Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit gets impressed with Sonakshi


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman talking to Pari. Sonakshi comes home. Pulkit says I was waiting for you, you didn’t had breakfast, have lunch. Sonakshi likes the food smell and asks maid to pack it for Netra. She asks Pulkit to return to watch, serial number is registered on Rohit’s name. Pari asks how did Sumit get this. Sonakshi says don’t know, it belongs to Rohit. Pulkit says I feel guilty. He returns it. Suman says watch costs 8 lakhs. Sonakshi says yes, I will get new watch for Pulkit. Suman taunts Sonakshi for taking her Parvati image seriously. Sonakshi says you and dad taught me the difference between good and bad. Sonakshi goes to her room.

She gets hurt. She sits down. Pulkit gets food for her. He says mum made biryani with love, I helped her, mum has an old habit, why

do you take her seriously. She cries and says I m tired, mom always taunts me if I do anything right, this watch is of Dr. Rohit, not ours, he is such a rude man, his attitude changed, he requested me for this watch, maybe it matters a lot to him, how am I wrong, I can hear taunts from outsiders, when mum taunts often, I… He says you remember what dad used to say, life shows different colors every moment, when if we fall today.. She says get up, walk and move on, dark night shows the address of light. She smiles. He says dad’s poem teaches us living even today, if dad didn’t leave us suddenly, mum would have been not like this. She says I know dad has hurt mum a lot, it doesn’t mean that she equates everything with money. He feeds her the food. He says once I become a doctor, I can help you in sharing responsibility. She says pack the food and give it to me, I will have it at shoot, give medicines to mum, she isn’t well. She likes the food. He asks her to always be happy.

Pari says sign this, I have to give designer’s last instalment. Suman asks her to take Sonakshi’s sign. Sonakshi signs. She says its a night shift, I will come home in the morning. Pulkit gives tiffin for Sonakshi and Netra. She leaves. Pari asks Suman to see this. Suman thinks where did one missing cheque go.

Veena asks where are you going, you are not fine. Rohit says I m going on Sonakshi’s shoot, she has my watch, relax, I m not a kid now. She says you fainted there last time, there is no driver. He says driver is there. She says I m coming with you. Vimmi gets dressed as Parvati. She says I will come with you, I want to see shooting. He asks this way? Veena asks how will I go if you go, dinner isn’t ready and served. Vimmi says I made everything ready. Veena says I m mum, we are getting late. They go. Vimmi gets sad.

Sonakshi is busy on the set. The man explains her the scene. He says its rain sequence, Parvati got to know Kavya’s husband’s Parag’s truth, so she is at the temple. Sonakshi acts in the scene and shouts on Parag. Rohit and Veena come there. Rohit says sit in the car, I will get the watch. Veena says no, I will come and see the shoot. They see Sonakshi performing. The shot ends. Sonakshi sees Rohit and goes to him. Rohit looks at her. She signs what and greets. He asks why are you always after Lord. Sonakshi says I m glad to meet you. Veena thanks her. Sonakshi asks them to have lemon water. He says no need, give the watch, we will go. Veena says we will have it if she is forcing. He says she just said once. Sonakshi is all drenched and feels cold. Rohit says we have to go, I have a football match in the morning. Rohit asks for watch.

Sonakshi says its in my car, my driver will get it. Veena asks about the scene. Sonakshi says I will tell you. Rohit says you don’t watch it, how does it matter. Sonakshi says I will tell you, Parvati chose Parag for Kavya, now she learns that he is Naag and we came to temple. Veena says I understood, he is here to get Naagmani, I don’t want it Rohit, Vimmi watches the show and tells me the story. Rohit asks what’s this Icchadhaari Naag. Sonakshi says it means a snake who can take anyone’s disguise. He says he can become Amitabh, Brad Pitt or Ranveer Singh, he has become Parag and he is after Kavya. Veena says its their work, let them do. He says okay, don’t feel bad. Sonakshi says its okay, its tough to understand this. He says you do surgery without medical degree, its too much. She says its a story to amplify things and twists, so viewers like it a lot, I feel it strange, when you watch english shows and watch dragons fighting, you don’t raise any question, when we should this in hindi shows, you question it a lot, many people like to fly planes, they dream of it but they can’t become pilots, they become video games and feel the fun of flying a plane, same way, our shows take back the viewers to childhood’s incomplete stories, it creates magic, viewers like it. Veena agrees. Sonakshi dries her hair. Rohit stares at her. Chalte chalte….plays…. Sonakshi takes hot coffee.

Tanya questions Rohan. He says there was much traffic, enough, what’s the problem. She says problem is with you. He says ask Deepa, she asked me to drop her at Akash’s restaurant. He takes her permission and goes to have a bath. Rohit asks how long will you be like this. Sonakshi says all night, its a night shoot, I can’t sleep, I will wait for my shot here. Veena asks what if you want to timepass. Sonakshi says I will study. Rohit asks what do you read. She says I study online, I started working when I was 12 years old, I studied until 7th standard, I m thinking to study and pass SSC exam, it will be good. Veena smiles. She says you are right, there is no age to study, I m glad to know this, I m really proud of you. Sonakshi asks what happened, any problem. Rohit says no, in fact, impressive. Sonakshi laughs. She goes for the shot.

Rohit says you think this is interesting. He sees lights falling down. He runs and jumps to save her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Luthfa

    Sona just stole my heart today.
    So much pain she is bearing inside her heart,silently.This is life.No matter how much pain,suffering one undergoes,he has to move on,continue living with that same pain.
    Sona’s story has touched Rohit.He was looking so cute while drinking the lemonade.
    Sona has taught me something today.Whatever may come,one should never feel disappointed without trying at least one last time.Try,keep trying-that should be the motto irrespective of any situation or anything else.Good.

  2. Awww, Drs already falling for the actress, love the scenes between them today

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