Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman meets Dr. Rohit

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi talking to Preeti. Preeti says doctor uncle is very good. Sonakshi says I m sure he is a good person, when you meet him, give him two kisses from your and my side. She says I m relieved that Preeti is fine, thank God all the doctors aren’t like Rohit, crazy man. Ajit calls Rohit and says mom and dad are here. Rohit asks how did I forget, I will be there. Driver says it will take two hours. Rohit says I got stuck here because of Sonakshi, drive fast. Driver says Veena madam asked me not to drive the car fast. Rohit says focus on the road. Suman comes to Nishi’s hospital. Nishi says she is here, now see my magic. She asks Suman to wait in VIP room. She praises Suman’s looks. Nishi says Yash Kapoor, my husband, you did magic on him he told me about the phone call. Suman doubts on her sugary talks. Nishi says YK said you asked for 7 lakhs, I said you are my friend and will lessen the money. She gives her an injection. She says sorry, I told YK that you aren’t greedy, you will take any amount happily.

Suman says I thought of many factors and said 7 lakhs. Nishi says Sonakshi will get much publicity by this hospital, I can see a wrinkle under your right eye, I will remove it and not charge anything, I m sure you can ask Sonakshi if she will do this event in 5 lakhs. Suman thinks injection is worth 10000rs and she is bargaining for 2 lakhs. She lessens 25000rs in total amount. Nishi and Suman bargain and make 6.5 lakhs final. Sumit asks for script. The man says duplicate is ready. Sumit checks script and says its a killer scene, who wrote this, its powerful scene, tell Netra I m ignoring my self esteem and do scene with Sonakshi. Rohit meets his family members. He sees his dad and greets. They all sit. Dhruv says Nandu Maasi is excited for your marriage. Bade mumma says she will arrange Swayamvar for Rohit one day. Rohit says I don’t let this happen, enough of Nandu maasi, where is mum. Rohit goes to kitchen and sees his mum scolding the servants.

Rohit hugs her and says welcome back. Servants are happy that she is back. Rohit asks how was the trip. They all praise Tanya. Rohit’s mum says my necklace was more beautiful than the necklace worn by bride’s mum. Rohit compliments her. She says thanks, Naren found his fellow doctors, it looked like a medical council meet than a marriage. She says Rohit, new wing in our hospital, who is the chief guest. Rohit says Dr. Venky, senior cardiac surgeon from Chennai. Ajit asks Venky? What about Sonakshi? Badi Mumma says I will talk to him. Sonakshi says I have much work. Suman says you like to do such events, I know you don’t charge for hospital and armed forces events. Sonakshi says fine.

The man says Sumit said he will shoot with you. Sonakshi asks how come. She checks the script and says he wants to do a romantic bedroom scene with me, I will show him. Rohit talks to nurse and rushes. His mum comes. He says I had worn my watch in the morning, I m finding it now. She says its worth 8 lakhs. He says I can’t lose it. She says don’t worry, I will manage.

Sumit asks the man to send screenplay. Someone gets Rohit’s watch. Sumit asks about it. He says you got it and stole it. He gives him some money and says I will manage this, go and get stock. He thinks this watch is worth 8 lakhs, I will see Sonakshi in bedroom scene. Rohit’s mum says I spoke to Simmi, she has your watch. He says you are the best, I love you. He leaves.

Suman takes selfies. She collides with Rohit. Her phone falls. She gets angry and shouts. He says I m really sorry. She asks really, my costly phone won’t get fine. He says send the bill. She says I want the compensation in cash. He asks am I ATM to carry cash, you will get the money. Manager comes and says I will handle this. Rohit goes. Manager says I will get you the cash, sorry. She asks who is he. He says Dr. Rohit Sippy, top heart surgeon and the owner of this hospital, Dr. Nishi’s nephew. She smiles. She gets the money. Nishi comes and sees her. Suman says I got 75000rs from Rohit for my phone, I told Sonakshi, she will come. Nishi gets angry. Suman laughs. Sumit comes for shoot. He says its bedroom scene. Sonakshi says I told them, thanks you stayed back, you had a heart surgery, a wife will take care of husband, bedroom romance wasn’t suitable today. Sumit asks did you become a writer. She says I didn’t change the script, you are always in favor of logic, you changed the scene many times, Netra liked my idea. She says look at him, there are such people everywhere, we girls have to deal with them tactfully. Sumit taunts Sonakshi.

Sonakshi slaps Rohit. Rohit recalls a slap incident. He shouts for help. Sonakshi sees him hanging down and says you….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Luthfa

    Family moments are really heart warming.Togetherness,bonding,endless talking…so vivacious to watch.Lucky are those who have such family and family members.
    What is the problem of Rohit’s Dad?
    Suman and Nishi are of same fiber.But money is a reality in today’s life and one can’t deny it no matter what.
    This Sumit is just too much.Better Sona teaches him some lesson.
    Rohit’s Mom is really sweet.Loved her.
    Rohit and Suman’s encounter was funny.Baazi toh Suman hi mar gayi iss bar!Nishi ko kuch aur karna parega!
    Precap is just superb.Let’s see.

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