Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Nishi reveals truth to Suman

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The Episode starts with Rohit getting the phone. He checks and says its not mine, Sonakshi… Sonakshi says its Rohit’s phone, oh no, shall I call on Rohit’s landline. Rohit calls her from her phone. She says you called me from my number, oh drama queen… let me get my phone, see how I save your number. She asks how did you know my password. He says you didn’t reset the password, I entered four zeroes, your fans are messaging so many times. She says yes, they like to discuss about the show, you live my life. She thinks its a chance to check his phone. She asks how will I call you, I don’t have your password. He says I won’t go. She says how will I attend calls, I m your fake GF. He says fine, note down. She writes the password and says its my birth date, did you keep this passcode. He says you gifted me the phone, that’s why, don’t check my phone. She says don’t worry. She ends call.

Rohan gets a drink for Pari. He gives her scarf and says Pari trust me, you are looking gorgeous today. She says you are looking much handsome, not fair. They flirt. She asks why did you get married. He says I love Tanya a lot, love increases on sharing, I have a clean heart, I can speak my heart.

Rahul comes to Rohan and says Tanya is unwell, she has slept, don’t wake her up. Pari says I should leave, I will just book a cab. Rohan says no, you had a drink, I will drop you. Nishi says I will not come in any tv party. Yash asks did you forget what Sonakshi did for Pooja. Nishi says no, I can’t make her sit on my head, she is hiding something from us, you saw her expression, did you miss that, she is not right for this family. He says everything is normal. She says forget it then, I will prove I m right.

Naren says you would be happy that you found someone to give this. Veena says I will give this to Sonakshi, she will be ours. He jokes. Pari says we reached. Rohan says so soon. She thanks him. They hug. She kisses on his cheek. She says thanks for dropping me home. He says you are most welcome. She goes. He calls Rahul. He asks where is Tanya. Rahul says she is sleeping, what happened with Pari. Rohan says patience, you forget I m married. Rahul says thank God, your mind is working. Rohan says Pari is special. Rahul says you may fall in love with her. Rohan says love, never.

Ajit asks for egg omelette. Veena says no non veg, its Janmashtami. Ajit says egg is vegetarian, fine I will eat fruits. Nishi gets a call. She hears about her appointments. She recalls Sonakshi’s word. She says Suman can’t come to clinic today, she isn’t well. She leaves. Rohit comes to his cabin and sees Sonakshi. She studies. She gives his phone. He says I can teach you biology. She says you may forget it while teaching me. He says so what, we will learn it together then, how is your mom. She says she is fine, I don’t like to lie. He says small lies are fine in love. She goes.

Suman says you cancelled my appointment, why, call Nishi Sippy. The lady asks her to wait. Suman gets angry. She doesn’t see Sonakshi leaving. She goes and shouts. Nishi goes out and says Suman was not well, did Sonakshi lie to us. She goes to Suman and says I can’t help it, I will make it up for you, I will get you in, relax. She goes. Suman says she took 50000rs from me last time. Nishi says you are imp for me and Sippy family, Rohit and Sonakshi are bonding so well, Sonakshi helped us in reaching Sumit, Rohit was coming in injured state from Pune, Sonakshi helped him. Suman asks what do you mean. Nishi says Sonakshi said you aren’t well, the function is also there today, I will advice it, until Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage happens, our work won’t end. Suman gets shocked.

Nishi says my mum is very excited. She asks what happened, did this hurt, did Sonakshi not tell you, I thought she tells you everything, she came on Teejri and took blessings from everyone, mum and daughter’s relation is special, we have kept a big party today, Sonakshi did all the arrangements for Janmashtami, you just come, our families will form a new relation. She treats Suman and says its done. Suman says keep your story with you, Sonakshi doesn’t hide anything from me, I know my children very well and you also. Nishi says Rohit is also like my son, I won’t joke about him, you come and see in the party, you will know if Sonakshi lies to you or not. Suman says you have to apologize to me by touching my feet if you are wrong. Nishi says if I m right, don’t worry, you don’t fall in my feet, I will be happy that your ego breaks, do come in the party. Suman goes. Nishi says such a family’s doctor for my Rohit, not done.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why no precap?

  2. @nia : because the maha episode promos are out . Sonakshi sees Rohit naked and suman comes to sippy mansion and yells at Sonakshi . Then Sonakshi gets arrested .

    1. Thank you. Wow so that meanw there is an episode in weekend. I love this serial so much.

  3. SsiyAa

    in starting i was thinking it is tanya who has trust issues and rohan is good person but now it seems she was right to doubt him as now it feels he may be womanizer in real or something else.

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