Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohit confronts Nishi

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohit asking Nishi about Sonakshi. She says I made her out of my way, now she will die there in the camp. Some time back, Rohit scolds the doctor and asks where is Sonakshi. Doctor says the notice came and patients got shifted to the camp. Suman says did she take any wrong step, that she has become a burden and better… Rohit says she is strong, she won’t do this foolishness. Suman prays for her and cries. Rohan makes Tanya sleep. He gets Pari’s call. He scolds her. She asks him not to shout. She says I feel really bad for Tanya, so sorry, how is she now. He says she is fine. She says I know you don’t like me, I m worried and alone. He asks where is everyone.

Doctor says Sonakshi didn’t go in the bus, someone has seen her going in the car, we had arranged buses for patients. Rohit asks what’s happening, this is not done. He gets Ajit’s call and asks what… Rohan asks what, Sonakshi is missing. Pari says yes, I m worried for Tanya and Sonakshi, sorry to disturb you. He says don’t worry, you will get Sonakshi. She acts of pain and disconnects. He asks are you fine Pari. She says baby, I can’t let Rohan go, even your Maasi went, its impossible to get saved from virus. Rohit says you mean Nishi did this. Ajit says yes, Naren has signed it by moving his head, he did eye movement also, he also held Sonakshi’s hand. Rohit says I know. Ajit says Nishi is becoming a threat for everyone. Rohit recalls her words. He asks is she at home now. Ajit says yes, she is with YK. Rohit says try to keep her busy, she is dangerous, behave normal, I will handle this. He calls Sumit and asks him to be with Suman. Rohan comes to meet Pari. She asks how did you come here. He says I heard you shouting and got worried, are you fine.

She says you still worry for me, don’t worry, I have moved on, I have understood you have a family, a wife, don’t worry for this baby, I will give him birth and raise him, go to your wife, so sorry, I wanted to harm Tanya’s baby, I feel bad. Rohan says I m sorry, I did a big mistake, I tried to kill this baby and you, Lord has snatched my child, Tanya is in depression, everything is over. He hugs her and cries.

She goes to get water. She says Sonakshi isn’t here, my baby needs Rohan, I have to take care. She gets water. She says baby is kicking. Rohan feels the baby kick. She says don’t know what’s in his fate, you left us, Sonakshi promised to handle us, she is infected with super virus, your family hates her, but she is my last hope, don’t know where is she now. Rohit checks Nishi’s cabin.

He gets Sonakshi’s blood report. He checks and smiles seeing negative results. He says Sona is fine, she isn’t infected, it means Nishi knew this, she had changed the reports so that Sona goes to that camp, but Sona wasn’t there, Nishi is involved, she would be knowing about Sona. Tulsi comes and says I was finding you. He says Sona is fine, her reports are negative, I will find Sonakshi, even if I lose my life. Nishi shows the girls profiles to Veena. Yash jokes. Rohit comes. Veena asks Rohit to see the alliances. Rohit says I have no interest.

Veena asks are you interested in that Sonakshi, she has gone now. He says wherever she is, let her be in peace, I don’t want to marry, I have to talk to Nishi. He goes. Nishi says maybe about super virus. She goes to him. He asks where is Sona. She asks how would I know. He says I know her reports are negative and you changed the reports. She smiles and says good you know it, I didn’t like Sonakshi, now she will go to that camp and die. He throws the sofa and catches her neck. He asks where is she. She says I don’t know, where is she, I wanted her to go to the camp and die, why would I kidnap her. He says if I knew you were involved, then I swear I will kill you, I was silent like a coward, everyone will know your truth.

She says I have Naren’s pacemaker in my control. He asks how long will you scare, don’t scare someone so much that fear ends, you think dad is living a better life, he sees his criminal sister every day, his son’s marriage broke, family is shattering, his life is worse than death, I made Sona out to save her from your hatred, not that I don’t love her, I will kill you if anything happens to her. He goes. She says where is Sonakshi, who kidnapped her and why.

Suman asks what, are you saying the truth, Sonakshi isn’t infected. Rohit says yes. Sumit hugs her. She says where is Sonakshi, Rohit you said she went in a car, tell me something. Rohit says I m trying to find out. Inspector comes. He says we got that car 2 km away from the hospital, there was no one in the car, there was no cctv there, none could see Sonakshi and driver, she is a famous actress, if anyone saw her, then they would have told us. Rohit asks about number plate. Inspector says it was fake, we will find out. He goes. Suman worries. Rohit says I will find our Sona. Suman catches his collar and scolds him. She asks what did you do with her, you ruined her, I curse the day when Sona married you, its my curse, you will never stay happy. Sumit looks on. He says don’t curse him, you will regret later, Sona had tolerated problems, you don’t know Rohit’s sacrifices, he has ruined himself for Sona. Suman is shocked.

Rohit asks inspector did you find out. Inspector says we got that man, we will find out. Tulsi asks why did you come without mask. Rohit sees the patients around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. WTH!! Now rohit will get infected by the virus! N who the hell has kidnapped sonakshi!?
    This nishi n veena should just die…pari knows how to play her game..cunning b****!

  2. Drama queen Sona is not there in entire episode for a change and Rohit is in full action. For a common flu she acted and created so much drama, I just wonder what would have been her performace if she was really infected with super virus!!

    I have read somewhere that Nishi will get infected by deadly virus and die.

    1. SerialLover

      No! Nishi toh jail mein sadna chahiye.. For what she has done to everyone, including acting as a mother to Pooja.
      Also reasd somewhere that Rohit says that only Sonakshi’s rare bloodgroup can save the supervirus infected patients?? Hope this is only his drama to search for her! Otherwise this is total bullshit

  3. We have just a few more episodes to go , why are they annoying us with the Supervirus stuff. We want to see some light and funny moments . I think Rohit and Sonakshi will get together in the last episode .
    I hope they come to a satisfying conclusion with this Pari-Tanya-Rohan drama . I don’t think Pari has enough time to learn a lesson , so hope they kill her and I hope Tanya leaves Rohan . So he loses both of them .

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