Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit reprimands Sonakshi

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumit saying Netra ji, I won’t do this show, you didn’t show me, all the episode just had Sonakshi, she will do the show without hero, I won’t come tomorrow, tell your team, I won’t come. He ends the call. Netra calls him back and says this is your show too, don’t take stress, get some sleep. She ends call. She says if he wasn’t popular, I would have killed him in today’s episode.

Rohit gets shocked seeing Sonakshi operating and shouts stop. He asks his nurses and maids to stop it, who is this mad woman. Sonakshi turns to him and says I have learnt to remove the heart. He gets shocked and shouts stop. His dream breaks. Maid and servant come to him and ask what happened. He sees the alarm ringing. Maid names Parvati again. Rohit says whatever, tv stop…. He checks his phone and says match cancelled, maybe Parvati got this done. He asks Hari to get his jogging suit. He goes for a job. He sees Sonakshi smiling. He imagines her. He sees two ladies praising Parvati. He stops and asks what’s wrong with you, how can you see this nonsense, without any proper training, she enters OT for surgery, how can she make any dead man alive, I m a common man who has common sense, if you see this, you will lose common sense and get mad. The ladies call him mental and go. He says this is the problem, one who tells truth looks mad, I will not encourage this. He comes home and asks driver why is he late. He says come, we have to go to that shooting place. They leave.

Guard asks what happened to Rohit. Badi Mumma says Rohit would have gone for the inauguration. Sonakshi’s mum says no, Sonakshi is busy, she will come in your event and make it big one. YK says I know she is a big star, if she comes in our event, it will be good. Sonakshi’s mum says I will try, it will cost 8 lakhs for a hour. He says its too much. She says hospital is also big. He says our budget is 5 lakhs. She says I don’t like bargaining, fine I will make it 7 lakhs. He says I will talk to my marketing team and get back to you. His wife asks did Sonakshi agree. He says yes, Rohit’s problem is mummy ji’s problem, Sonakshi is coming only for 7 lakhs, our budget is 11 lakhs. She says Sonakshi’s mum Suman is my client, she came for face lifting, I will get the budget more less. He asks why. She says we will save money, it means earning money.

Sonakshi passes by. Sumit gets hurt. He sees her and says she has no manners. Rohit comes. Driver says madam has come. Rohit comes to Sonakshi. She says you should have come for a selfie right. He says your mum would be wanting a selfie, smile now, we will take a selfie. They take selfie. Rohit says I need to talk something imp. She asks now? You wait, I will come. The man asks Rohit to wait in the waiting room. Sumit says Sonakshi has shut the door on my face and ignored me, I m also a hero and have fan following, I didn’t see such arrogance. Netra thanks him for coming. He says I came for you, I respect you a lot, make my work over, I need to go. She asks him to finish scene with Sonakshi and go. He says don’t force me, else I will leave the set, get Sonakshu’s dupe ready. He goes.

Rohit is still waiting. Sonakshi gets ready. Netra says we will shoot scene later, you go for dubbing first. Sonakshi says someone is waiting for me. Netra says he can wait, episode can’t wait. Sonakshi says fine. Rohit asks for Sonakshi. The man says she went for dubbing.

Sumit shoots the scene with a dupe. Rohit comes there. The man says wait, take is going on. Rohit shouts Parvati, this is rubbish. He says people think she is really a superwoman, who can do this, you show nonsense to people, this is wrong. Dupe worries. Rohit asks her to turn and answer. The dupe turns to Rohit. Rohit gets shocked. He asks what is this. The man says I m Sonakshi’s body double today. Rohit asks what double. The man says I m giving a shot instead her. Rohit asks did Sonakshi teach this cheating. The man says its fine. Sonakshi comes and says I heard you, is it necessary to create a drama. Rohit asks is this not a drama, you are so fake, you are cheating your audience. Sonakshi argues with him. She says you don’t know about our industry, you are a doctor. He says heart surgeon. She says its same thing, your work is to save people, our work is to entertain people, we want them to forget the tensions, we fill hope, emotions are same, what’s wrong if we fill emotions’ colors, if they smile. Rohit says its a big dialogue, how much time did you take to learn this, you are a fraud. He goes. She says he is a strange person, Lord forgot to give him a heart. She sees Preeti’s message and goes. Sumit says take Sonakshi’s close.

Rohit shouts to driver and says there is no hurry, have tea. Driver says sorry. Rohit says we shall go home. He sees Sonakshi’s poster. He goes and says you are an idiot, you think I will get impressed with your dialogues. A man takes video and says you are Parvati’s big fan. Rohit says fan, my foot, delete the video. He leaves.

Rohit argues with Suman. Sonakshi hears someone shouting for help and goes to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Luthfa

    Now I am really excited for Rohit and Sona’s encounter and their chemistry which is in budding condition.
    Doctor no,Mr.Heart Surgeon got irritated on calling a Doctor!By the way,what is the difference?Rohit’s dream about Sona’s operating was so hilarious.I can see that she is getting on his nerve very easily.Good.
    Just hope makers don’t opt for any typical formula to bring them close.Every unique serial with very good,unconventional concept,cast gets ruined at some point because of channel’s trp business.
    Sona’s emotional connection talk with serial was good.People do get carried away and it’s not an exception.Problem arises when people take it to some kind of obsessing level,when entertainment boundary gets crossed.Result is-fanwar to getting personal crossing every limit and what not?
    As Sona has said,every person thinks differently and this is the point from where everything starts at first place.
    Anyway,Rohit and Sona as a couple is looking promising.Till now I have experience of watching only two serials.Hope KHKT too provides something to remember and cherish with or without being typical,in future.

    1. Me too, i too wish the same Luthafa

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Lisa,
        Hope so dear??

    2. Well, a doctor is a person who treats by giving medicines whereas, a surgeon is person who perform surgery on body organs to cure it.

      My brother is a dentist, so this happens in my house daily whenever we fight. He calls himself a doctor while me and my younger sister shout DENTISTT!! ?? This is really fun ??

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Marshmallow,
        Hehehehe …..It happens dear.We are used to consider them like that.Be it paediatrician,gynocologist or eye specialist.Everyone falls into doctor category in general.
        Rohit is getting irritated and it will increase in near future.Then it will be so much fun when they will face each other and contradict each other’s words,professional wise.

  2. Really this show was epic……….
    I can’t control my laughing……………….
    This show really made my day…………..It was so nice that comparing to all other shows……….

    Waiting for more Sonakshi-Rohit scenes………………………

  3. Amal


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