Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohit wants a divorce

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohit asking for divorce. Sonakshi asks him to give her 80% property and take divorce. Some time back, Sumit asks are you serious, Sippys have plotting like tv serials. She says inspector said someone had attempted to kill Naren. He asks her to tell everything to Rohit, Nishi was calling police, Rohit stopped her, don’t let anyone spoil your bonding. Netra comes and asks about Naren. Sonakshi says Naren is on life support. Netra says channel is keeping a small celebration, your and Sumit’s clothes will be auctioned. Sonakshi says I can’t attend parties, Naren is critical. Netra says I can understand, its a commitment to the channel, its your show, think of it as a work, the money will be donated to ashram, maybe Naren gets fine by their blessings. Sonakshi says I can’t promise, I will try, Rohit can’t come, he has to be with dad. Sumit says get Rohit along, maybe this party makes your tension less. She nods.

Sonakshi comes home and looks for Rohit. She calls him. She drives to the park. She sees Rohit. Rohit recalls the argument. Sonakshi comes to him and says scold me, but talk to me, trust me, I didn’t change the prenup papers. She falls down. He holds her hand. She says you don’t trust me, then leave me, don’t save me. He says I m not so heartless, this is the difference between you and me. He pulls her. She falls over him. He gets up to go. He goes to Sonakshi and holds her. He recalls his words and breaks the bracelet. She cries and asks what are you doing. He says you broke our trust, I don’t know the truth of prenup, our marriage is based on a lie, when there is no faith and honesty, what’s the meaning to wear this sign. He throws the bracelet. She cries. They come home. He throws her clothes. She asks him to stop it. He says I can’t tolerate your face, how can I tolerate this. She says I m your wife, I have right on this room. He says fine, I want a divorce. She gets shocked.

He says you have killed our relation by disloyalty and lies, I want to get free from you, I want a divorce. She wipes her tears. She says give me 80% property of Sippys and take divorce, you read the prenup clause. He says your truth has come out, you have shown your greed. She says fine, I m a greedy gold digger, I don’t care, you think again before troubling me, I loved you, I m not a door mat that you will behave such, don’t think I m weak. He says fine, it means you will stay here only, I will make your life hell. She says do anything, I want to see to which level you can go. He goes. Yash comes. She asks when did you come from the hospital. He asks why is Rohit doing this with you, I m confused, I don’t know why is this happen, everyone is blaming you, my heart says you are right. She says thanks, at least someone thinks I m not wrong.

He says I will explain Rohit. She says no, don’t talk to him, Rohit is much worried, he is in much pain, his dad is critical, his mum isn’t talking to him, he is upset that I m responsible for this, he feels I cheated him. Yash says I swear, I don’t understand you, you are everyone’s role model, you can leave from this relation, you are a big star and don’t deserve this humiliation. She says yes, but I love Rohit a lot, he didn’t believe in second chances, I convinced him about love. He says don’t love him so much that you lost yourself. She says he is my life, I can forget breathing, but not loving Rohit. She picks her clothes. Yash feels bad. He prays for their love.

Its morning, Sonakshi checks the blanket and says maybe Rohit got fever. Rohit says we have to be with dad, its imp, I have sent the duty chart in family group, please read and follow. Rohit says Sonakshi’s name isn’t there on the chart, send Sonakshi on my slot, I want to spend time with Tanya. Veena says its good to see you care for your wife. Rohan says Rohit, its just for family, I changed your slot with Deepa. Yash sees Sonakshi. Veena goes. Nishi smiles. Rohit goes on call.

Sonakshi says I think Rohit has high fever, please check. Rohit rests. Ajit goes and checks his fever. Rohit asks what are you doing. Ajit says you are okay right, I thought you have fever. Rohit says its my problem, I will handle it. He asks Vimmi to get another cup of tea and bring to Veena’s room. Rohit goes to Veena’s room and asks are you okay mom. He sees Sonakshi under the blanket. She holds his hand to check the fever.

Rohit says every mother wants a bahu like Parvati, but there is no Parvati in real life, I know how she ruined my life. Sonakshi looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Everyone else yesterday justifying ROHIT and bashing up my words what do you all have to say now?? Is it ok to furnish a celebs image just bcz you r angry with that person.
    Listen guys here I’m not defending Sona or even ROHIT.
    Both have them has got impulsive and immature. .I was happy with yesterday’s precap cz Atleast this time Sona didn’t act like mahan nari , was ready to be a gold digger but took stand for herself .
    I didn’t like this dr.surgeon s character from the beginning for being impulsive and Drama queen for being emotional fool .

    In the mid point they were completing each other and reforming but now everything seems bad to me .
    I really want when the truth comes out Sona leaves that house . No need to be mahan but she would . And that Dr. Would beg forgiveness like his whole family which I don’t wanna watch bcz
    Enough of this stupidity . Real life is actually not like this . I would really wanna watch first 2 months episodes of khkt rather than these craps .
    And again this is only my opinion no need to bash my words as I think I cleared my point I like none of them anymore .

    1. @Ratri
      Excuse me Madam, neither was I bashing your words so you better shut up YOUR MISINTREPRETATION KI DUKAAN!!😜😜😜
      And you think Sonakshi is not a MAHAA NAARI!!!👿👿👿
      Whatever is happening in her and Rohit’s life is only coz of her MAHAANATA ACTS!!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
      And only those MAHAAN ACTS OF HERS, even Rohit is getting constantly HURT!!!😭😭😭
      And didn’t Rohit always SUPPORT HER ALWAYS???🙄🙄🙄 Whatever mistake she does,he had been ALWAYS FORGIVING HER and constanlty making up for their RELATIONSHIP!!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
      But what she DOES???😤😤😤

      If he hides something then SONAKSHI THE MAHAA NAARI will make him GUILTY TO SUCH AN EXTENT THAT he has to keep CONSTANTLY APOOGIZING TO HER!!!!👿👿👿
      Then what about her????🤬🤬🤬
      Even now she has not REVEALED to him AJIT’S BLACKMAILING and taking 1 CRORE from her!!! 🤬🤬🤬
      But, remember, in reality, sonakshi is A REAL a*sh*le b*t*hy woman coz only her ACTS is bringing all the TROUBLES ON HER!!!! NOTHING ELSE!!!😡😡😡
      It was not Rohit who asked to hide pre-nup or Ajit’s blacmailing CONSPIRACY but Sonakshi DEVI herself is doing ALL THAT TO PROVE HERSELF MAHAANTA KI MURTHI!!!👿👿👿
      And of course SONAKSHI is becoming the next MAHAANATA KI MURTHI 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️of STAR PLUS after Naira, NO DOUBTS!!!😅😅😅
      So, better watch out your words FIRST, thn OPEN YOUR “MISINTREPRETAION KI DUKAAN”!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Oh please first read fully and then talk Lisa . Here we all are welcomed to comment . IF YOU CANT BE RESPECTFULL TOWARDS OTHERS THEN I WOULDN’T HESITATE TO REPORT YOU TO TU OK.
        I didn’t say Sona isn’t mahan nari . Open your eyes .
        Doing bad bcz bad things happened with you will never justify your acts .
        I THINK I DIDN’T MENTION ANYONES NAME IN MY PREVIOUS COMMENT. So if you think I meant you then that your problem 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
        B4 calling anyone that they are mahanta bhakt judge yourself
        Let’s not ruin the peace here .
        Keep calm

      2. No do you understand others point of view not even read it properly .
        I clearly wrote “at least this time didn’t act like mahan nari”
        And again I said I hated both of their characteristics individually (in case you didn’t get , dr.surgeon means Rohit and drama queen means Sona)
        But when they came together , they were simply completing each other .
        Certainly SONA s stupidity is bringing all the troubles on her but that doesn’t justify rohit saying wrong words in front of media , which makes him same as Suman .

        And I get it that we all should stop watching this crap bcz it’s driving all of us crazy and impulsive like them .🙃🤣🥴

      3. I agree that Sona should earlier told Rohit abt Ajit’s case but she cant really tell him now bcuz first of all he won’t listen to her . In case he listens to her he wont trust her and wont ask Ajit anything. So it’s not of any use to tell him now .

      4. @Ratri
        Oh really, Miss. MISINTERPRETATION KI DUKAAN, you are saying that I’m NOT UNDERSTANDING YOUR POINT OF VIEW????🤣🤣🤣
        The reality is You yourself are CONFUSED AND DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WRITING!!!🤭🤭🤭
        You told that you didn’t take anyone’s name but then THE ONLY person who had replied to you yesterday using YOUR BIG NAME was me right!!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
        So you were addressing me only, so don’t try TO FOOL AROUND SAYING “I WAS NOT TALKING TO YOU, I WAS NOT TALKING TO HER!!!”😅😅😅
        Btw, I don’t give a damn to be RESPECTFUL TO YOU😝😝😝, so if YOU WANT TO REPORT TO TU or TO HIGH COURT✌✌✌, go on, BE MY GUEST!!!👍👍👍
        And you did say, YOU HATED BOTH THEIR CHARACTERS, but then you WERE ALSO GIVING A BLIND EYE TO SONAKSHI’S MAHAANATA ACTS by making her MAHAA NAARI by putting everything which is happening TILL NOW onto Rohit’s head!!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
        But finally you are right, this serial is definitely making ALL OF US CRAZY 😅😅😅because it has lost it’s ACTUAL PLOT BY MAKING SONAKSHI THE SUPERWOMAN the only a*sh*le who can be SAVIOUR OF EVERYONE’S TROUBLES!!!!😂😂😂
        So in the end, you gave a GOOD ANTIDOT, “Don’t watch the serial”✌✌✌
        Good job Ratri!!!!

      5. Ya true dat
        Nd see hw she was showing her im brave sherni hun main side to rohit
        Yeh sherni mode kahan chupi thi jab unki maa sippys ko bezati kar rahi thi aur wen she waz asking d truth
        Sonakshi s such a double standard hypocrite who just wants things to work on her way
        Yeh pyar pyar kya laga rakha hai she s d one causing prblms to rohit nd hurting him nd acting like she s d support system fr him
        SAB mahanata karo rohit ko hurt bhi karo sach chupka bt madam expect loyality aise kaise chalega PARVATHI DIDI
        nd atlst evry1 wl beg forgiveness nd yeh abla naari mahanata devi sab ko maaf karke devi banjayengi
        Such a rubbish nd bullshit
        Nly her fans can support her who r blind nd dumb like her
        Realistic ppl wl never like q over sweet nosy hypocrite like sonakshi
        O wl rather stand fr angry man like rohit than dis sweet poison sonakshi

      6. I think now Sona shud concentrate on her career nd remain independent. She is taking a crct decision acc to me ryt now nd I believe that she will handle the function well nd Rohit will nt be able to do anything. So just waiting for the next epi

      7. @lisa
        I’m not blind folded by someone’s Mahanta act but you are highly irritated if someone even takes sonas sight for a lill bit.
        Sona is indeed the root cause of all that is happening to her but again that doesn’t justify rohits current action.
        As I said earlier .

        Stop calling others with those names when you are the only one who’s stretching things , you might be having fun . And stop thinking about how others think about any character .

        Serial Ka Jo Hona Hain Hoga like. See yrkkh , kzk, KKB etc. Those bullshits are still going on 😝 damn I’ll die but they will go on .
        Your last two lines are indeed true let’s make a trend of boycotting this show 🤣🤣🤣
        It would be very great if you end the matter here and keep calm

      8. @Ratri
        Well if you think that I’m having fun by CALLING YOU NAMES😅😅😅, then go on👍👍👍, let it be, I’m really having FUN in calling A REAL MISINTREPRETATION KI DUKAAN with her name!!!🤣🤣🤣
        However, Miss. MISINTERPRETATION KI DUKAAN, one thing YOU ARE RIGHT about me👍👍👍👍, I’m really ANNOYED with the present shaping out of Sonakshi’s character!!!!👎👎👎
        I used to love her in the beginning🥰🥰🥰 then HATED her in the middle 😡😡😡and later when the Pooja’s wardrobe malfunction and things came up, I USED TO ADORE HER😍😍😍, but now really you’re right I’m goddamn irritated with the goddamn f**king woman MAHAA NAARI Sonakshi!!!🤬🤬🤬
        And if you really think in the PHILOSOPHY “Serial Ka Jo Hona Hain Hoga” THEN WHY DID EVEN GIVE IN YOUR OPINION regarding what you like and dislike about this SERIAL!!!😂😂😂
        See you yourself are going against your own philosophies and acting like a hypocrite!!!🤭🤭🤭🤭
        So dont try to teach others what is right and wrong when you yourself act like a hypocrite!!!😜😜😜
        Thinking this is my last comment to you,
        Goodbye!!! 👋👋👋Have a pleasant NIGHT with sweet dreams!!!😘😘😘

      9. @lisa and @ratri both of you guys are seriously arguing over a starplus show? like its just a show no need to send hateful paragraphs to each other, if you really hate the characters then dont watch the freakin show, simple. its not like any of you can control how a character is.

      10. @Sara
        Thanks Sara for that piece of advice👍👍👍 but I’m sorry I am not going to follow that advise 😜😜😜

  2. Yk is so sweet I really wish they had not ruined Nishi’s character . It’s impossible to fake your emotions for 20 years . I miss the era of TV shows before EKTA came along with a simple and realistic plot lines. Cannot believe they gave her a Padma Shri for making regressive TV shows . Anyways I am too invested in khkt so let’s see where we go from here . I am happy Sonakshi is atleast trying to stand up for herself and I hope Tanya does the same . I would really like Tanya to move out and raise the kid on her own and be happy . I also want Sonakshi to focus on her work and stop worrying about the sippys .

    1. Oh my god the great veena sippy, she is caring about rohan tanya relationship where nothing is left’ and she is trying to break a pure relationship of ronakshi’ shame on you veena and rohit you said only family member can stay with naren in hospital and being daughter in law of sippi house you don t considered sonakshi to stay with naren’ then how can deepa chachi stay in hospital’ she is not even daughter in law of sippi house she is only having a live in relationship with akash.if sonakshi don’thave right deepa too don’t have any right being called as family member shameless sippis’ rohan knows he can’t pay tanya alimony that’s why he is showing he is caring for tanya anf veena before pointing at sonakshi look at your own shameless characteless sippi family.

  3. I was not sure if Pari truly loved Rohan and wondered if she was hanging around with him because he is rich and influential . I believed Rohan had truly fallen for Pari . However it looks like Rohan loves his money more than anything . Btw in real life Tanya wouldn’t get any alimony if she is working he will need to support the child but I doubt a working women will get a big chunk of her husband’s money . Tanya’s decision makes no sense she will not be happy with a cheating husband neither will her child be okay in this setup . Sweet revenge for Tanya would be to move on with her life and her being happy and Rohan being stuck with Pari

  4. Gish people it’s just a program why so serious

    1. @Nevasha
      Sorry from my part, Nevasha!!!🙏🙏🙏

  5. I’m glad Sonakshi took a stand, I actually wanted Nishi to know that Rohit wants a divorce and she asked for the 80%. Didnt Rohit think if Sonakshi was really a gold digger she could apply for a divorce herself that clause at 80% sounds so unrealistic that it’s doubtful in itself.
    Glad YK supports Sonakshi and Ajit will salso has she’s helped him.

    I agree with Sonakshi if she leaves she will be always guilty in their eyes. I would wait till the truth was out then leave. I do understand where Rohits coming from as he’s been lied to but the others have openly lied and turned against her so quick that I would never forgive them. Veena promised not to reveal the prenup when it suited her to keep the peace between father and son but then to use that against Sonakshi I’ve lost all respect for her as well, Sonakshi had the same reason as her to keep quiet about the prenup. I also dont call Sonakshi not telling Rohit about the prenup as a betrayal. She didn’t care about money so it was her choice to sign it. Sometimes we all keep things to ourselves or tell little white lies to save unnecessary arguments and from bad feelings surfacing.
    I hope now Sonakshi takes back her resignation as she should know by now she can’t trust the family and not to give up her independence. Like YK said don’t lose yourself.
    Rohit Said she’s not family yet Deepas the one who isn’t officially family. Whatever we say about Naren least he wasn’t fake to Sonakshi, the others were nice till it suited them and switched so quick.

    1. @Lucy
      Even I am not saying it’s betrayal but remember the way she used to make ROHIT feel guilty everytime he used to FOR HER 😔😔😒 like about PARI when, he hid Pari was the one who disclosed Pooja’s adoption news!!!🤷🤷🤷
      She kept on chanting into Rohit’s ears👂👂👂tat they promised that they will never hide anything from each other but what is she doing now????😣😣😣
      It’s like she is pointing ONE finger at ROHIT 👿👿👿and three fingers are POINTING back to her.🤦🤦🤦
      That is what irks me about Sonakshi 🙄🙄🙄,
      And I would rather say ROHIT is wrong about Sonakshi in the precap.😅😅😅
      Sonakshi really is a MAHAN NAARI ADARSH BAHU like Parvati of KPK.🤭🤭🤭
      Day by day she is really turning into Parvati of KPK😜😜😜

      1. It was Pari who told Sonakshi the truth, Rohit kept that from her to protect her but when she found out she thanked him, she didn’t make him feel bad for that. The only time he felt guilty was hiding Poojas truth but he made it so obvious that he was hiding something that’s why she kept on at him and she caught him out in a blatant lie and he was caught on camera.

    2. Yeah before Pari had told the truth Sonakshi 🙄🙄🙄 was keeping on pestering Rohit👿👿👿 to tell her who leaked the news for which they did have a fight also!!!😣😣😣
      Later she thanked him because she knew SHE WAS WRONG TO KEEP PESTERING Rohit😌😌😌 when he had been actually protecting her 🙄🙄🙄, but she too was hiding pre-nup truth at that time😜😜😜
      But regarding Pooja’s paternity truth, I felt Sonakshi was right that time👍👍👍 coz unnecessarily everyone were blaming her for bringing Rani home.🤦🤦🤦
      But now that same truth is again the cause of all the problems in Ronakshi’s life.🤷🤷🤷

  6. I think rohit insulting sonakshi infront of the media is too much…’married couple should never wash their dirty linen in public’ right!!?
    Sonakshi should definitly leave that house after clearing her name becoz they never considered her part of their family…but i don’t want rohit to get heartbroken…

  7. I think Rohit wants to keep Sonakshi away from all this that’s why he is behaving like this so that she leaves the house and live in peace till he finds the real culprit.

    Shouldn’t have tried to be nice with a BULLY ike you .. you are the one who is interpreting and stretching things.
    Tumar BAAT karne se achcha koyi dewaar se baat kare .
    This is my last reply to you too mis BULLY 🤣🤣🤣🤣 PERFECT NAME FOR YOU

    1. @ Ratri
      Arrey Miss. Bully bahut accha Naan Hain!!!😜😜😜
      Mujhe ussi bulana!!!!👍👍👍
      Aur Deewar we zaroor takhrana!!!😅😅😅
      Kam we Kam tab toh tumhare sar ke andar todah akal aayega!!!!🤭🤭🤭
      Finally if I am IMMATURE then you are baby👶👶👶 who is still sipping milk from FEEDING BOTTLE 🍼🍼🍼,
      So if this is your last message✌️✌️✌️
      Jakhar apna dood peelo, Babu!!!🤣🤣🤣
      Goodbye baby 👋👋👋!!!

  9. I think Veena, Rohit and Sonakshi are just acting to bring the actual culprits.

  10. After long time ,i developed intererst in serial watching KHKT..
    But this is also getting waste.. Initial episodes felt freshness.. and now again like old typo serials where only problems will be there.
    Y cant these people show happiness in serials more than troubles.
    Feeling like to watch some music instead of this serial now..

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