Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit cares for Sonakshi


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The Episode starts with Veena saying their lives is so different from us, the good thing is Sonakshi will be talking to Parag, a Icchadhaari naag. He asks her to stay away from Vimmi. He gets Dr. Dimpy’s call and goes. Vimmi sees the shoot. Rohit says send me the report if anything is abnormal. The director says we will take the same shot again in close up. Veena asks what does close up mean. The man says they will take close up shot in the same scene. Veena says it means it will be done again, its much hard work. The man asks Rohit to talk slowly, shoot is going on. Rohit says I will come in the morning and check reports.

Sonakshi acts. Lights box is about to fall. Rohit calls out Veena. Director asks Rohit to go out and talk. Rohit says its done. Rohit sees the lights shaking. He

says look over there. Sonakshi asks what. Rohit runs to Sonakshi and moves her. Lights fall down. They both fall aside and have an eyelock. Kahaan hum….plays…. Everyone asks Parvati is she fine. Sonakshi says I m fine, is Dr. Rohit fine. Rohit smiles. Veena says lets go there. Director says if Netra knows this, we will lose our jobs.

Deepa and Akash are on the way. Akash says we can marry anytime, I know your parents’ responsibility is on you. She gets Tanya’s call. Tanya asks how are you. Deepa says I m fine. Tanya says I was planning my jewellery exhibition, you have to come. Deepa says I will come, did you call to invite me or ask anything. Akash asks why don’t I hold the exhibition in my exhibition, it will be double profit. Deepa says I was busy all day, Akash came to pick me up, we are going for a drive. Tanya recalls Rohan’s words. She says Rohan lied to me.

Sonakshi feels cold. She wraps herself in a warm shawl. She says I was saved, it happens, the people here are so busy that they don’t remember, Rohit saved me, life seems so strange. Rohit comes and asks are you fine. Sonakshi says yes, you saved me, sorry, all this happened because of me. He says scores are equal now, last time you saved my life and today I did. Veena asks when. The men ask Parvati madam can we get something for you. Rohit says her name is Sonakshi Rastogi, why are you calling her Parvati. Director says she has been Parvati for us since the last three years, her character has become her identity.

Rohit says you have forgotten my reality, I m a surgeon, but I m a son, brother also, my mum calls me Rohit, not surgeon, call her Sonakshi, not Parvati. Director says fine, I will address her as Sonakshi. Sonakshi smiles and says wow, there is someone who thinks I m not Parvati, but Sonakshi. Another man comes and says Parvati, Sonakshi… director said your shot will be taken in an hour. Sonakshi thanks Rohit. She says this happens in tv serials, hero comes to save the heroine and then their love story begins. Veena looks at them and goes. Sonakshi gets Netra’s call. She says I m fine, don’t worry, I will call you back. Shankar asks are you fine. She says yes, where is his watch. She gives the watch and says sorry. Rohit sees his watch and gets emotional. Sonakshi looks at him.

She says his eyes are all tearful, it means this watch is so imp for him, that person who gave this watch would be special. Rohit says bye. Tanya asks why do you lie so much, tell me Rohan, I will make the elders ask you. She goes. Rohit thanks Sonakshi for everything. Veena smiles and says you al work so hard for a half an hour episode, people don’t see your hardwork, its wrong. Sonakshi sees the watchman stopping Sharma ji. She asks what happened. Watchman says he is trying to get in. Sonakshi says Sharma has high fever, look at him. She gives her shawl to Sharma ji and asks did you have any work. Sharma ji says I had come to meet Sonakshi. She says its okay, she is here, you will meet her. She asks Shankar to take him to room, he will eat food and medicines first and then meet Sonakshi. She says whenever he comes, treat him nicely. Watchman agrees.

Sonakshi says he is Sharma ji, make up artist, he had done my makeup when I started acting, his memory is weak, he stays alone, he isn’t recovering. She feels cold. She says people don’t care for such people, forget it, you wanted to leave early, you had a football match. Rohit says I will go directly. Veena says take care, you are shivering. She hugs Sonakshi and gets in the car. Rohit sees Sonakshi shivering and covers her with his jacket. He says its quite windy, you have to work the entire night. She says how sweet. He says send it back after dry cleaning it. She asks what. She smiles and thanks him. He leaves.

She says every person has dual faces, he is arrogant and also such a caring man, Dr. Rohit… Naren asks Rohan to answer Tanya. He says if you aren’t lying, then prove it. Deepa and Akash come. Deepa says sorry guys, Tanya I had forgotten to tell you, Rohan met me and gave me lift. Tanya asks why did you not tell me when I called you. Rohan asks are you satisfied now Tanya. Tanya goes. Sukhmani asks him to go and talk to Tanya. He goes. Deepa stops Rohan. Rohan thanks her. She says I lied today, how long will this happen. Rohan says I know I have done a mistake, Tanya and my anniversary is coming up, I went to take a surprise gift for her, she doesn’t believe me, I took your name by mistake, I didn’t know she will call you. Akash says you women torture us and make us dance on your tunes. Deepa says Tanya is getting much insecure, you should handle her with love. She goes. Rohan says Tanya’s madness is getting high.

Sonakshi comes home. She reminds shooting time to Shankar. He goes. She greets Suman and asks how did you wake up so soon. Sheasks are you angry on me, I know, you know I never wanted to hurt you. Suman asks what’s this. Sonakshi says a cheque book. Suman says I know, one cheque is missing in it. Sonakshi says yes, I needed it. Suman starts shouting on her and asks did you need 6.5 lakhs, where did you spend it. Maid wakes up hearing Suman shouting. Suman says I know you do charity, where did you spend it. Sonakshi says I have spent my own money, I returned the money to Sippy family. Suman asks what.

Rohit says that actress isn’t so bad. Sonakshi gets shocked seeing the police. Suman gets arrested. Inspector says Sippy family had lodged the complaint.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Something Something Started between Rohit & Sonakshi

    Veena Sense it…………..Anyway good episode……………Different from others……….

    This Suman was such a greedy and Sona’s Sister she too.If i had a sister like that i will make her to know the value of time,talent & money

    Pulkit was so sweet…….Cute brother………..

    Sippy family………

    All are postive & good…….Some mysterious also(may be)
    Rohan was good heart man like his brother………….
    Tanya she was so irritating…………Rohan it was better to quick her from your life because her attitude will get so many problems in your life in future……………

  2. I think I’m falling for this story. I love the characters so far, Sona’s mom needs to calm down, I get where she’s coming but she shouldn’t have let this circumstance change her so much that it suffocates her child. I think I love the fact that the leads are not young people but are matured.

  3. Navami

    Its really intresting story …but iam so sad that the fan base is soo poor….really this serial deserves more….

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