Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi reveals the past to Raima

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raima threatening everyone. She scolds Sonakshi. Some time back, Yash comes to Rohit. He says I m sorry, I know this happened because of my mum. Rohit says its fine, Raima had to know this some day, its not your fault, don’t feel guilty. He tells about the film scene. Yash corrects him. Rohit says I was in love with Raima, she went in coma, I tried to find her, I got friendly with Sonakshi, now I love her and Raima is back, I m happy but is this any timing. Yash says we don’t have control on this. Rohit says yes, but how can Lord do this, just fine Raim, she has to be safe. Rohit says I feel I m a tv serial heroine, I cry often, I want to find Raima.

Pari says I liked the service, I feel fresh, my husband was busy today. She talks to the lady. Deepa asks

where was he busy. Pari gets shocked seeing her. Raima sees someone coming. Deepa says don’t lie to me about Rohan, he is married, you will be ruined, stop it. Pari says I know he is married, why would I have an affair with him. Deepa says don’t you act smart with me, I don’t want Rohan and Tanya’s marriage to break. Pari taunts her. Deepa slaps her and asks her to stay in limits, else she will expose her in front of the family. She goes. Pari gets angry. Naren takes care of Veena and worries. He says this is not done. She says I promise I will take care, you are crying, let me click a pic. He laughs.

She says Rohit is also like you, he learnt immense love from you, I trust him, he can’t take a wrong decision, Sonakshi…. Naren says its better that he chooses Raima, Sonakshi isn’t good for this family. Sumit asks Rohit to come. Rohit says Maninder. Sumit asks who, its my real name, I changed my name for tv, Sonakshi is inside. Sonakshi says talk to Raima, I m with you, do what you find right. Raima argues with them. He asks her to sit and talk like mature adults. Raima takes a knife. She asks him to leave else she will cut her hand. She scolds Sonakshi. Rohit says I was going to tell you the truth, you don’t care for me, I understood that you moved on, you chose Sonakshi, she left me there in that condition that night. Rohit says no, Sonakshi didn’t leave you. Sumit catches her. Rohit takes the knife from her hand. Rohit puts Raima in the cupboard.

Sonakshi asks him to free her. Rohit says calm down and then we will talk. Sumit asks Raima to please calm down. Raima says fine, I m calm. Rohit asks can we sit and talk. She says yes. He opens the cupboard. He gives her oxygen supply and water. He asks her to stay calm and hear Sonakshi once. Raima asks why. Rohit says if you throw tantrums, I will slap you. Sonakshi starts telling her. Pari says Deepa slapped me, I m so angry. Rohan says calm down Pari, let me handle this. He leaves and says I have to do something of Deepa. He comes home. Tanya asks why are you in stress, did you get your car. He says yes. She asks is there stress about shoot. Rohan says no. Deepa comes there.

Raima says you also believed her story, you trust her a lot, right. Rohit says yes, I believe her more than myself. Sonakshi says its strange, we all are connected with that date. Sumit says yes, right, I got married that day. Sonakshi says Raima, I came between you and Rohit, he was living in his past, he was waiting for you, love doesn’t mean dying with love, one who dies waiting for love is also love, I took a decision when I was coming here, its true that I love Rohit a lot, its also true that you are his priority now, I respect that, so I decided to step back. Rohit gets shocked.

Sonakshi says Rohit is yours and will always be yours. Raima says if you decided this, then you may leave. Sumit says Sonakshi isn’t lying, shall I go out. He goes. Raima asks Sonakshi to go. Mat jaa re…plays… Rohit holds Sonakshi. She cries and says this is right. She goes. Raima comes to hug him.

Suman sees Raima and Rohit at the door. Raima says we are so happy, we want to tell you, we are together. She asks Rohit to say he loves her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m glad Deepa gave her a slap, instead of acknowledging she’s in the wrong Pari tried to give Deepa attitude glad Deepa put her in her place. If Parinwas a nice person it’s bad enough but she’s actually such a horrible person. I hope Deepa doesn’t let Rohan intimidate her and sorts him out as well.

    I’m hoping in the precap Raimas only taking Rohit there to step back herself because why would you want to be with someone that you know loves someone else.

    1. @ Lucy : Agree with you . Rohit loves Sonakshi and if Raima stays with Rohit she is only going to hurt herself and all 3 of them will be unhappy .

      Rohan is going to learn a lesson. Pari is no Tanya , he cannot just dump her . She won’t be quite

      1. @ Lucy and Ronakshi
        This is the end of Raima’s character😌😌😌,,,all that she is doing is acting to prove to ROHIT and SONAKSHI that they are are deeply in love with each other and are are incomplete without each other😍😍😍. Tomorrow is her last scene with this plot😥😥😥. I feel bad for her but her decision is the best for everyone’s happiness✌✌.

        And yean i too agree with you guyzz about ROHAN-PARI👍👍👍, first of all DEEPA should give two good slaps🤛🤛 to Rohan and put him in his place🤬🤬🤬,,and Pari needs to get more slaps from Sonakshi and Suman to get her into her goddamn head🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ that what Deepa said was absolutely correct she should not try to break Rohan’s marriage🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️,,i hope it happens next because i’m really tired of this irritaing affair of Rohan-PAri🤞🤞🤞

  2. Sumit is funny 😆 . Looks like his wife has left him , that’s why the change .

    I liked the episode as I am not worried about Raima . The promos clearly show her uniting them and she even hugs Sonakshi and Rohit looks very happy . I think it will happen tommorrow . They could have dragged it a bit . Wouldn’t mind seeing raima slowly realising that Rohit no longer loves her . It is difficult to keep bringing in new plots if they keep finishing old plots. But Raima is just like Rohit not sure what they liked about each other. It’s like falling in love with yourself . Both are a bit crazy but nice ppl .They both need someone sensible . Not sure if sumit is the one for Raima . But I am starting to like sumit .

    Pari is annoying as usual . She has no respect for anyone and deserved that slap. I thought Rohan would stop the affair and apologise but looks like he won’t . I hope he doesn’t cause problems for Deepa . Anyways I think she can handle herself .

    Naren is so irritating . What is his problem with Sonakshi ???!!! He barely knows Raima and wants Rohit to choose her . I am sure Rohit is not going to listen to him .

    1. @Ronakshi Abhi bohot plot hain.. Ronakshi marriage, after marriage they both have to co operate.. Naren’s past, pooja’s adoption secret, rohan-pari blunder.. Waise v main plot hain how ronakshi will maintain their relationship because “kahaan hum kahaan tum”.. Waise v I really don’t like raima with rohit.. So jaldi se end ho jaye..

    2. @ Ronakshi
      I too loved Sumit today,,,his presence was good comic relief for the viewers in the serious situation between Rohit-Raima and Sonakshi🤣🤣🤣

      I am against what Veena said that Rohit is like his father👎👎👎,,,ABSOLUTELY NOT,,,i don’t know abt other qualities but his views of LOVE are not his father’s.😞😞😞

      While i guess Rohan can be called as “LIKE FATHER LIKE SON”🤔🤔🤔,,he is really a disgusting cheater😡😡,,,Rohit and Aj are loving aand caring like Veena😉😉.

  3. Rohit seems to have forgiven sumit . Atleast it looks like that . I wonder what Naren has done that he still has not forgiven him . I know everyone says cheating veena . I hope it is something bigger and unexpected . Naren seems to genuinely care for veena it’s almost like Rohan and Tanya’s marriage . Veena is wrong . Rohan is like his dad , if Naren has had an affair .

    Current pending plots are
    1. Pari and Rohan
    2. Pooja’s adoption truth
    3. Naren’s truth
    4. Sonakshi’s obsessive upcoming lover
    5. Maybe they can do one on Sonakshi’s dad . He was cheated by someone and ran away isn’t it ??

    1. SerialLover

      Yes, from what is shown so far, Sonakshi’s dad was not a bad person. He was only denied justice by the system. So I hope he gets his due and come back.
      Also, the 6th pending plot is to punish Karan
      This serial shows that there is still some goodness left in this world, unlike Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala and Muskaan.

    2. I guess that pooja is naren’s daughter from an extramarital affair and nishi knows it

    3. Yu remember Rohit saying directly/indirectly to his dad that “paisa hi sab kuch nai hota” (money izz not everything) .. They may bring a track where Rohit’s dad(Naren) had cheated Sonakshi’s dad ..

  4. I really like this serial.. Because..
    1. They don’t drag any topic.. And it’s the best thing.. 2. The main leads don’t act like mahaan or tyag ki Devi devta.. They behave like normal human being.. Their emotions is just like ours.. Noone is perfect in this serial.. And I like this.. Cause koi v perfect nehi hota yaar.. I really love the part when rohit says “I love you” to sonakshi.. He was so excited like us in real life.. And when sonakshi says “don’t go” to rohit.. 😍😍😍 emotional scene tha yaar..

  5. SerialLover

    Yes, from what is shown so far, Sonakshi’s dad was not a bad person. He was only denied justice by the system. So I hope he gets his due and come back.
    This serial shows that there is still some goodness left in this world, unlike Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala and Muskaan.

  6. Poor Rohit I feel bad for him…he”d
    Stuck between past nd present ..
    When he’s love raima Thn raima go way from him nd when he’s again love Thn sona also leave ..how bad Kismaat and tymig his life..taqdeer bhi khaml k chzz hote h.. anyway Tody epi was enjoying …
    Funny Sumit that’s name not his other one…Rohit pooycha to annoying hoga…
    Sumit :::mere ghr mujhe bhi bolne nhi dete h…

    @Lisa I agree with u that Rohit not like his father veena said wrong yah Rohan goes to nareen side…

    Pari got a slp from deepa 😍😍too much happy …

    Pir se blunders Rohan pari ..new problem Ronakshi k life m…
    Both families blame each other upbringing …oh God…suman little blame but not a single blame veena..veena so supportive mom…sensible also…hope maker give us beautiful act…

    I m happy makes doesn’t drag raimas plot like other serial especially ekta ji…

    Good news Ronakshi k shadi k preparation chall rha h..
    Rohit pir se sona ki ghr m h or suman se baat kar rha j..wowwww..it’s too early
    I’m dam excited for next epi….

    Nd sonakshi secret lovers nd Dr surgeon jealous …💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃…

  7. Nice epi.. Deepa is too good. Feeling bad for Tanya. She is genuinely nice. That’s the problem with guys like Rohan. They have such a sweet wife but still they run for someone who behaves too girlish and pricey type. I don’t know when this mentality is gonna change.

    1. Absolutely correct if he didn’t love tanya then why did he marry her and ruining her life . What they get they dont value that and then gets the result .

  8. I think sonakshi’s action was genuine as anyone who would try to commit suicide because of you then its genuine you would agree to his terms . I just loved the way rohit locked her in the cupboard and the writers somehow adds a funny scene b/w something serious. The serial is a going with a good pace as those serials are very boring who just have the same plot . And this Naren he dont know raima and he wants her to choose raima just because he dont like sonakshi because of his stupid excuse . Pari deserve many more slaps than this . She is spoiling someone’s married life and Rohan is equally at fault but pari is taking credit in his misdeeds

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