Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi meets Naren

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The Episode starts with Sonakshi asking Naren is he fine. Naren holds her hand. Rohit looks on and scolds her. Some time back, Sonakshi says I know you aren’t healthy. Suman says you were right, we will take care of Pari here and get her delivery done, then we will leave the child at an orphanage for abortion. Sonakshi asks why, the child has everyone, we will take care of her. Suman says he will be called the child of unmarried girl. Sonakshi says its not a baby’s mistake, we shouldn’t be ashamed of his existence, then none will have courage to say anything, you alone raised three kids and made us strong, can’t we take care of that baby and raise him well, we won’t talk anything negative, we will prepare for his coming, trust me. Suman says it means your responsibilities will increase, right. Sonakshi says yes, maybe his coming gets lucky for us. She gets a call.

She says yes, Shukla ji, I will come, I will get my clothes. She says Maa, the producer called me for the role, the girl he finalized left for some film, at least work started, its good, Pari’s child will be lucky for us. Rohit talks to the doctors. He tells the disease symptoms. Nurse makes a voice recording. Rohit says the virus is deadly, it spreads by air, Mr. Singh was in our hospital, if the blood reports are positive, then its a matter of concern, virus is air-borne, nurses, doctors have to wear masks, we will keep patients in quarantine section. The man says we should inform the health minister. Rohit says we told them, we can’t take this lightly, we have to manage the patients, who can be infected by this virus, his health or his career can be affected. Sonakshi meets Shukla. She says you have much cold. He says sorry for last time, you had asked for advance. She says I don’t need the advance now. He explains the role. Sonakshi sees Nishi, Veena and Vimmi. She says I will just go to washroom and come. She signs Vimmi. Vimmi goes and meets her. She hugs Sonakshi and cries. She says Tanya has lost her baby. She tells everything. Sonakshi is shocked.

Nishi says its Pari’s mistake, who gets pregnant in extra marital affair. Veena says its Rohan’s mistake also. Nishi says don’t blame him, its problem with Rastogis’ blood, we have postponed Akash and Deepa’s marriage, we should get Rohit married also, he will agree if you say, I have seen a girl for him in London, she is from our class. Sonakshi says Tanya would be in pain. Vimmi says Rohit had told everyone about Rohan and beaten him a lot, because Rohan tried to harm Pari. Sonakshi says it means Rohan tried to harm Pari and her baby, Rohit saved her. Vimmi says yes.

Ajit says we are going home, Dr. Agarwal said progress is good. Rohit says good, don’t tell anyone. He asks Naren to get fine soon, he can testify against Nishi. He asks Ajit to take masks and call him if he sees any symptoms, don’t bring dad to hospital, we will have follow ups from home. Ajit takes Naren and sees Sonakshi coming. Rohit goes to give Naren’s file. Ajit asks how are you. She nods.

Sonakshi holds Naren and asks are you fine Papa. Rohit looks on. She asks is he better. Ajit nods. She says good, don’t take tension about Tanya, I have come to meet her, she will be fine. Ajit tells the room number. Sonakshi gets up. Naren holds her hand. Rohit smiles. Ajit says dad showed body movement after accident for the first time, its a positive sign. She says take care of him Ajit. She goes. Rohit recalls Nishi’s words.

Rohit says you both will be safe when you stay away. Sonakshi comes to Tanya. Tanya shouts on her and says you came to celebrate, Pari is pregnant with Rohan’s child. Sonakshi says please calm down. Tanya throws things. Rohit comes and pulls Sonakshi. He gets hurt on his back. Tanya shouts just leave. Rohit asks did you take revenge by disturbing Tanya, why did you come, don’t show fake concern, you won’t get anything. Sonakshi says I got to know that Rohan tried to harm Pari and baby, you saved her. He says I stopped him from doing any crime, else you would have sent him to jail. She asks are you cheap or mean. He says both, just leave, maybe you came to do fake care acting, that I melt and take you back in my life, this won’t happen, get it in your head and leave. She leaves. He cries and says sorry Sona, stay away from me and my family.

Rohit and Sonakshi see each other. She says thank God Sumit, I m with you, my heart is safe with you, I gave my heart to a wrong person before.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why is Sona getting involved in everyone’s affair. She very well knows that they dont like her but then too went to Tanya to show her concern. She dont hv any relation with them now so why to get involved. None of the Sippy’s supported her evr nd she just keep on showing her parvati avatar.it useless with such people . It’s better she understands that and mind her own business

    1. In such chaos how Sonakshi expected tat showing concern for Tanya directly will help out taanya. Sona sometimes behaves like fool.

    2. @Sruti
      Not sometimes, MOST OF THE TIMES???

  2. I loved Ronakshi moments today???, but ldidn’t like the fact that Sonakshi went to meet TANYA.???
    Actually I completely empathize with Tanya???. Anyone else who would have been in her position would have also reacted in the same way.???
    Sonakshi’s intentions were absolutely great???, but it was not the moment to show her GREATNESS???, there she again ACTED as the OLD FOOLISH SUPERBAHU Sona.???
    But I loved the way she was giving back to Rohit ??? in the precap. That’s the Sonakshi I like.???
    I really feel pathetic for Rohit???, but even though he’s hurting Sonakshi, he is in a way HELPING HER to move on.???
    If Sonakshi somehow comes to know Rohit’s true intentions, then she will surely act again as that OLD SUPERBAHU???.
    So Rohit is in a way right to keep Sonakshi away from his VENOMOUS HYPOCRITICAL??? family but his METHODS are not justified.???

    1. My favorite show become very traditional because the trp game? I fell very sadly for the cast who working hard to make something different & unique?
      Sonakshi can’t rid parvati from her own character & Rohit be like devdas
      They spoiled the most unique characters I had always loved them My Ronakshi & Veena ?

  3. SerialLover

    Turns out they are not telling about Coronavirus. but another of Nishi’s scam to make more money and cut the cost. That producer coughing in front of Sonakshi might just be a coincidence, or as he himself told her, because of the dust, and was shown to misguide the audience.

    Now Dr. Rohit is gonna send the report to authorities, and it will be for us to wait and watch how Nishi will blackmail him again. If Rohit is really afraid of only her mobile, he could very well steal it, as Sonakshi stole the pre- nup papers. Or, do they want to keep such abilities only to the female lead?

    Can’t believe how the hunger for trp turned such a beautiful show to such a worst one, and also can’t understand why this show wasn’t getting trp at all.

  4. Wow,wat a precap
    Sona ki cheap ways
    Atlst rohit doesnt do dat to her
    Pari kam thi ab sona,madam bhi shuru kardiya
    Inki fitrat aisi hai evn after marriage nd,sep
    Pati ko chodke,sab ke,saath sab kuch share kar sakthi
    Ab sumit inki achi hogayi toh madam chipak rahi hai

    1. I dont find anything cheap in that. Rohit left her . She didnt went and she completely has the right to move on as she is separated now. Whatever happened to her was her past nd she can live her present in any way she wants . It’s her life and there’s nothing cheap in that. It’s not necessary that she will remain single whole life . Its her choice

    2. SerialLover

      But the divorce is not yet finalised right? Minimum 6 months are needed for that. So they can’t formally move on before that.

    3. They cant marry before that but they cn date anyone

  5. So Rohit can hurt her but she can’t hurt him back, she’s not cheating on Rohit he threw her out and ended their relationship and he constantly keeps hurting her so she develops hatred for him now fair play to her if she dishes it out to him. If he wants her to hate him and move on in her life and she does then he has to accept it that doesn’t make Sonakshi cheap.
    She’s in no state to move on at the moment but when she is good for her, is she supposed to pine for Rohit who treated her like crap all her life

  6. My favorite show become very traditional because the trp game? I fell very sadly for the cast who working hard to make something different & unique?
    Sonakshi can’t rid parvati from her own character & Rohit be like devdas
    They spoiled the most unique characters I had always loved them My Ronakshi & Veena ?

  7. I still think the show is trying to create awareness on the corona virus becz the ‘super virus’ as they call it has the same symptoms as the virus..which that profucer has n i bet sona is going to get it bevz of their intetaction..
    Even though in pain tanya had no right to behave like that with sonakshi!!
    Today i felt so bad for nareen…the way he was looking at sona was so painfull..one could clearly tell that he was remorsefull of his acts..
    I wonder when this fake 5cr will stop listening to this witch nishi…she has become her puppet!

  8. I don’t understand how anyone can blame Sonakshi for flirting with sumit . We all know she loves Rohit and is heart broken , this is just her way of pretending like she has moved on . Rohit deserves every bit of it. He could have come clean with Sona and they could have worked out something and she still could have stayed away from the sippys.

    I hope they get Raima back too . Sumit and Raima can bring these two together .

  9. SerialLover

    They said it will be aired for 6 days a week, but why no episode today?

    1. Yes that’s strange, I have the same question, no episodes have been downloaded for today, why???

  10. Its from 29 feb…today is the finale of dance+5

  11. Girls Will there be an interview with Deepka and Karen on the coffee with karan program on 4-5 March?

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