Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit suspects Sailesh


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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sailesh going away from Rohit. He gets a call. Rohit looks on. Sonakshi gives prasad to everyone. Akash says I thought to come for puja here. Maid asks Sonakshi to come and make modak. Akash says I will handle it. Pari says I will give the prasad, you go and attend guests. She goes to Rohan and gives prasad. Tanya comes and takes the laddoo. She says Rohan doesn’t like sweets, we will share this. Pari goes.

Akash goes to kitchen and says Suman ji, I will see, you had to add hot water in the flour, outer covering should get peel off, you go, I will handle it, trust me. She asks will you surely do this, thanks, I will see guests. He says no problem, I will handle. Sailesh comes to take water. He gets a call again and says yes, Mhatre ji, I will come soon. Akash

says I m working, talk slow. Sailesh says I m coming Mhatre ji. Rohit comes and looks at him.

He says you are in tension. Sailesh says no. He goes. Akash shows the modak. Rohit says its not your kitchen, you started here also. Akash says I will make good modak, its your Sasural, Sonakshi will get rid of all problems today. Rohit says you are the sweetest Sippy and hugs him. Veena comes and says Sonakshi is stressed, none came from her unit because of media, she is upset, talk to her. Nishi says how can anyone stay here in Goregaon. Pooja asks her not to start it. Suman comes and argues with Nishi. They taunt each other about their daughters. Suman says you would be knowing the pain, when you went through Pooja’s defamation, remember that and then taunt others. She goes. Nishi says how dare she talk to me like that. Pooja says you started it, disgusting.

Sonakshi says no one wants to meet my Ganesh ji this time. Rohit comes and asks what happened. She asks what happened. He says I asked first, mom said you are upset. She says nothing. He says I learnt tv serial dialogues being with you, what’s bothering you. She says modak will be ready. He says no, you said you don’t act in real life, throw this mask and show real Sonakshi, I heard this line in your serial. She says friends, relations changes any moment in our industry, its happening with me, its tough, everyone used to come here for Ganesh Chaturthi, not fair that they didn’t come. He says not fair, you are missing ones who aren’t here, you aren’t valuing who are here, I m with you, no imp of this moment, we did puja together, I got my family here to spend the day with you, no value of this. She says no, you are misunderstanding. He says I will go if this doesn’t matter. She stops him. They fall on the bed. They have an eyelock.

Pooja comes and sees them. She says sorry and turns to go. She sees them lost in each other. She says Rohit… Rohit and Sonakshi get up. He asks what are you doing here. Pooja says I had to go to washroom. He asks her to go. He leaves. Pooja says Rohit really loves you a lot. Sonakshi smiles. Nishi sees Sailesh. Maid asks Sailesh to have samosa and go. He says my boss is calling me. He answers Mhatre’s call and goes. Akash says modak is ready, Sonakshi keep the bhog, Bappa will like the modak.

Maid says Sailesh’s boss was calling him, so he left. Sonakshi puts bhog and then gives modak to everyone. Suman says its sugary. Akash says it got spoiled, the man was talking to some Mhatre, I got disturbed. Suman says its fine, its not too sugary. Rohit asks who was talking to Mhatre. Maid says Sailesh. Rohit says stay here, Sailesh would have gone downstairs. Netra comes. Rohit leaves. Sonakshi asks Netra to come in. Rohit asks watchman for Sailesh. He sees Sailesh leaving. He asks Ravi to get the car. Netra eats prasad. She says I know things aren’t fine. Suman asks Netra not to pretend anything. Netra says I fought with the channel for Sonakshi. Suman says they didn’t agree, right, you don’t know what we are going through, Sonakshi used to run the show, Netra removed Sonakshi. She says Sonakshi will be defamed, you don’t care.

Netra says I understand this. Sonakshi says we have guests at home, we won’t talk. Suman says pandit also refused to come this year, no one came, Netra earned a lot of money by this show, she could have stood by you if you wanted, outsiders won’t have insulted me at my home. Nishi gets angry. Yash tries to stop her. Nishi asks Sukhmani did she get them to hear this. Nishi and Suman argue again. Suman says no one needs Sonakshi now. Nishi says look at this woman, I will not stay in this house, we are going, come Pooja.

Pooja says its enough. Nishi says I feel I m on some third grade television set, so much drama and fight between actor and producer, these tv people won’t learn class. Netra asks what did you say, tv people, this isn’t drama, but reality, you have no courage to hear the truth which I know. Sonakshi says Netra ji, be quiet, please. Netra says don’t stop me today, you were saying nonsense tv show people, if Sonakshi wasn’t a top tv actress, then Pooja’s pics and videos would be on all the mobiles. Everyone gets shocked. Netra says Pooja would have got defamed, you know what Sonakshi did. Sonakshi asks Netra to be quiet. Nishi says no, don’t stop her, I want to know what she wants to say. Sonakshi worries.

Rohit follows Sailesh. He says I have seen them. He gets kidnapped. Naren and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This Nishi and Suman are too much 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️!!! But i would always tell SUMAN RASTOGI is the WORST🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️,,,even though i agree with Pooja👍👍👍,,,,Nishi is filled with PRIDE🖤🖤🖤,,,,she was the one who started,,,but Suman’s were even worse🙄🙄🙄

    Pooja is a SWEETHEART💖💖💖,,,i love her😘😘,,she is cute😍😍 !!! On the other hand,,,Pari is a real devil👿👿👿,,,i loved the way she got a tight slap when TANYA came in between her and ROHAN✌✌✌,,,,and god Rohan should stop his casanova tactics😤😤😤,,,,I wish TANYA comes to know this PARI-ROHAN affair 💏💏and punish them before anything wrong happens🙏🙏

    THANK GOD,,,Netra ji opened her mouth👌👌👌,,,otherwise this Sonakshi devi was bound to hide things. Now Naren will understand that Sonakshi is perfect for his son and family😉😉😉


    updates of 9th september episode??!! how come… am i missing from this world….

  3. @lisa : I agree . Suman and Nishi are too much . Why can’t they for once shut up and try to get along ?!!
    Pooja and Rohan are equally disgusting , why aren’t even paired together . If they wanted another rastogi-sippy pairing they could have had pooja and pulki. Pooja and pulki would have been so cute . Even Ajit and Pari might have been okay , if Pari had been a little nice

    1. @Ronakshi: You meant Pari and Rohan are disgusting right????🤔🤔🤔 Not Pooja nah???🙄🙄 Because i really like Pooja😘😘 and i don’t feel Pulkit-Pooja pair is good👎👎🤮,,,because Pooja looks much older than him🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️,,,but Aj-PAri is fine👍👍

      1. @Lisa: You are correct . I meant Pari and Rohan . Pulki and Pooja might be same age, considering he is studying to be a doctor . Anyways the makers are giving us Pari and Rohan and we have to tolerate the two till the family finds out .

      2. Also , Nishi is older than YK . Never know 😉 I ship pulkit and pooja

  4. I also hope they don’t make the plot like typical serials . I was looking at the upcoming segments , Rohit and Sonakshi are stuck in an ice truck and feeling cold .

    Rohit also tells Sonakshi about pooja being adopted . This might come back to bite her

  5. Lastly , cheers to netraji !!!! Love her

    1. @Ronakshi: No Ronakshi,,,Pulki-Pooja pair sucks !!! 🤮🤮🤮Maybe because i really like Pooja,,,i feel she should get get a tall and handsome bandha😝😝😝😝,,, However more than looks,,,character which Pulki has👍👍👍 But it is personal opinion i’m not against your opinion Ronakshi,,, i just told what i’m feeling about that pair

  6. Ahh..wanted the truth to be out for once and all.. Enjoyed the epi… Don’t have much to say

  7. Nishi I could tolerate more than Suman but now I think they’re just as bad as each other. Nishi was so rude and arrogant she thinks she’s much better than the Suman but she’s just like her but gets away with it because of her status. The rest of the family aren’t snobs like her.

    1. No dear!!! Suman is much worser than Nishi,,Nishi is just filled with pride so she behaves so,,but,,,suman i guess is genuinely cruel that is why she even treats her children and others,,,okay we can justify that her situations made her to turn cruel but we can’t justify that her situations is forcing her to do WRONG!!!,,,It’s one’s own decision which makes them choose RIGHT or WRONG

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