Kahani Dosti aur Ishq ki ( Tashan e Ishq and Swaragini) Episode 8

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Saying that Twinkle was angry , would be an understatement . She couldn’t understand her husband. He kept his silence when she was being kicked out of the house , but now all of a sudden he is so excited and he wants her to return ? As her husband , does he not care about what she feels at all ? Does he not care about her self respect ? Hadn’t he promised her that he will never let her down ? Then how could he even say something like this ? Like wow, this guy really thinks that she would go back after facing all that insult ? Yes, they are her family. But that didn’t give them the right to constantly hurt her . She too thought that everything was her fault in the beginning . She thought that maybe she always ended up doing something wrong. But she realised that this was the fate of almost many girls .

Their in laws wouldn’t accept them and Twinkle being a feminist decided to choose her pride and self respect this time as opposed to what she had been doing earlier . She had decided not to forgive so easily . Yes, she loved this man , but she had come to realise that it was not just Usha , but even Kunj who had wronged her . He had often misunderstood her and refused to trust her . She is aware that it was her fault for blaming him for something that Yuvraj had done (farmhouse incident), but Kunj could have TRUSTED her and told her the truth when he learned that it was Yuvraj’s fault . Instead he welcomed Yuvraj in their humble abode , aware of the fact that Yuvraj was capable of misbehaving with his wife .

She knew it was not fair on her part to put the blame on him, but she wasn’t the only one wrong right ? Infact , she had suffered more than him and yet she had always been expected to forgive him . Her husband was not like this . She knew that Kunj was a true gentleman . She always felt that he was one of the reasons chivalry was alive . But, in his angst, he was doing things that he would have never done. She had to give him a piece of her mind . She wanted him to know that she too had feelings. She needed him to know that though he had been there for her, he was unable to protect her from getting hurt . She had spoken to Usha and spoke her heart out , but will she even care ? She knew that her husband would . She knew this is going to hurt him , but he does need to realise that she wasn’t the only one who was wrong . She spoke -“Kunj, why are you talking about home ? I don’t belong there . It’s YOUR home , not mine . So , why should I come there ? It’s not like I was ever treated as a member of the family by your mother , so it doesn’t make sense for me to come and live there right ?

This is just a stupid thought Kunj .” Kunj who got angry when she said this, held her tight by her shoulder and spat out – ” What do you mean Twinkle ? It’s your home too , you are my wife and now that Papa is fine Maa will let you come back home .” Twinkle had jerked seeing his anger , but didn’t let her fear show , she said with a sarcastic smile, freeing herself from his hold -” Wow , Kunj …. So , you want me to go back to the house,where I am given no respect ? You want me to live in a place where I lost my dignity and self respect ? Really Kunj ? What has happened to you ? First , you blamed me , you pushed me away and now you want me back ? If something like this happens again in the future , you would blame me and then you would again want me back ? I’m a person Kunj .. I have feelings …. I can’t be expected to forgive everything just like that .”

With that Twinkle walked away . Both husband and wife had tears in their eyes because of what had just happened . While one stood there overwhelmed , unable to digest such harsh words from his wife , the other walked away cursing herself for hurting him , but at the same time relief washed over her as she finally felt some weight lift off her shoulders because of letting her feelings out .

Now let’s go back in time and see what happened a few hours ago after Twinkle left .
Swara and Lakshya were in his room . Lakshya was still confused with Ragini’s behaviour . He was wondering how she could show him so much ‘Tashan’. Swara followed this lost soul and decided to start her investigation regarding Mr. Golu . She had been curious about the Maheshwari family and wanted to know what had actually happened that had led to Sanskaar becoming mentally ill . She had this weird feeling that he was faking it, but shook it off . She decided to ask Lakshya about it , he was her best friend right ? So , he should be able to tell her what had actually happened . But Swara didn’t know how to approach the topic . She had thought of being subtle , but there was no way she could be subtle about this . She just had to cut straight to the point and that’s what she did . Lakshya was taken aback by her question . He didn’t think anyone would ask him about what had happened . Judging by his expressions Swara could tell that there were two possible scenarios – this was either gonna be a very long and sad story or a very lame one which just involved stupid misunderstandings and stuff . But well , she didn’t know it would be both .

Helloooo !! I’m sorry it’s a short update ….. But I’ll try to make the updates longer … Thank you for your comments and support you guys …. it really means a lot …

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  1. Presha

    Hey mittu
    Finely u posted..
    Just loved it..
    U portrayed twinj very well
    Love u
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  2. Epi was superb…..bdw today is my sid baby’s bday….so Happy Birthday dearest Siddhant

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    Superb dear friend

  4. missed you a lot this one was awesome

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    Nice you portray twinj well do post soon

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    Loved it.

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    Loved it

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    Amazing fabulous epi…..

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    fab xx

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    awesome dear….

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    Marvelous episode
    Twinkle did right by choosing her self respect

  12. Sohi

    But plz reveal soon who are the couples of swaragini.
    Do continue
    And sorry for the late comment

  13. Superb episode
    Do continue

  14. Episode was really good
    And twinkle did right

  15. Nice episode

  16. Do continue

  17. Fabulous episode

  18. Reveal soon that who are the couples of swaragini

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