Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anjani decides to go to Ayodhya

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maruti looking at Shri Ram and tells that he is looking very beautiful while resting. Kaushalya comes there and asks Maruti to have food. Maruti tells that he had all the laddoos sent by Mata and asks them to have food. He says he will be with Prabhu. Kaushalya says ok and goes. Subahu tells that they got ordered from Ravan that these ashes shall not get land. He asks Maricha to blow the ashes so that it gets wandered in the sky till Anant kal. Maricha chants the mantra and makes the Ashes go in the sky. The ashes fly and come to Ayodhya’s Palace and falls on Ram’s cradle. Maruti thinks what is this? He thinks what is this, ashes? Devi Parvati asks Mahadev what is this leela? Mahadev tells that when Vedvati surrendered herself in agni and became nearer to Vishnu. Parvati says that’s why the ashes came to Vedvati. Mahadev tells that hanuman will become the reason for justice to Vedvati. Maruti comes out and finds ashes scattered in the sky. He thinks if this is related to my Prabhu. Shri Ram gives him darshan in a child avatar and calls Maruti as Hanuman. Maruti turns and sits infront of him with folded hands. Shri Ram says you are thinking right, these ashes are related to me. Maruti asks how? Shri Ram asks him to think that this is the result of adharm on my bhakt.

Maruti asks him to tell who is he and says I will destroy him. Shri Ram says I will tell you when the right time comes, but for now you have to make these ashes come on land using your divine powers and keep it safely. Maruti says ok and bring the ashes down. He thinks he has to keep it safely. Subahu comes to Ravan and tells that they have sent Vedvati’s ashes to the sky. Maricha tells that you know my powers and tells that it might have settled in the sky. Ravan says burn it. Maricha thinks he is asking about burning him and says no. Subahu signs him that he is talking about lamps. Ravan tells that he is the devoted to beauty. Kaikesi calls Ravan.

Maruti asks Dharti maa/Bhudevi to give darshan to him. Bhudevi comes and asks him why did he call her. Maruti tells that Prabhu asked him to keep these ashes safely. Bhudevi says these ashes must be important and secure the ashes in the pot. Shri Ram Jai Jai Ram…plays…..Bhudevi disappears along with the ashes.

Kaikesi tells that Vishnu’s idols are placed again. Ravan tells that he has killed a big devotee Vedvati. He tells that the vulnerable devotees just knows to give curse and recalls her curse. Matang Rishi tells that Prabhu’s idols are placed again and the devotees have started the puja. Anjani tells that she has a feeling that Prabhu is born on the land. Kesari reminisces Maruti. Anjani hopes to meet Prabhu and Maruti. Someone brings Maruti’s letter from Ayodhya. Kesari reads it and tells Anjani that her son is fine and happy.

Anjani reads Maruti’s letter and gets tensed knowing he doesn’t want to return. He asks her to get relieved from his duty and that he is happy to serve his Prabhu. Anjani gets angry and tells Kesari that they will go to Ayodhya today.

Ravan and Kaikesi greet them Kul Guru’s idol. Ravan asks why are you worried? Kaikesi tells that boon and the curse don’t go waste. Ravan tells that nothing can harm him. Kaikesi asks him not to forget that Raghukul had given you curse when you went there. Ravan recalls and says Raghukul. He recalls killing a Raghuvanshi by betrayal and getting curse from him that a Raghuvanshi will kill him in Ayodhya. Kaikesi tells that Raghukul’s Raja Dasharath became Chakravartin Samrat, when you was immersed in your prayers. Ravan laughs and says this is the right time. I will go to Ayodhya, if Dasharath accepts my orders then it is good else more good, as I will do his condition so bad in the battlefield that no Raja will dare to face me. He says I will see who will become my enemy in Raghukul.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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