Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Tanya loses her baby

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi saying Pari is pregnant since 4 months, it means she wants the child, you wanted the abortion, if the matter comes out, Rohan’s marriage will get ruined. Some time back, Pandit leaving. Nishi comes to Veena and I know you are worried for Rohit, I feel hurt to see him broken, I don’t agree with this pandit, but I agree, Rohit needs emotional support, we should get him married again. Tanya shouts seeing Rohan and asks how did this happen. Rohan goes upstairs. Veena asks what’s happening.

Suman asks what’s happening, Pari is pregnant with Rohan’s baby, I didn’t even know. Rohit says Pari and her baby are fine. Sonakshi says you and your family used to call me an actress as if its something bad, you performed better than me, you thought you will act to save Pari, we won’t understand, you have fallen so low already, you came to do her abortion and then you saw Suman and me there, you acted to save Pari, wow. He says unbelievable, serial got over but your inner Parvati didn’t go, get real Sonakshi.

She asks what if Nishi does drama, hollywood, I didn’t think you will fall so low. He asks her to think something new. She says shut up, will you do this for enmity, how did abortion pill come there, she is pregnant since 4 months, it means she wants the child, you wanted the abortion, if the matter comes out, Rohan’s marriage will get ruined, please stay away from Pari and my family, I have many well wishers, I don’t need you, go, where are you going. He asks did you go mad, you asked to go, so I m going. She says yes, but I m not yet done. He stops her and says you vented our anger, fine, I have tried to abort Pari’s baby to save Rohan’s marriage, your Rohit Sippy is so cheap, but you are good, everyone loves you, why didn’t Pari hide this from you and mumma, tell me. They have an eyelock. Kahaan hum….plays…. He gets away and leaves. Suman says what’s going on between them, Rohit and Sonakshi can’t be together again.

Akash asks Veena to calm down, Rohan will tell them the truth, maybe some fight at construction site. Rohit comes and shouts Rohan… Akash and Yash ask what happened, Rohan is hurt. Rohit says I know, I have beaten him, Pari is pregnant with Rohan’s child. They get shocked. Tanya gets angry. Rohit says Rohan tried to force abortion pill and tried to kill Pari’s baby, that’s why I have beaten him. Sonakshi says I will file police complaint. Suman stops her. Sonakshi says I won’t leave Rohit. Suman says fine, nothing will happen, we will get more defamed. Sonakshi says we can’t cover this crime. Nishi says Rohan didn’t do any crime, Pari is characterless, she had an affair knowing he is married, she got pregnant, she could have aborted the baby. Rohit says it doesn’t mean Rohan has a right to kill the baby. Nishi says try to understand. Veena asks her not to support wrong. Nishi says you don’t know Rastogis’ plans, Sonakshi and Pari ruined Rohit and Rohan, look at Rohit’s state, Pari is preparing to ruin Rohan, Sonakshi and Suman are supporting her. Rohit says they didn’t know about it. Rohan asks Tanya to listen. She says don’t touch me. He goes downstairs and falls. She screams. Rohit lifts her and takes her. She bleeds.

Suman says I m sending Pari away, she is pregnant, she can’t stay here, her baby will not be born here. Sonakshi says she needs us. Suman says she didn’t think about us, law will support her, but society will blame her, I will go with Pari. Sonakshi says you will stay here, this time will pass, I will protect her pregnancy, I won’t let Sippys come near her. Pari hears them. Suman goes to slap Pari. Pari says I will just go to Sippy mansion. Suman shouts. Sonakshi says you aren’t going anywhere. Pari says no, I will get my baby’s right. Rohan and everyone are outside OT. Doctor says sorry, we couldn’t save the baby. They get shocked. Rohit asks how is Tanya. Doctor says she is unconscious. Veena asks any internal injury. Doctor says let us do tests after she recovers, then we will know if she can conceive again or not, normally there are internal injuries. Rohan cries. Veena slaps him. She says I will never forgive you for this, get out of here, don’t show me your face ever, see the Lord’s justice, you went to kill a baby, see what happened with you.

Rohit is alone. Tulsi says Veena is with Tanya, Tanya is fine, but… Rohit worries and asks what. She says Mr. Singh passed away. He asks what, same way, same symptoms, same infection. She says yes. He says this is not good, we can’t create panic, we have to understand this in detail and inform authorities, don’t give his body to family, tell about procedures, I want report of all infected people. Sonakshi gives a glass of water to Suman. She asks her to calm down. She says don’t fall ill, last time, bill was 15 lakhs, and now we can’t even pay 50000rs. Suman smiles. She says you don’t deserve all this, I can’t drag you into this, you have to learn to live for yourself, go now, I free you from all responsibilities. Sonakshi asks where will I go. Suman says marry Sumit and start a new life. Sonakshi gets shocked.

Suman says yes, Sumit is really nice, he has changed, I spoke to him, he respects you, he trusts you, you also trust him, you will be happy by marrying him, Rohit just gave you wounds, Sumit’s support will fill all the old wounds.

Ajit takes Naren to the hospital. They see Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks are you fine, Papa. Naren holds her hand. Rohit looks on and scolds her. She leaves. He cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. After a really long time, Veena did something right! ???That bastard ROHAN??? deserved more slaps!
    Really feel pathetic for TANYA ???, I don’t know y she had to suffer for Rohan’s evil deeds???. I really wish she should not be losing the possibility to CONCEIVE once again.???
    Now that b*t*h PARI will be very satisfied ??? coz tat is wat she wanted,
    As she wanted TANYA to lose her child ???so that she can take her place and become Mrs. ROHAN SIPPY.???
    Let tat happen coz the b*t*h and the bastard deserve to be together and rot forever.???
    I really wish TANYA gets someone more deserving in her life ???.

  2. Verma4

    Now they will keep Pari on cotton wool till the baby is born and then drop her like turd. Because Tanya will not be able to get pregnant again.

  3. What is this Mr. Singh case nd why

  4. Ronakshi is love

    Plzz dont end khkt….whenever I start loving a show this blo*dy star plus has to end it..??

    1. Same with me

  5. Why are they punishing Tanya for Rohan’s sins, at this rate Pari will get everything she wants and Tanya will end up with nothing. Paris pregnant and rightly her child should have financial help and security and love from both families but that doesn’t mean Pari should get Rohan and also why would Pari still want to be with Rohan after everything he’s done.
    If after this Rohan chooses Pari they should both be thrown out and live b6 themselves and hope Tanya finds someone who treats her better and hope she’s able to conceive in the future.
    Pari is already using her unborn child for her own selfish reasons it doesn’t bode well for the child if she showed selfless love for her pregnancy I’d respect her a bit more but she’s using the pregnancy to try and get Rohan and a place at the Sippys mansion.

    Rohit really need to stop with the extra degradation of Sona, he’s succeeded in her hating him why keep hurting her more it’s unnecessary and difficult to watch

    If they are advertising khkt for 6 days a week and trps aren’t slipping it makes no sense for the show to get cancelled, the only thought that randomly popped into my head and I may be reading too much into this Deepika has been looking really different I don’t know if it’s her new Sona style that’s making her look like that but I I don’t know why I think she’s pregnant In real life, may be wrong but just a thought

    1. That might be why it’s ending

    2. Ha ha ha ha … I myself was wondering if Deepika is pregnant . She looks different and has put on weight as well . They could have written her pregnancy in the show . She could pretend to be pregnant so that Pari can be saved from disgrace. Unless Deepika wanted to quit. But makes no sense , the show is doing well.

    3. I just read an interview by khkt producer. He has cleared it that it was wholly the channel’s decision and there was no issue with Deepika or the finance part.

  6. Thank you, girls, for helping me translate the promo clip. I have a small request and I hope to find someone to help me with that. I am from an Arab country, how can I download star plus channel on our TV? What is the frequency of the channel and is there an English translation of what is being shown on the channel, thank you very much .. As for today’s episode, there is no comment, whether I’m waiting for the truth to be revealed about Nishi and Rohit and Sonakshi’s return. I am also eager to see the good relationship between Sonakshi and Naren

    1. Download hotstar and then get it premium after that you can watch episodes with English subtitles. Thanks

    2. Thank you very much..

  7. Tanya did not deserve this , now that she has lost her child I hope she decides to move on . Rohan is not right for her infact he not right for anyone . Pari is a spoilt selfish brat and needs to be taught a lesson . I don’t think the remaining episodes are enough for it . I think they will kill Pari . Rohit and Sona will adopt her child and Rohan will be disowned along with Nishi. Else Rohan realises his mistakes and genuinely apologises to Tanya and Pari dies. So Tanya and Rohan can adopt the kid .

  8. Are they trying to show corona virus epidemic on khkt??!

    1. I think that also??, maybe they will use this disease in the show?

    2. I think that also ??, maybe they will use this disease in the show ??

    3. In a way they are creating awareness regarding Carona Virus

    4. Yes, but the idea is nice to keep up with events up-to-date. By the way, this is the first series in which I felt that the writer kept pace with events to the point that I feel that the episodes are filmed on the same day as if they were actually realistic.


    6. Verma4

      is that how they will end the show?

    7. I too think the same . If that happens it would be gud as for the first time any show would be spreading awareness

  9. This is really sad to read . Finally the producer has spoken . All the drama was for the TRPs . I will really miss the show ,it had so much of potential . Feel really bad for sandiip sikcand he really tried to bring something different . We never even made it to the plot where their busy schedules interfere with their love life .

    1. Hey !!? They removed my link . WTH !!!?

    2. Finally Suman think about Sonakshi but also her thinking ?
      Sona does not n’t need a man to be happy, she wants just someone who can understand her & support her

    3. I agree with you that she does not really need a man, she needs someone who understands and supports her and stands beside her now until this difficult period passes, the fact that Suman still has control over her because she asked her to marry Sumit, she must leave her to choose her own path without forcing her and convincing her By marrying Sumit

  10. I can’t able to accept that the show go off air very soon ?

  11. Have the makers forgotten that thry were trying to pair Raima and Sumit.
    Like.. Wasn’t Raima staying with Sumit and they had such a cute bond.
    And now they are shows that Suman wants Sonakshi to get married to Sumit. ?‍♀?

    1. Not every bonding is a love. Raima friendzoned Sumit nd went away

  12. SerialLover

    Not getting why this show is not gaining trp… Are people boycotting it?

  13. Plese stop showing Rohit crying as soon as Sona turns to go. it looks so stupid and unnecessary. he can just go without showing any emotion. y talk with degrading words in public just to gain her hatred, wont that affect her social image. if he really loves her he should be careful about her social life too…

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