Kahani Dosti aur Ishq Ki-Episode 9

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Episode 9
When Lakshya had finished narrating his sob story , Swara had a few thoughts but chose not to voice them at the moment . She thought to herself , how can a family be so strict , stupid, messed up yet funny at the same time . Yes, she found this story a little funny . Why you ask ? Because Lakshya Maheshwari is an idiot . That’s what she thought atleast . Little did she know that Ragini had similar yet extremely contrasting thoughts . One would wonder, how could their thoughts be similar , yet so different . Oh well, that’s just how swaragini are .Swara felt that taklu uncle was being unreasonable.

Flashback ( with Swara’s running commentary)
5 years back
Sanskaar was a senior in college and being the agyaakari son and nephew , he was everyone’s favourite . But, to be honest the one who was pampered the most was Lakshya . He was very shy and aloof when in public . ( Wait , what ? Lucky ? Shy ? LOL!!) But with his family….oh god , that boy wouldn’t stop talking. ( Now that’s the Lucky I know !!)Sanskaar loved his brother to bits and pieces and was worried that he would be ragged in college .( Huh! That idiot rags people , who will have the guts to rag him ? ) So, he was his protective barrier . One day, when he wasn’t around , a few seniors were ragging Lakshya . Everyone laughed and called Lakshya a wimp, but one girl stood up for him and protected him . She told those boys that she was their senior and gave them a very nice lecture . Her best friends had to hold her back from throwing in a few kicks and dragged her away .( Wait , sounds familiar ………) Lakshya didn’t even get a chance to thank her . But he told his brother about the incident and Sanskaar was grateful to this girl . She protected his brother and stood up for him . He felt different just hearing about her . It was the first time he had thought that way about a girl . He decided to find this mystery saviour . (Wouldn’t it have been easier to just ask Lucky to identify her ? Well, whatever floats your boat I guess …..)According to what she said , she must be from his batch . So, he decided to find her . He had observed every girl in his batch and only one girl fit the description of a bold yet nice and caring person -‘Kavita’. ( Wait , so he kinda like stalked girls now ? Isn’t he supposed to be a gentleman … That’s not creepy at all… hehe ….sooo creepy … hehe) He thanked Kavita , who seemed pretty clueless of what he was saying but she liked that she had finally grabbed his attention . Let’s just get to the point , Kavita was a gold digger . She had been trying to grab Sanskaar’s attention by pretending to be nice . She had been obsessed with him since the first year of college and now she was glad to finally have his attention . So, she continued the facade and gradually Sanskaar fell for her . Lakshya who had overheard Kavita badmouthing Sanskaar and telling her best friend Kavya about her plan of getting married to him immediately after college and then snatch his property. ( Huh ! Sounds like some tv show or movie … wait should I pitch this idea to some producer ?

I can make money …. No ! Swara !! Focus !!) Lakshya immediately went to his daddy and told him that Sanskaar was in a relationship with this gold digger chick . ( Such a snitch . Shouldn’t he have just spoken to his darling Bhai ? Idiot !!) Durgaprasad , in an attempt to protect his darling beta like nephew , kicked him out of the house . ( What ????? How is that going to solve anything ?? He would end up being all sad and gloomy . I mean atleast tell him something !! This would make a horrible movie . These people are just stupid !! I mean just talk to the guy !! He is a teachers pet and also his bade papa’s pet !! He’s gonna be like your wish is my command and break up with her !! Oh my god !! This family is filled with morons !! ) When Sanskaar questioned his badepapa , Durgaprasad said that he was against his relationship and blamed Lakshya the snitch . ( I would like to have two minute silence for the death of a beautiful relationship between brothers . Now he’s gonna hate his brother , cause he thinks his brother is an unreasonable jerk – which he by the way …….. and back to the point ) So, Sanskaar shred few tears and threw in few movie dialogues and all that jazz . He went to Kavita and told her that the only person who remained in his life was her . She freaked out that all her effort was in vain and Sanskaar was now gareeb , so she faked an accident and left for U.S and moved in with her dumb yet rich ex boyfriend . Now , Sanskaar thought that because his bade papa and Lakshya did not like Kavita , they caused the accident . He had decided to seek vengeance for his love .( Love my a*s !! Oops !! Sorry ….) On the other hand , Ramprasad and Sujatha who were on a trip -their second honeymoon of sorts ( blush blush , so cute) returned and were informed about the situation . Durgaprasad thought that when Sanskaar would be kicked out , Kavita would tell him that she was a gold digger and he would come back home and they would all live happily ever after . But, they were all notified of his death . While everyone mourned, Durgaprasad grieved in a different way . He blamed Lakshya for everything. He said that it was because he was shy and introverted that all this happened . Had he not been too scared to stand up for himself , Sanskaar would have never fallen for Kavita . He also blamed him for not telling Sanskaar the truth . ( That’s it …. I’m done , a well deserved sarcastic slow clap for taklu uncle please) Lakshya who was deeply hurt by these words , blamed himself too and decided to change into Lucky to avoid such things in future . Ramprasad felt that it was actually because Sanskaar was kicked out without any proper reasoning that this happened , but did not speak up as he respected and loved his brother . (Oh, uncle ……you are too sweet and smart for your own good ….exactly opposite of that taklu uncle who sold his brain in the same place his son sold) Lakshya would often act out just to gain his father’s attention as Durgaprasad would ignore him. ( Aww… that’s actually kind off sad ….but a little pathetic too…. but mostly sad )That was one of the reasons he had broken off his engagement with Ragini .So that he could grab his father’s attention and his father would speak to him properly atleast once .

(How dare he use my sister as a tool to grab his dad’s attention.!! I’m gonna kill him !! Definitely !!) But the main reason that he broke off the engagement was that he felt he did not deserve Ragini . He actually did not have a proper reason to break the engagement off , so he said that he wanted someone modern . But the truth is , he was in awe of the amazing , kindhearted and innocent person she was . She was fun loving when she was with her close friends and family . Exactly like how he was five years ago . He thought that he was a murderer because of what happened with Sanskaar and did not want Ragini to settle for him. He believed that she deserved the best . But, when Sanskaar came back, there was hope for him , which made him selfish and he wanted to be the man who had the right to call that beautiful woman his . He couldn’t stand it if she showered someone else with her attention, even if it was his own brother . ( Awwwwwww …. Lakshyaaaaaa …. that’s so cute …. Ragu and you would look cute together and you cared so much for my baby sister ….. but wait , that doesn’t change the fact that you hurt her …. but awww …. but I think you should become a poet or a writer cause that was so sweet and touching …… oh my god .. should I write this as a novel …. wait no Swara focus ….. now mission “Lakshya ko pehle sabak sikhao for breaking my Ragu’s heart and then un dono ko Milao ” starts!! Wait that’s too long a name … I’ll abbreviate it later …. but I need a partner in crime tooo … I can’t ask Twinkle or Kunj jeeju cause they are busy in their own thing … and I can’t ask ragu …. wait ….! Stop rambling Swara !! And why are we still in flashback !! Woh toh kabka ho Chuka !!!!)
Flashback ends ( but Swara’s chabbad chabbad will never end )
Now let’s take a break from Swara and go see Ragu .

Ragini was sitting like a lost soul in the park . She was happy that her intuition was right and her love was not wrong, but sad that Sanskaar didn’t know a big chunk of the truth , but -‘used by the fact that the family was filled with morons , but angry that taklu uncle was a jerk face , but even more angry that her heart was fluttering when she heard about Lakshya . So,basically she was an emotional mess .Thank God she left as soon as she heard that Sanskaar’s death was the reason , Lakshya became Lucky….or she would have been even more confused …..She had made one thing clear after listening to all that , that she was going to reunite the brothers. She felt bad for them as their relationship was ruined over something like this. She had tried to put herself and Swara in their shoes and wonder how she would feel if they were separated . The next moment she burst out laughing . Maybe it was telepathy , but she had the same thought that her sister would have had – We aren’t that stupid and moronic . And besides Twinkle would never let that happen . So , she had decide to launch mission -” Pehle Sanskaar ko sach Batao, Lakshya aur Sanskaar ka Bharath Milap karvao, Sanskaar ki madad se Kunj jeeju ko jealous Karke Unse confess karvao ” – wowwww this mission has a bigger name than that of Swara’s …. these two really need to come up with better names for their solo missions. Ragini didn’t really know what order to follow for her mission, but she knew that the first step was telling Sanskaar the truth . So, she headed towards Maheshwari mansion determined to tell Sanskaar the truth .

Hiii guys !! I don’t know if you guys found the whole flashback+commentary thing weird … do let me know !! And also I’m sorry for not having twinj in this epi !! Thank you for all the love that you guys have shown to my fanfiction !! Loads of Love to you dears !! ?

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