Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Veena slaps Sonakshi

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veena slapping Sonakshi. Rohit gets shocked. Some time back, Rohit, Yash and everyone get shocked seeing Naren fallen unconscious and bleeding. Rohit shouts akmbulance. They take Naren to the hospital. Rohit treats Naren. He comes out. Sukhmani asks how is Naren. Rohit says he isn’t fine, he is critical, he has multiple fractures, there is brain injury, we are trying. Veena says Naren has to live, he can’t die, he can’t leave me like this, I have to forgive him, he has to apologize, I can’t forgive him. Rohit asks her to calm down. She says he can’t leave me, you have to save him. She cries. Rohit hugs her. He recalls Sonakshi’s words.

Dimpy says senior surgeon has come, we are making Naren ready for the surgery. Pari calls Rohan. He disconnects. She gets angry. Suman says go and sleep, don’t have hope from him. Pari calls on landline. Vimmi says there is no one at home. Pari asks how did Naren fallen from the seventh floor. Suman gets shocked. Nishi cries and asks how is Naren. Yash says he is fighting for his life. Nishi says thank God, he is alive. Suman and Pari come. Tanya shouts on Pari. She asks Pari to get out. Sonakshi asks Pari to leave. Pari says I won’t leave. Rohit says Sona is right, go from here Pari, this is a hospital, there won’t be any drama, my family is facing many problems, Suman can stay. Suman asks Pari to go. Pari goes. Rohit says Dr. Agarwal wants to talk to us. Dr. Agarwal says spinal cord is crushed, there are six clots in the brain, Naren is critical, I think you have informed the police. Nishi asks why.

Dr. Agarwal says police will find out if it was an accident, or suicide, or did anyone attempt to murder him by pushing him down. Rohit says my team has informed the police, they would be coming. Nishi sees Sonakshi. She says how didn’t I think of it, this investigation is necessary, Naren can’t fall from the balcony, it wasn’t any accident, everyone loves Naren, who can think of killing him, it means he committed suicide, I can understand, Veena was in stress, but I also didn’t think, his life’s big secret came out and his reputation got ruined, I have seen his face, he was so humiliation when the Mahila mandal people came, so he called mumma, he wanted to make a will since he wanted to commit suicide, we should have shown him pity, I wish I met him, he would have spoken to someone before falling. Sonakshi says there was nothing such, I went to meet Naren, he was much normal.

Nishi asks what, did you meet him, what did he say. Sonakshi says actually, I went to tell him that he should change his decision about the property, I wanted to tell him that his decision was wrong. Nishi asks why, he was so stressed, you went to talk about property, he was feeling. She asks Veena did she hear it, Naren hates Sonakshi and even then Sonakshi went to talk. Rohit says calm down, dad was fine, I know this. Sonakshi says yes, he was fine. Nishi says I m sure you told something to hurt him, maybe he tried to commit suicide because of you. Rohit says I don’t think so, this can’t be a big reason that Naren commits suicide.

Veena asks Rohit how can you be so sure, how do you know about their talk. Sonakshi says please, trust me, Naren spoke to me well. Veena asks what was the need to talk to him about property. Sonakshi says I thought of family and asked Naren to reconsider his decision, else family will break, I had heard Akash and Deepa talking, they were much upset with Naren’s decision. Deepa asks what are you saying, we didn’t say anything. Sonakshi says Akash said Naren’s decision is wrong. Akash says Naren is my brother, our relations are strong, we don’t interfere in each other’s decision. Sonakshi says Akash said he will drag Naren to court, I m not lying. Nishi says how can we believe you, Naren hates you, he can’t talk to you calmly, Akash and Deepa are denying this, maybe you went for Rohit’s share, you should have spoken to us. Sonakshi says I didn’t think of Rohit, its wrong. Veena slaps Sonakshi. She scolds her. Nishi smiles and asks Veena to calm down. Tulsi says police has come.

Veena asks inspector to ask Sonakshi, Naren is in this condition because of her. Nishi stops Ajit. Rohan says let police do the work. Inspector asks are you filing official complaint against Sonakshi. Rohit says my mom is in stress, Sonakshi can’t do this. Veena says Sonakshi was the last person who met Naren, why did he take this step. Inspector says we have to take Sonakshi for questioning. Suman says you can’t take her. Sonakshi says I will come with you. Rohit says you aren’t a reason for dad’s state, I trust you, you won’t go alone, I will come along. They leave. Veena looks on and faints. Rohit and Sonakshi stop seeing this. Rohit holds Sonakshi’s hand and rushes to Veena.


Veena asks why didn’t you tell Rohit about the prenup. Sonakshi says I don’t want anything. Rohit says its written that if our divorce happens, then Naren will give 80% share of his property to Sonakshi. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now Nishi will want to kill sonakshi

  2. Slowly Sona is becoming mahan Parvati.
    1. Became mahan for pooja by revealing her adoption truth(done by pari but blame came on Sona)
    2. Became mahan for Ajit by hiding his deeds.
    3. Wil become mahan for Tanya by taking her side instead of her sis (it’s rite thing but she’ll become mahan only)
    3.after Naren get conscious she’ll become mahan for him and veena.
    4. Then for YK when nishi’s truth Wil b out by her.
    5. Then for nishi by taking her side standing against all including Rohit for giving her second chance.

    Like this it’ll continue for each member. They’ll show her mahanta instead of real plot of story that is ronakshi’s life.🙄🙄

  3. that lady’s husband has cheated her and because of sona she has got to know that and now she is blaming sona for her husbands state.if she had to blame sona then why did she secure sona for so long from naren.mad lady.

  4. Why was Suman allowed to stay. She is worst than Pari. She has not scolded Pari up till now. She taught Pari all that. Who knows the truth of why her husband ran away. I want to to be humiliated. I want the Sippy’s to shove her away. Let her know that washing the dirty linen of her family in public has repercussions. In fact in this serial, I hate her the most.

  5. Where did the “i love you 5Cr” go??!!
    Sona should just leave this house b4 they drive her into depression…they are all ungratefull ppl..
    n who the hell changed the prenup agreement!!

    1. It is done by Nishi. They are fake papers

  6. It is funny how Suman is all of a sudden concerned for sonakshi now .I don’t care about this plot anymore . I hope Sonakshi gets all their(Sippy’s) money 🙂 They will soon accuse her of wanting the money she should agree to divorce Rohit and take all the money .

    1. SerialLover

      No, Sonakshi doesn’t deserve the money, she deserves only Rohit. He left Raima only for Sona right?

  7. SerialLover

    Sonakshi’s intentions are never wrong, she is a very good lady, ideally. But what she lacks is practicality. Does she really think she alone can convince everyone, when her own mother and husband are not?

    And I didn’t get the thing about prenup: why would Naren write like that? That time he didn’t want to give anything to her right? I mean, he thought she came only for their property right?

    1. @SerialLover: Makers don’t understand the concept of prenup . I think Nishi as changed it so everyone will blame Sona. It makes absolutely no sense . I think sonaskhi should just take the money and go.

    2. They are not the original papers . The original document is changed by the fake one by Nishi

      1. Which also makes no sense because YK made the papers up on Marens behalf so he should know that is not the real papers

      2. SerialLover

        Yes, YK made the papers, so he should know the truth.
        Also, how could Nishi change everything in one night?
        Also, Naren is not yet dead. Is Nishi not afraid what will happen if he reveals everything and exposes her?

  8. This Sonakshi, Suman and Pari, all these 3 women are really b*t*hes!!!!
    For those of who feel VEENA and TANYA’s BEHAVIOUR are JUSTIFIED,
    I feel their BEHAVIOUR is absolutely JUSTIFIED!!!!
    ALL THIS IS HAPPENING ONLY BECAUSE OF THE 3 RASTOGI b*t*hes!!! They are the ones who are responsible for everything!!!
    I don’t understand why the makers have to make NISHI NEGATIVE when the show was going perfectly WELL!!!
    Totally made the show THE USUAL SAAS-BAHU DRAMA!!!!
    This show is in its RUINS!!!!!

  9. SerialLover

    Please now I don’t want to see everyone else telly sorry to her one everything is revealed. She didn’t do anything for which she is given the credit of: breaking the truths, everything happened against her will, but she was the cause for it

  10. First of all why Sonakshi has to become MAHAAN😱😱😱 and POCK HER NOSE👃👃👃 IN EACH AND EVERYONE’S MATTERS,
    She is just digging HER OWN GRAVE👎👎👎 and with that SHE IS MAKING EVEN ROHIT SUFFER!!!!🥺🥺🥺
    Next if Suman would have thought twice b4 putting her daughter’s FAMILY LIFE INTO STAKE!!! Then surely her daughter would have not faced this day today!!!👿👿👿
    At time, she was showing ATTITUDE TO HER DAUGHTER Aand hell bound to RUIN SIPPY’S RESPECT🤬🤬🤬, but TODAY, she was showing so much concern for HER DAUGHTER as if SIPPYS ARE KILLING HER DAUGHTER, such a goddamn f**king b*t*h she is!!!😡😡😡
    The next f**king b*t*h is her younger daughter Pari, I really don’t understand what was her need to COME TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    And day by day one after the other is turning into Vamps!!!😟😟😟
    Today Akash and Deepa!!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    God FIRST OF ALL it was no need at all for Sonakshi to become PARVATI and try to sort everyone’s PROBLEMS😡😡😡,
    Next the PERSON who SUFFERING DUE TO HER MAHAANTA is Rohit😭😭😭, but still he SUPPORTS HER!!!👌👌👌
    Now, she is goin to lose him too after the prenup DRAMA🙄🙄🙄
    Because of this MAHANTA OF HERS, Nishi has changed the prenup and putting all the blame on her!!!👿👿👿
    And this SONAKSHI just remains as an a*sh*le forever!!!!😜😜😜
    God this show is goin in the worst MODE WITH THIS SONAKSHI THE SUPERBAHU TRACK!!!🤣🤣🤣

    1. SerialLover

      Even I was thinking, why would Naren give his property to her in prenup? He was thinking that she has come only for thier property right? If Nishi changed it, how could she get Sonakshi’s sign on that?

      1. @SerialLover
        There are a 100 ways to FORGE SOMEONE’S SIGNATURE!!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
        Whatever it is, this show has just it by MAKING SONAKSHI THE MAHAAN PARVATI!!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

      2. Ahe cn also make fake signs . Anything cn happen in the show

    2. Girl u knw i missed ur ranting so much
      I evn gt a lil taken aback wen u supported sona n poojas adoption track
      Bt nw im happy dat u realised miss mahanatas hypocrisy🤭😂
      Ppl here just taunt sippys evrytym fr them they r always at fault nd rastogis r gud
      Nd no one should say anythn to theid sona darling evn if she s,wrng
      Nd they wl bash evn rohit if he wont support her evn wen she s wrng
      Arghh i hate dis double standard nd fake feminism
      Like fl r alwaus right nd ml r shown dumb nd bashed evrytym
      Nd den lastly he dont deserve her🙄😏

  11. Amal

    Looks like sasural Simar Ka is back on tv again , what will Sonakshi become now ? A cockroach? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. The writers are ruining everyone’s character in the show. This was such an ideal family . Everyone were so loving but now it’s just a total case . Its seems like everyone in this family is a born actor . Nishi should try in films 😂

  13. Nothing left to watch.. and even the writers ruined the concept of a perfect joint family. Everyone is selfish for their own reason

  14. From Akash and Deepas point of view they lied because how do you admit in front of everyone that little brother wanted to file a case and because Sonakshi overheard a private conversation it’s human nature to lie and deny.

    I’m hoping YK speaks up about the terms of the pre nup as he was so against it.

    How Pari can show up in front of the whole family, does she have no shame

    1. Veena instead of blaming Sonakshi should be shouting at Suman for humiliating their family. If he wanted to kill himself why would he before signing the will, you’d think he’d do it after signing so those he hurt the most are secure

  15. I swear if I were sonakshi I could divorce rohit and leave them with their family drama.. They will kill her with depression btw why is she getting involved in everything me I could just chill and enjoy life

  16. I think Naren is not that serious and revealed even to Rohit.. that’s y he took bold stand for Sonakshi in the hospital

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