Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Raima wants to meet Rohit

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raima saying Maa and hugging her mum. She gets dizzy. Tanushree calls for the doctor. Nurse runs to call. Raima talks to Tanushree and asks the date. Tanushree says 26th sept. Raima asks where is Rohit, since when am I here, does Rohit know about me, what happened to me. Tanushree says you were in coma since four years. Raima says coma.. Tanushree says let doctor come for check up. Raima says let me talk to him, I have seen him, he came to me. Tanushree gets shocked. She asks what, did he come here. Raima nods. Tanushree says four years are long, many things changed, what happened on 26th Sept, do you remember anything. Raima recalls. She gets tensed. Tanushree calls the doctor.

Rohan is worried. Pari calls him and asks him to book dates for the trip. He says

we will talk tomorrow. She says I want to look the best. He says I don’t want to discuss anything, I really want to sleep. He ends call and drinks. Its morning, everyone wishes Veena happy birthday. Veena cuts the cake and feeds to Sukhmani. Naren asks for cake. Veena says you are on diet. Ajit says Suman has called Rohit home. Yash’s mum says its Kalyug, she will take guy’s interview now. Rohit says no, I want to take Suman’s permission. She asks him to think again about Sonakshi. Veena says no one can reject my son. Yash asks Rohit to win and come. Sukhmani asks Rohit to go fast. Rohit goes to get ready. Veena asks is Rohan sleeping. Tanya says he left for work, sorry he couldn’t wish you. Pooja asks is everything okay. Tanya says don’t know, he is very adamant about the ad shoot, I just don’t know.

Sonakshi runs to open the door. She sees Rohit wearing bright floral shirt and turns to laugh. Munya also laughs. He asks is it fine, bright enough. Sonakshi says yes, superb, come. She asks Munya to go and call Suman. He says I have rehearsed, I will impress Suman. Rohit touches Suman’s feet and says Jai Mata di. Suman looks at him and signs what. She asks him to sit, she will just see accounts. Sonakshi signs him. He doesn’t sit and says its not allowed, first you sit. Suman says okay. He checks his watch and says Jai Mata di every 20 seconds. Suman gets up. He also gets up. She asks do you want to go washroom. He says I m fine. She says then sit. He says first you sit. Munya laughs and goes. Pulkit comes and sees Rohit. Rohit greets him. Suman asks is everything fine at home. Rohit says yes, Jai Mata Di, I know we all didn’t have a good start, I promise Sonakshi will be happy.

Suman says I didn’t know you are such big devotee of Mata Rani. Rohit says yes, its about time. Suman says Munya went to get vegetables, I had to drink coffee. Sonakshi and Pulkit turn away. She asks Rohit to stop Suman. Rohit stops Suman and says you can’t go there. Pulkit laughs. Suman asks how will I make coffee. Rohit says I can’t let you go, because I want to impress you. Suman asks do you think so. Rohit thinks and starts telling a story. Sonakshi laughs. Suman says enough, you came to ask Sona’s hand. He says yes. She says you are a doctor, get a doctor’s certificate which states you are normal and doesn’t take drugs, come back and then convince me. Suman sees Sonakshi laughing. They all laugh. Sonakshi says it was fun. Rohit smiles and says Jai Mata di.

Karan asks what’s happening. Rohan says my family wants me to take Pooja for the ad, instead Pari. Karan says Pari would be just a one night stand for you, why are you worried, Tanya and family can’t pay for this, take it easy. Sonakshi says your shirt is good. Suman says lets talk serious, Rohit does your family agree to this. Rohit says mom can get me married tomorrow if possible. Sonakshi says its Veena’s birthday today, I called her. Suman says Sonakshi won’t leave her acting career after marriage. Rohit says there is no problem, everyone has their own career in our family, no one will have a problem with Sonakshi’s career.

Naren says an actress in our house, I m not sure. Veena asks since when are you thinking this, what’s wrong with acting, Sonakshi is a thorough professional, everyone respects her. He asks do you watch her show. She says sometimes. He says I m not able to accept this, I don’t want people to read news about us. She says fine, we will think about it, don’t raise this topic at the dinner tonight. Rohit says we will meet tonight. He hugs Suman. He asks Pulkit to meet at the hospital. He says bye Sona and goes. Suman asks Sonakshi to go to drop him outside. Sonakshi goes out. Rohit says I will take revenge for this. She says fine, but go now, will you go to hospital like this. He says yes, shall I stay here. She laughs. He goes. She says now nothing can go wrong.

Doctor says Mamai’s reports are normal, Raima needs oxygen cylinder with her for breathing. Nurse says Sonakshi has come to meet Mamai. Tanushree says she can’t meet Mamai, tell her Mamai’s tests are going on. Pulkit comes to Rohit. Rohit shows the ring and gets it finalized. He asks him to send it to Sippy mansion. The man says what about size. Rohit says its a surprise, I can’t ask. Pulkit helps and gives the ring size. Rohit says don’t be late. Jeweller goes. Pulkit says you told about your mom’s birthday, it seems you are planning surprise engagement, we didn’t prepare anything. Rohit says its better to make this relation formalized, it will be big surprise for mom. Pulkit says Sonakshi is lucky. Rohit says I m lucky. Tanushree says we will go now, you are here because of Rohit. Raima says no.

Sonakshi says I feel they are avoiding me. Sunita says I told you not to help anyone like that, you have to go for dinner tonight. Sonakshi says yes, I have to gift Veena, what shall I gift her. Sunita says ask Rohit, gift her something together. Raima is taken to ambulance. Nurse says your mum is coming in 5mins. Raima sees a cab. She gets up and takes her shoes. She hires the cab to go to Rohit. She sees Tanushree and says I m sorry, I lost Rohit on this night four years ago and today I will get him back, I will tell what happened that night, Sonakshi is responsible for that incident.
Sippys welcome Sonakshi and family. Rohit kisses Sonakshi’s hand and takes the ring. He gets shocked seeing Raima.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode has created a lot of suspense to wait till Monday !!!!😬😬😬😬
    First of all i really loved the way ROHAN answered to PARI👌👌👌,,,she really needed that after all her pride has fallen now👍👍👍,,,and i did not like SUMAN before but now she and NISHI have developed for the better😉😉😉,,,but this PAri is a real a*sh*le,,,she back answers and speaks rudely to her mother,,,never respects Sonakshi,,nor Pulkit🙄🙄🙄
    From today’s episode i feel that Rohan is going to mend his ways !!! ✌✌✌
    Just hope for the better!!!🙏🙏🙏

    I really pity RAIMA😢😢😢,,,,she did endure a lot☹☹☹,,,and i wish that all that she wants to reveal,,,let her reveal because in that way she would atleast get JUSTICE!!!😳😳😳
    Only thing is that ROHIT should take the right decision😌😌😌,,,because it will be left for him to choose betw RAIMA and SONAKSHI,,,even if RAIMA accuses SONAKSHI,,i’m sure that ROHIT knows SONAKSHI,,,he will find the real TRUTH✌✌✌,,,,and will choose Sonakshi only becoz now his feelings have completely changed for RAIMA🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️,,,even though there were many chances that he could have reunited with RAIMA,,,it never hapnd all because of her mother and maybe it was destiny🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️,,,like ROHIT said SONAKSHI is his DESTINY😁😁😁
    JUST waiting for next week😘😘😘

  2. I think raima had an accident that night.. Maybe sonakshi was responsible for it.. Directly or indirectly 🤔

  3. I don’t like naren’s attitude. Sona had done so much for their family especially for pooja,still he can’t digest sona and rohit’s relationship.i really want to know what hasreally happened on that night of26 September.i am sure that sona will not do anything intentionally,and if she is connected with raimas accident that will be a unintentional mistake.i hope that rohit will take the right decision because his true love is sona oly sona

  4. One thing I appreciate about the show is that they planned so well that they somehow approached 26 September only to reveal the secrets of 26 September.. Everything is planned so well and fine that each dots connect unlike unnecessary plots. Waiting for Sonakshi’s side of story of 26 September. Monday is a long wait

  5. I hope Rohit takes sensible decision and not hurt Sona by blindly trusting Raima…. But i wonder if it goes as we think than wht will remain in serial😂😂😂😂😂
    now raima ll blame sona thn rohit ll believe only raima and get back with her leaving sona and aftr sometime realising tht sona was not at fault…. Blah blah…. Hoping this should not be the future story…..🙈🙈🙈 fingers crossed…..

  6. After a very long time I started to watch a show daily but it’s time to bid Audie to this one too maybe. I like it only bcz it was exceptional . Even if there were ghisipiti plot but they kept that short funny and relatable but this one made me feel ridiculous . Even spoilers say that Rohit won’t put ring on Sona and Naren would humiliate her family . This sucks man .
    This is not relatable at all . No one would do that for if they love someone really .
    I really hope this serial Atleast proves us wrong by showing something different , not a separation and mistrust track but a supportive and loving track . I really hope so .
    I connected to this soo much now I’m getting frustrated lol 😂😂
    Why shouldn’t I be as I gave it my times and trps 😛😛

  7. Oh god. I hope spoilers are wrong. It will be no different to existing shitty serials if it happens

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