to give respect to his devotion and that’s why made him wear garland and asks him to hug him. Maruti hugs him. Shri Ram plays…….

Maruti thinks I will never take out this garland as Prabhu made me wear this. Everyone feels the earth quake. Ravan comes in his vahan. Dasharath and Sumitra get worried for the people. Maruti tells that nothing can happen to this land as it is Prabhu’s land. Ravan touches the water of a river and tells that it gives moksh to the people. He tells that he has to make Dasharath remind that there is only one Raja, that’s him. He asks Subahu and Maricha to attack Dasharath so that they don’t get a chance to handle themselves. He swears to the river that if Dasharath doesn’t agree to his words then he has to make the blood flow again.

Rishi Vashisht tells that there is no possibility of any inauspicious thing. Just then Maricha and Subahu come there. Subahu says they are sons of Mata Taadka. Maricha says we are the messenger of Vidhaata Ravan and brought his message. Dasharath says Ravan’s messenger. Maruti laughs and asks who is this vidhaata who needs the messenger to send the message. Subahu asks you know him. Maruti asks if you don’t know then why are you asking me. Subahu says I know. Maruti says there is only one Vidhaata who is the Swami of all three loks. Subahu says his name is Ravan. Dasharath asks what is the message? Maricha tells that Ravan has come to Ayodhya. Subahu tells Dasharath that wherever Ravan keeps his foot, that kingdom becomes under him. Dasharath shouts and says if you both utter any more word then will lose your lives. Maruti tells that they are devoted to God and asks them to ask Ravan to go back to his Kingdom. Subahu says these big talks doesn’t suit for a small kid and tells that his destiny is good that Ravan is not here. Maruti says your destiny is good that you came here as an messenger else I would have shown you what I would have done with you in the battle field. Subahu says this is not good. Dasharath asks them to go.

Mahadev asks Nandi and Bhringi to think that whatever is happening is the base of the future incidents. Dasharath says Ravan has entered my land, we have to punish him. Rishi Vashisht says yes, he shall be punished. Jaamvant says if we don’t do anything then he will think himself as a winner. Dasharath plans for a war. Maruti asks Dasharath to talk to Ravan once. Dasharath tells that the devils don’t understand the talks. Rishi Vashisht agrees with Maruti. Jaamvant tells that they shall send a messenger to Ravan. Maruti tells Jaamvant that he will go. He tells Dasharath that Jaamvant kaka will go and I have to go along with him, as it is Mata’s orders. Rishi vashisht tells that may be Maruti will change Ravan’s heart. Dasharath says ok.

Ravan scolds his uncles and asks why they have become silent and defeated. Maruti comes to Shri Ram and asks for his blessings, touching his feet. Vishnu blesses him. Subahu asks for another chance and says we will not upset you. Ravan says he don’t have any hopes from them. He says even Raja Dasharath is walking on his ancestors path. He says I have to do the same with Dasharath what I have done with Raghuvanshi and other kings. He asks them to make arrangements of war. Maruti says Jai shri Ram.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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